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    Australian girl in Amsterdam. My interests are travelling, running, travelling, having adventures, buying gear for my running, travelling, and wasting time on the internet.


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  1. How the heck is everyone from our little June 2012 Club? Hoping you are all well and loving life! I have gained a couple of kilos (ok...3), and have moved back home to Australia (which could be responsible for the 3kg gain!), but otherwise doing fabulous-o Would love to hear from anyone in our group, and especially if there is anyone struggling with transfer addictions xxx
  2. Wow, great post and input from everyone here! I think we all have the capacity to start believing the rules don't apply to us, especially if we are feeling healthy and stable for the first time in years....thank you Joyfulgirl for that swift kick in the-you-know-where, and reminder that the rules and consequences definitely DO apply!
  3. Thanks Lori! Yep, just over 15 months....what a amazing new life this has given me....I hope to complete my first marathon before the end of this year!
  4. Hey Barb, there is a thread of fellow Aussies and some of them have had experience with Dr Talbot.....you should be able to connect with someone from here: http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/topic/34733-anyone-else-from-australia-here/
  5. Absolutely amazing!! Thanks for updating us....it's so wonderful to hear the "good news" stories from people living their best lives post op!!
  6. Absolutely stunning and SO inspirational Lori!!!! And I agree, you look like you have been athletic and skinny your whole life
  7. Amazing!! You look FANTASTIC!!
  8. Makes complete sense Maxky and it IS a very big decision to make, with loads of unknowns. It is very understandable to be nervous and scared. From my own experience and opinion, I suggest that you make the decision based on best surgeon first, best clinic and care second, and last (way, way last) is the price. The quality of care in Belgium is very high as a standard so the key choice will be your surgeon and his expertise. I know I wanted only the best and most experienced surgeon going in and rearranging my insides and I was willing to pay the price for that. I haven't regretted the dec
  9. Hi Maxky - I will PM you with details of my experience at ZNA Antwerp (through Direct Healthcare International) and also put you in touch with another TT member who had her surgery at the Wellness Kliniek you are considering
  10. WOOT!! WOOT!!! *CHEER* Congratulations on hitting your goal Technogal!! What an amazing journey you have had....and I can't wait to hear what you decide to do next on your path....I am sure it will be something special and inspiring, just like you!
  11. I am a very private person and this was a very personal and private decision. I told only my Mum (who lives on the other side of the world) and my best friend. I live alone and managed post-op just fine, both mentally, physically and emotionally. Everybody has different needs when it comes to the level of support they need or want though. I have never regretted not telling more people and I have always had wonderful online support through TT. Since reaching goal, I have "outed" myself to a few other people, mainly those close to me that are also considering WLS or struggle with their
  12. I lost a lot of weight (approx 80lbs) very quickly on my own in 2009 and was left with empty saggy boobs. They had been a size DD when I was bigger but barely filled a heavily padded B by the time I was down to 160lbs. I could almost roll them like a sock. UGH. I also couldn't stand the look of round implants (we call them "bolt-ons" in Australia cos they look...well, bolted on!) so when I decided to get my breasts augmented in 2009, I chose the more expensive, natural tear drop shaped implants. They look and feel totally natural - and amazing if I do say so myself! - both in and out of b
  13. I started losing hair at the 3 month mark and it stopped for me around 7 months. I am 14 months out from surgery now and my hair feels and looks back to normal (despite being of two very different lengths...the old hair that stayed and is very long and the new hair that has been growing back and that is about 6-7 inches long all over my head!)
  14. I am obsessed with my collarbones too!! I am always looking at them when I pass a mirror and (according to my colleagues) subconsciously stroking them It makes me feel so dainty and ballerina like (which I have NEVER been!!!) that it thrills me....and the gap between my legs, is just freakin mesmerizing...! I feel like such a narcissist, but after years of avoiding mirrors like the plague I kind of like it!
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