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    Family, All 5 kids and presently 7 gkids, love my best friend-husband. We go camping, walking, movies. I like motorsports, beading, games, motorcycle riding, bicycling, work...yea, love my job!
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  1. Its tomorrow!!! Check in soon, want to know you are feeling ok!!!
  2. Mister Rogers, I loved him, he had an aquarium, he had puppets, he went on field trips! Tomorrow is the day I elect to allow another person to enter my body and change it permanently. Why? because the volume allowed today is not what I need future forward. Growing up, sure, I needed that nutrition, not now, I'm done Growing, physically anyway :-D The journey is what I will cherish! The reflection, the new found commitment to Me, without guilt! Self forgiveness and love! Thank you to You, you all for sharing your struggles, your tears, your encouragement, your joy and triumphs! Afte
  3. You did better than in the past, the emotional roller coaster was quite a ride, and you lived to tell, recognize the truth and recover, victory!!
  4. tomorrow!!!!

    1. Fat Bottom Girl

      Fat Bottom Girl

      Yeah!! You will do fine and be so surprised how soon you are up and around!

    2. amosbro


      I hope that all goes well!

  5. Same day!! Good luck to you!!
  6. Its my surgery date, alas, in south San Francisco, Dr. Le
  7. Surgery date....excited, anxious, but ready!

  8. oh my, was so freaked out, realized i did the math wrong, still have 7 lbs to lose, but have 22 days!? duh!

  9. 12 days to my check in with the surgeon, need 7 more lbs off!!

  10. Thank you for sharing your story,your struggles and your inspiration! I too have Princess my grandaughter who wants me to run with her....and i try, and soon i will, for the entire 5k!!
  11. Thank you for sharing. Its true, it jumps on us and takes so much to get off, too much to maintain. Im moving forward, for sure.
  12. Ditto! Needed to know what more i can do, i am one of those who has always struggled with saggy skin, whatever my weight.
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