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  1. Love your attitude!! My heartrate lowered the day of surgery 7 days ago, at 49 from 72, at this point im hoping its temp, as it slows me down a bit, maybe vagus nerve inflammation or damage.
  2. I just had surgery on Wednesday, and at home comfortable,enjoying applying my learning's, happy to be with my family, about off all meds,and on vitamins....wish i hadn't stressed my body and mind prior! Let them do their thing, surrender to your confidence, not fears,know you are going to be ok, tell yourself all the things you would tell me as your patient!
  3. I have similar pain, three days out now, have to sleep on my side, propped all crazy ways and i get relaxed, my heart beat drops then i wake suddenly. There are fleeting moments when i ask myself, why did i deliberately put myself through this, and then i remember the ongoing long battle, which has exceeded the pain im feeling right now. Bank on what the others say will happen, find comfort, pillows, propping, meds, walking, and some love and support!! Take care!!
  4. I had surgery Wednesday, 27 th and tried a shake yesterday, it was smooth, nice and cool and i was super slow, maybe too slow, i couldn't finish but 3 oz after three different attempts. I get chest contractions and it slows me even more!! Today ill try harder, dont want to get behind. Take care!
  5. My dr told me four days before a bm, and the meds will make it more difficult. Need aescription of gas versus belly pain. My chest hurts, feels compressed at times, for 5 seconds or more, is that 'gas', the stuff that will work out or is that the pain in the new pouch receiving fluids??
  6. Great suggestions! I was released yesterday, surgery was on Wednesday. Was plagued with nausea and vomiting old blood during the morphine and then again when i got home. Today has been better, but every little burp hurts my left shoulder blade like a stabbing knife! I pray for ' regular' flatulence....rather it come out, then up!!
  7. Wow, its done. The care I've been receiving is incredible, warm, and comforting. That important because the gas pain, unmatched!! Ive had the dreaded hiccups, but took a great walk thatfelt so good. The painmed pump isa double edged sword. It relieves some pain, but my heart rate goes down low, the minute i drift off. They cant explain it butarnt horribly nervous about it either, says between surgery, pain meds, its not steady and 40, but the alarm goes off, even with ear plugs I wake and it goes back to between 50 and 60. Not my normal rate. That is scary and keeping me up now, hence me on th
  8. Be proud, love yourself, and forgive yourself, no reason for shame, you got this!!!!
  9. Its tomorrow!!! Check in soon, want to know you are feeling ok!!!
  10. Mister Rogers, I loved him, he had an aquarium, he had puppets, he went on field trips! Tomorrow is the day I elect to allow another person to enter my body and change it permanently. Why? because the volume allowed today is not what I need future forward. Growing up, sure, I needed that nutrition, not now, I'm done Growing, physically anyway :-D The journey is what I will cherish! The reflection, the new found commitment to Me, without guilt! Self forgiveness and love! Thank you to You, you all for sharing your struggles, your tears, your encouragement, your joy and triumphs! Afte
  11. You did better than in the past, the emotional roller coaster was quite a ride, and you lived to tell, recognize the truth and recover, victory!!
  12. I'm with LilyBet. What is happening??....consume that question as an appetizer before the meal. BORED, SAD, HABIT, FRUSTRATION, CONTROL, HELPLESS....then eat that first by dealing with it....it will pay you back...you may experience a bit of pain along the way, but trust me when I say its likely less than the pain associated with guilt, shame and disappointment you will stricken yourself with afterward. Get curious! Stay well.
  13. I felt the same way,....tasted success, had never tried protein shakes, got sassy and considered cancelling surgery and then I remembered, i felt like this with Jenny, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Herbalife, Atkins, etc!! Surgery is tomorrow, and am moving forward on, did the head work, adopted exercise, and have earned the tool to be successful, long term! Good luck to you!
  14. 5 months and no weight loss, I'm curious about what they have you eating?? Keep focused, stay true to yourself, and move forward, obviously you persevere through anything that comes your way!!
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