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  1. Hi Angela, 

    I read your post and you are not alone.  I am a PH.D student that have a interest in this issue.  It is such a interest that I my dissertation will be on this concern.  I want to get this issue some well needed attention.  Please see below and pass along.


    Hello all, many of us have had weight loss surgery and is doing great and living their best lives. However, as we feel better about ourselves and the love of food move to another comfort, such as an increase social life, which can lead to transfer addictions or compulsiveness. Unfortunately, studies have shown that transfer addictions, such as alcohol use disorder and dependency has increased with this population. Please take a moment or two and complete this survey. This survey does not ask any identifying information it is 100% anonymous.
    Are you a post bariatric surgery patient?
    Participant Recruitment Announcement
    Looking for individuals who have had bariatric/weight loss surgery to participant in a research study!
    · Have you had bariatric/weight loss surgery?
    · Are you over the age of 18
    If you meet these criteria you are eligible to participate!
    Please click on the following link for more information and to participate: enter link : https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6876LV2
    You can also enter the link above into your internet browser to access information and participate in the study.
  2. I haven't posted here in a while but I did mention some alcohol use. Now I am post 7 years next month gastric bypass and from moderate to heavy drinking I have full liver failure. Maybe my drinking caused it, maybe it didn't. I have been a sickly person my whole life. I have at least 10 conditions but now I am near death. I will be on the liver failure transplant list in a few weeks. Then I have to find a match and only have a 50% chance of survival. Scary stuff. So bottom line, DON'T DRINK! It can happen to you and it happened to me, unfortunately. My weight is 128 and dropping. I have a grandson, 4 daughts, a grandchild on the way, an amazing husband family and friends. I have so much to be thankful for. The LORD has kept me going and I KNOW that I will be in Heaven one day, I am a firm believe of that. But - I am not ready yet........ Angela
  3. I have been using the pink drink for about 3 months now. My husband swears it gives him more energy and I have seen tons of testimonials of people loosing weight!
  4. you are only 5 months post op, you are FAR from being done providing you are following your plan. I want to say that I didn't loose anymore weight after around 20 months post op.
  5. I hope everyone on this thread is doing well and reaching for their goals. This is a tough subject.
  6. I am curious about feedback too. I used it for about a month and didn't really notice any change.
  7. AngelaMarie


    I am constantly asked so many questions. How come you can't drink with your meals. Why is this ok and thats not? I don't mind the curiosity but sometimes it does get old!
  8. I was 16, so you just have no idea what you want at that age. I have no regrets though, I have two amazing beautiful daughters.
  9. And now my girls are adults and they have nothing to do with him. They have zero respect and frankly, he doesn't care. He has gone so far as to even threaten his own children's lives. Its very sad. And it does give the good guys who take care of business a bad rap. The system is very broken.
  10. Yes, I have called the IRS. He hasn't filed taxes in many, many years, at least 10 and he probably never will. He owns nothing. Rides a bicycle. But makes enough to support his drinking and drug issues.
  11. I tried quinoa last night for the first time. It was a quinoa, corn, kidney bean with lime and cilantro recipe. Very tasty but it sure filled me up super fast!
  12. I am also light and get keloids. I had them from other surgies and some from GBS. I also have had a cyst once that burst on its own. not fun! I hope this will be behind you soon
  13. I have faired really well. I was only over weight though about 8 years. I have *slightly* loose thigh skin, if I move them a certain way. None anywhere else. I even wore a bikini this summer...I have pics posted in the Pictures section. It depends on so many things....genetics, how long overweight, how much overweight, age, etc. Don't worry about it, roll with it and hopefully it will all turn out the way you want!
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