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  1. I buy those small individual packs of Budding deli ham/turkey , and roll up a string cheese in the middle..16 grams of protein- 160 calories!
  2. Is there a link for the story? Just curious!
  3. well.... I can tell you..IT IS MOST CERTAINLY THE STEROIDS! Steroids are the reason I needed the gastric Bypass surgery! I had not been heavy my whole life. 6 years ago I was a size 8-10. I have a lung disease that surfaced..I became permanently disabled year I spent 5 months total out of the year in the hospital, and have been on HIGH HIGH dosage of steroids for 5 plus years. Not only did they cause MAJOR problems for me in my body, they caused me to LITERALLY DOUBLE IN SIZE. I ended up at my highest as a size 20. Im not talking just 40-60 mg orally.. I would be on high dose Salemedrol (IV steroids) for 2-3 weeks at a time... then another month or two of high dose oral prednisone. I could go on and on...But what Im trying to say is..DONT BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF! Steroids are very nasty..but they save my life when i need them!!! They can do a number on you..and Water retention is a side affect as well! Hang in there.. if your done with them, you should get back on track sooner than later! Best of luck to you!
  4. Gabe- I believe MOST of us on here are NOT allowed anything carbonated on our plans. I would stick to having some soup perhaps..depending on where you go.. I ate the inside of a burrito on that phase as well! Good luck finding something you can enjoy!!!
  5. Sorry you got the answers you did. I didn't once think it was spam. I realize you are just worried, and concerned for her. im sorry you have to go thru this....nothing worse than worrying about someone you care about. I hope you continue to ask questions of us...I dont think others ment anything bad, some of us can't wrap our heads around things like this(me included). Why would someone would go thru such a major surgery then sabotage their life and success with such a evil thing as drugs... the sad part is , I'm sure it happens often. I would turn to her family, express your concerns for her life and her health, and let them take it from their.
  6. I know you wanted help from "LONG TIMERS" But read this to my friend who is a fitness trainer and NUT and this was her thought.. Muscle weighs so much more than fat...You are exercising A LOT. If I was you I would speak to your NUT. and possibly a personal trainer(a well educated one) Have you tried cutting back your exercise, instead of increasing it? I thought I read in the post you were only taking in 900 calories with a intense amount of you were gonna step up your calories to 1000-1200 a day....but then i just read that you also increased your exercise? Im thinking that may have put you back to square one, if Im understanding things right??? I know you want to exercise but 3-4 hours a day may not be helping with the weight loss much....But is probably doing wonders for toning!! (BTW, I think its great you can get that much work-out in! WTG!!) Hope things start to improve for you!!!
  7. I would go with Vogues suggestions! In my opinion.. doing the 2 1/2 weekk pre-op diet was the hardest thing I had ever done diet wise. ( But was required to do so, with modifications) I am not gonna lie, I was miserable, and it sucked!! Was much easier for me to eat a sensible meal., then the liquid diet. I however could not tolerate any of the protein shakes AT ALL, they made me sick! I did do the Isopure drinks, but at $4 a bottle it was breaking me! Good luck with things, and just do your best! The best advice I can offer you is if you fall of the wagon, get back on the next day.. YOU CAN DO IT! Good luck!
  8. I think everyone is so different.. I think it depends on your anatomy, your pain tolerance, how much maneuvering your surgeon has to do...I think their are many factors .. so its hard to say! It was not an easy jounry for me. I'm not gonna lie or sugar coat it! I was in the hospital for 3 days...and when i came home did the pain meds for 4 days, then weened my self off. I have had 3 surgeries in my life, and this was the toughest. (Knee, Gall bladder and GB) But, the first 6 days after GB surgery were some of the most miserable days of my life. The gas pain was unbearable at times, and I had severe pain on my left side.(Where doc said he did most of the work) LIke I said, we can tell you how it was for us, but its just to hard to compare. Just prepare yourself for the worst, and hope for the best! Walk, Walk, Walk..and sip sip sip....You will do great...its just getting thru the first week, then it gets easier day by day.. IMO.
  9. UGH. I do feel your pain. Altho I am only 8 weeks out, have already had 2 stalls.. the first was 3 weeks long and this one is so far 2 weeks long..... Id give anything to not have a stall till 6 frustrating as it is.. consider yourself lucky! I hope your stall passes soon...keep your head up, sounds like your doin great!!
  10. Thanks Kaz! That was the sort of thing I was wondering!! I have blood work in a couple weeks....but will see what they think tomorrow! Im taking all of my supplements so Im curious to see if something isn't absorbing? My Vitamin D was 10 before surgery.. also SUPER low...I started taking 5,000 a day...and been getting some sun.
  11. Thanks guys! Yes, I will be calling Tuesday..Like I stated above I saw my Hematologist Friday.. and he was aware of things..that is how I know I am at no risk for a Clot/DVT. He did suggest calling my surgeon also to ask. I just figured someone would maybe have had the same thing. I took a higher dosage of Tylenol today and it went away for several hours..Will call and see what they say when they open after the long Holiday!
  12. Well.. Its NOT a pain in my Calves, its my knees, areas of my calves, and my ankles! ALSO, I should have mentioned their is NO WAY it can be a DVT... I am on high doses of Coumadin (Blood thinners) and have been for years...due to a clotting issue! As a matter of fact saw my Hematologist on Friday!! So rest-assure.. I am clot free! This is not a clot type pain (Since i have had them I know) its more feels like deep muscle or bone...Thanks for thinking of that tho...i should have posted that it isnt a DVT!
  13. Could you post a link? I Would like to check them out! Thanks...and happy you found something that works for you!
  14. Hey everyone! I am 8 1/2 weeks post op GB. I haven't had any complications thus far..and feeling good. However, I do want to see if anyone has a thought as to what the pain in my legs may be. I have a deep-achy pain in my legs...both legs. Seems to be from the knees down, some areas of my calves, and down to my ankles. I took some Tylenol yesterday and that did seem to ease it. It isn't constant, it seems to start within 3-4 hours of being awake and moving. Im very active..walking 4-5 miles 4 times a week. The pain is there even on the days I dont get my walk in. Was wondering if perhaps I'm becoming deficient in something Vitamin wise??? Also, I noticed it happened last month during my cycle...eased off,and happened again starting my cycle the last week. Altho I am done with my period as of now and the pain is still happening. I will prob run it by the Doc/nurse, but thought I would see if any of you have experienced it?
  15. Sounds good...does your plan say you can't have ANY pasta? Im allowed some in moderation...I would like to try it as well..but wont be picking out the pasta! ENJOY!