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  1. I'm at my 9wk mark. Feeling good most days. I have no difficulty with any foods except bread, bread hurts, but other than that I can eat just about anything, which is pretty scary!! LOL I stick to the diet as best I can, haven't quite gotten in all my vitamins like I'm supposed to, still struggling with water, and protein shakes gross me out but I still try to get in at least one a day. I'm down to 202.7, my starting weight was 243, so that makes me happy. Starting to notice a difference in myself, clothes are fitting looser and I'm actually having to go find smaller sizes. I do have buyers remorse somedays but then I remember how much my back used to hurt or how I hated getting dressed bc nothing fit right and I just count my blessing and become thankful that I was given this gift. I started the gym about 2-3wks ago, I love it. Makes me feel like I'm doing more to help reach my goals, not just relying on my new tool to do all the work. Hopefully you all are doing well too!!
  2. Everything is going great! Feeling great and finally seeing a difference in myself!

  3. GunzWifey

    Deli meat

    THANK YOU for this!! I seriously just started getting into the deli meats bc they are so easy for me to grab and go! Never really thought about the nutrition facts, just figured it was meat so it equaled protein and I always get the butterball stuff that says 98% fat free. Thank you!
  4. GunzWifey

    Truckin' Along

    Thanks for the suggestions Singa2n!! I appreciate them!
  5. CollyLo- It's good to hear I am not alone!! That these feelings are so completely normal! I am still struggling with them today, and I had surgery just one day after you. It is definitely a lot of trial and error in these early stages, but we will get there! And I'm trying hard to stay focused on the positives!! My back doesn't hurt as much or even as often as it used to, my clothes are getting baggy and I'm down to 212, I did hit that 3wk stall lots of people talk about and it made everything 10 times worse! LOL I was upset and I couldn't stuff my face, it is crazy how much I used food to console myself, and I didn't even realize! Hope everyone is still doing good. I'm still praying for us all!!
  6. Been m.i.a for a lil bit, been trying to 'adjust' to the new me. Hit the 3wk stall I heard so much about, terrible! LOL I tried really hard not to stress over it, stuck to my diet and exercise, but it was sooo hard to see only 1lb loss in a weeks time!! Finally, after a week and a 1/2 the scale started moving again. I'm not weighing everyday anymore like I was, I'm going to the once or twice a week thing... Maybe I'll change my mind and sneak a look or two. LOL I really want to join a gym now, I feel like everything is starting to get saggy and flabby! Definitely can't have can't have that! LOL I've come to realize how much I used to use food to console myself. I honestly never realized how much I turned to food when I wanted comfort. That so far has been the hardest thing for me to overcome. I find myself coming home from work, after a hard day, and opening the fridge to look for something 'good' to eat, and by good I mean sweet, or full of carbs, something, anything really to just eat. But I have fought the urge and stayed on track. Me and the Hubby have gone out to a couple restaurants recently, the 1st was a Japanese steak house, where they make the food right in front of you and do tricks and stuff, it was really nice and I figured I'd share with the hubby, but when the time came, I didn't want to share, so I ordered my own plate, I wanted to be a part of the experience not a side liner. I ate pretty reasonably, had the filet mignon and a lil veggies, and the hubby pretty much ate his plate and mine so all was good. But today after church, we went to go get brunch. Again we said we were gonna share a plate, but that didn't happen for whatever reason. Well I way over did it, took bites that were way too big and had to stop almost immediately after starting. I was so upset because I couldn't finish my food. It was sooo yummy I just wanted to keep going! And that's not the first time I've felt that way about not being able to finish my plate. I literally get upset/saddened by the fact that I can't eat anymore! How disturbing is that?!?! How do I stop that mentality?? Does it just come with time? Or is it something I will always and forever have to be constantly aware of? Another thing I'm adjusting to is grocery shopping, seriously me and the hubby went in to get like 10 things and we stayed in there for 2 hours!! 2 hours!! We had a list and everything, BUT we had to read every single label before we could decide what to put in the basket! How much protein? How many carbs? How much sugar? How many calories per serving? What's the serving size? Sheesh!! LOL Is this everyone or just us?? Do the shopping trips get easier and faster?? Goodness I sure do hope so! LOL Well that's what's going on with me lately. I know I'm not alone and I thank you all for your stories! They are definitely comforting, knowing I'm not alone on this journey!
  7. 5wks out and doing great! Time to step up the workout routine tho!! Feel like I'm getting flabby! LOL

    1. Collylo


      Me too. I just got released to go to gym. I don't want batwings! lol

    2. misconduct


      Hey me too. My stretch marks are tarting to show on my stomach!

  8. Glad you guys are adjusting well!! Ziggy you are doing amazing!! In the beginning it would hurt me so bad to get in and out of bed and honestly that just went away recently! LOL Naplesmom in the beginning it is really hard to get in all the liquids, sheesh I'm still struggling! LOL But those sugar free popsicles really do help! DianaS when I do refried beans I add a lil water to the pan to thin them out a lil, not too much but just enough so that it doesn't feel like a brick going down! LOL I also add a lil bit of unflavored greek yogurt, the zero one, it's like sour cream but without all the fat =) Yum!!
  9. I believe it just depends on what your surgeon wants you to do. Mine didn't ask me to do any pre-op diet at all. But I did a week of all liquid then the day before surgery I did clear liquids. I just felt better doing it that way because that seems to be what the majority of surgeons do. Try not to over analyze, I know it's so hard because I was in your shoes and I did the same thing! LOL But congrats on your surgery in 2 days!! YAY!! You've made it!
  10. So the month is just about over. Wondering how everyone is adjusting? Hope all is well with everyone! Still saying prayers for all of us every night because I know all the changes we're going through take lots of prayers to get through! I'm doing good. Of course I have my whiny moments when I get upset I can't eat something, or I feel sore. My biggest problem right now is trying not to snap at my hubby for things he can't help. Like I snap at him when he chugs water right after we go for a hike together or get done working out. Or the other day we were in the car and I had forgotten to grab a snack, we stopped at a gas station and I couldn't find anything I could eat, but of course he found something and was wolfing it down in the car and I just snapped because I was hungry! LOL It's lil things like that that are bothering me. I'm trying to stop myself, trying not to whine, and trying to just get adjusted. BUT I can't complain, I'm doing great, eating good, finding new recipes. Still working on getting all my protein and fluids in but doing good for the most part. Pain is almost completely gone, now it's just like a sore feeling where the biggest incision is. I've lost 30lbs so far, 10lbs on my liquid pre-op diet and 20lbs post op =) I'm 217 and haven't weighed that in like 8 years! Funny thing is, all my clothes still fit! Makes me wonder what they looked on me before when I "thought" they had fit me! LOL They actually are comfy now and not all tight! LOL Well I hope and pray you all are doing good too! Excited to hear where you are all at and how you are all doing!
  11. LOVED you're idea for getting in more fluids!! I'm struggling!! LOL But I'm going to try your slushie idea!! Right now actually!! LOL Going to go freeze some crystal light right now! LOL Thank you!!
  12. YAY!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! And remember, walk walk walk!!! Update us as soon as you're up to it! See you on the losers bench!!!