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  1. GIRL........ where the HECK have you been! you better give me more than a hey whats up chicky shoot me a PM if you want let me know whats wrong. thanks for the compliment i'm working my butt off literally at the gym. I'm dating now and legally divorced woohoo! i tell you dating is the Bomb!

  2. hmmm I wonder if my Dr. requires a two year check....guess I better look into that. and o hey....if T is out your way for the Midwinter Graces tour. You better be ready to meet face to face cuz i'm a comin'
  3. mwah..... "if you see him say hi"

  4. Just saw that you were on and wanted to say hello.I don't post but I read every few days. Be good to yourself. VPA...are you on FB?

  5. deb...i know its been forfeckin'ever.....and i just wanted to drop in and say that you look HOT!!!! srsly!! I'm gonna do a pouch test. Not doing so well.

  6. Julez... im right back there with you girl....hang in there. and Vim...o hai hello... to forums to catch up...
  7. i am not doing so well. I may have not been honest with myself. I am fighting a battle. Perhaps I had this surgery before I was ready. I am not used to self esteem being tied to body image. I have to add 4 inches to my height before I dare to hop back on the Wii fit.
  8. well i see that its been 2 months since you've been here at TT, but i miss you i hope your doing well

  9. I was thinking about you the other day hon... Just dropped in to say "Keep on keepin' on..."
  10. Girl Scout cookie session is a #*%$#! I HAD to buy two boxes but I'm happy to say that they have been locked in the car trunk since I've purchased them.
  11. You can do this Jenn. It will take a lot of inner strength but I know you can do it. My head hunger was so intense for the first month following surgery. You will get through it and it is a wonderful feeling when you discover the joy of not being hungry anymore. The head hunger does subside. And you WILL have the option to eat real food again.
  12. Hi Jenn, Welcome to TT! Congrats on your surgery and hang on.....I'm sure it's already been said...but it's a wild, crazy ride. Always a pleasure to meet other Tori fans....I'm SO excited for the impending Tori release. I was going to try to go to SXSW to see her in March but it's in Texas (um NO thanks) so I'm just living vicarously thru the Tori tweets.....Have you met Mike yet? He is our other resident Tori fanatic. My fave song??? There is no way I could name just shifts.....the most defining one???? Fat @!!#.....I love me some Pip....and I love it when Tori speaks without actually saying anything.
  13. ok so when Deb sends me a text I know that it is time to check in;) I'm just living life. I went to Vegas for my 36th birthday and had an absolute blast. Rosie's son...T shares a birthday month with me and I think Vegas should be a yearly experience. My sis from Utah came to surprise me complete with a birthday song she and Tanner composed on the 5 hour trip. (Lyrics were something alongs the lines of "Happy Happy Birthday. We hope you are surprised....we can tell you're getting thinner by the size of your thighs....") I was so overwhelmed with happiness to see her I forgot the rest but Rochelle caught it on video and has promised to send it to me. We got pics and for the first time I am the same size as my sisters. I have never went to a photo studio without feeling like the ugly (step)sister and I have FINALLY overcome that obstacle....We even posed like Charlies Angels...and yes, we are a redhead, blonde, and brunette...none of us given those shades by nature. I got a new Dooney & Burke purse for a combined Birthday and Valentines day gift (it is purple and fab) and I scooped out some wedding locals..... I love my sisters and my fam SO much. I am blessed and loved. I am so very grateful.
  14. I'm a huge fan of postsecret. (PostSecret) I devour each weeks secret postcards in my pj's every Sunday. This week a submission summed up how I have always felt but just didn't know until I saw it printed in black and white. "I will never miss the person I lost when I lost 100 lbs + But I will always live in constant fear that no one will ever love the body she left behind."
  15. ^lol...I know right?? All is good in the Valley of the Sun.