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  2. Wow - love your before and after shots! What were your starting and finishing weights - you look amazing!

  3. Hi I have just registerd & being really dull, I cannot work out how to post. Sure this is not correct, plse can you help - Welliesmum

  4. TheMinxy

    TheMinxy pics

    Here's me.. warts and all !
  5. oooh ya... everything has improved in that department thanks ! The lipo to my pubis was part of the Tummy tuck deal and oh my, what a difference ! Things that my hubby needed a map and pith helmet to find before are now sticking out ( yes... seriously) and saying 'here I am !!' So.. yes, things get VERY stimulated now without so much as having to think about it ! Having the TT certainly helped too cos I had a real body image problem before with that flap of skin wobbling about, smacking against my thighs etc... ewww.. now things are tickaty - boo !!
  6. New website addy is My other one was up for expiry and too costly to pay for but this one is sustainable.

  7. Hi there, Ive just tried to look at your website and read 'something went wrong' are you ok? Hope to hear from you soon. Olivia.xx

  8. There's 14lbs in 1 stone. Thank you all for your lovely words
  9. [ATTACH]5343[/ATTACH] This is the compilation of photo's taken through the year. October 2006 (20 ston 7lbs) to October 2007 ( 10 st 7lbs) [ATTACH]5344[/ATTACH] Before and after next to each other.
  10. Dr Dillemans works in the AZ st Jan Hospital in Brugge and it's a huge place, very clean, fabulous views over Brugge. Dr Dedoncker is my plastic surgeon and he works in the AZ st Jan Portaels in Vilvoorde on the outskirts of Brussels. This is a smaller hospital and there is nothing whatsoever to see or do in Vilvoorde, however he is the best there is (as far as I am concerned) when it comes to plastics post WLS. He is very experienced in operating on us more vascular ladies. I am healing up really well and I am delighted with his handiwork. I have a tum you could play snooker on and boobs which are very perky ! Thank you for your kind comments about my website. I really appreciate it. I hope you found the pre RNY advice helpful.
  11. When you go to Dr Dillemans he will ensure you get all the care and treatment you need as an inpatient from the time you enter to hospital to the time you leave it. However, IF you get a post op complication once you have been discharged this is where your E111 ( or whatever it's now called) card comes into play. You will be treated via A&E as any person who attends our local a&e from a foreign country. It doesn't matter that you have had surgery, you are still entitled to this care. The card will not cover you if you turn up in Brugge with the expectation that you will get your surgery for free as if you were having it on the NHS. For emergency readmissions post discharge though, you are totally covered. DHI offer a form of insurance that you pay through the nose for, and it's ineffective because you get everything you need without having to pay this extra amount. Go with EOC and you will get the best price and the best service.
  12. Aw shucks.... here I am !!!
  13. Hello everyone, I got a wee email from a friend telling me about this site and here I am I am 14 months post RNY with Dr Dillemans and have lost 10 stone 2lbs. I have gone from a size 30/32 to size 10/12 in this time, and I had my plastic surgery on 30th October with Dr Patrick Dedoncker. To all of you who are pre op and scared, I know exactly where you are coming from - it's a mine field of information out there, and the looming date of your surgery which can be scary as hell, BUT, It's just one day in your life and thereafter you are on the losing side and it's a fantastic rollercoaster ride and it is the most amazing experience ever. I have made my own website with lots of info for potential Dillebabes and my story is on it for those who might be interested. I am a friendly soul, and if you want to chat anytime, here I am !! Marika xx