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  1. Best wishes and Congrats to all of you having your surgeries this month. I had mine three years ago this July and things have gone ver y well for me..
  2. just a few minutes on this site tonight has been an eye opener. I am taking anti depressents for at least 5 years before my surgery. I feel more depressed at times now after surgery t han I did before. The doctor added a second antipressent to go with the first one. it is buoropion HCL I take 75 mil twice a day and 60 mgs of prozac. My depression is getting worse. There have been a few times that I have thought about sucide. I don't have money to pay the amount doctors and therapists charge. I have called the county mental clinic and am told they don't handle t hat anymore. They also told me the wait to be seen by anyone the county contracts out to could be several months. I told an intake worker how I have been feeling but they don't seem to take me serious. I live in Northern California and with all the cut backs of monies there doesn't seem to be anywhere to get help with something like this. I have to fight with myself to get out of bed in the morning and I have been isolating and not interacting with friends. I feel like nothing matters anymore and I'm just waiting to die.
  3. I am 2 years and 8 months out from my surgery. I had the gastric bypass surgery. I have gotten too comfortable and eating some things that are not a good choice for me. I look forward to getting some pointers and suggestions from other gastric bypass patients. Thanks Judie
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