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  1. MissBear2008

    Giving up Coffee like the death of a friend

    Wasn't to fond of giving up coffee either. Among other things, at my 3 mo post op I was also quite suprised to find out that Caffeine effects our vitamin absorption even Decaf. I try to keep it to maybe 1cup a day, and make sure to up my liquids as well http://www.fitday.co...absorption.html
  2. MissBear2008

    Open Letter to Opinionated Loved Ones of WLS Recipients

    Amen!!! You preach it Sister!!!
  3. MissBear2008

    No longer Obese!

    I can't wait Either. Im 5point in BMI away from just being plain overweight. Ugh! Obese indeed is such a horrible sounding word! You know what’s worse Severely Obese! We kindly have substituted the word "OBESE" into "A BEAST" which gives us a good laugh. @ Paula: I totally can relate, the lowest weight I can recall is 220 in 8th Grade. Which now I have officially beat by a couple of pounds. You'll get there girl! Just sit tight!
  4. MissBear2008

    Unbelievable! 3weeks Post-Op! 7weeks Pregnant!

    I definatley remember you two!!! I'm holding up. Its been pretty tough though, had a series of different problems some of which are still haunting me. I'll send you a private message.
  5. MissBear2008

    Delicious Cottage Cheese Recipe

    Yummy! Sounds delicious! Def. going to have to try this one!
  6. MissBear2008

    2 1/2 Months Post Op and Pregnant!

    I was afraid to post on your thread in fear of scaring you. But I dealt with a smilar situation. Unfortunatley my outcome was not well, I ended up having a miscarriage at 8weeks out. You can read all about it here http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/topic/70407-unbelievable-3weeks-post-op-7weeks-pregnant/#entry827310 Just as previous posters suggested PLEASE notify your surgeon and make an appointment with an OB ASAP. Make sure to explain to them that you are a weight loss surgery patient! I had extremley horrible nausea!!!! I was prescribed Zofran which worked wonders!
  7. MissBear2008

    At home sleep study? O.o

    Sorry to hear on the sleep apnea diagnosis. That’s not very fun, but at least you’re going to finally get the problem taken care of. Cheers to a better night’s sleep!
  8. MissBear2008

    At home sleep study? O.o

    @Kaybee: Thats exactly why most Kaisers do the sleep study at home. They found that most patients were having a very hard time getting to sleep and getting a good nights sleep while doing a sleep study in a sleep center, making it harder to get accurate results. What better place to get some sound sleep than your own bed! Right?
  9. MissBear2008

    At home sleep study? O.o

    The class will fill you in on everything you need to know and more, Including how to set yourself up for your at home sleep study. Should be a sinch.
  10. MissBear2008

    At home sleep study? O.o

    I also did the sleep study at home, Which I thought was pretty cool. Have you taken the class yet? What are you confused about?
  11. MissBear2008

    Hi Everybody, I'm new to this forum

    You choose the right place to be! Hope you find some motivation here. I know I did. Welcome to the Forum!
  12. MissBear2008

    10 weeks out today, AND......

    Woo Hoo! Your doing Great!!! Indeed it does feel amazing, and it only gets Better! Keep up the Great Work!
  13. MissBear2008

    1 day post opp, released?

    GLOCKS: A delay in your first BM is normal.Codeine causes constipation, and your not eating much of anything. But as a person who dealt with some SERIOUS Constipation issues post surgery, be for-warned it can turn into a not so plesant issue. So PLEASE make sure you are taking your Stool softener! I'd even recommend you buy some MiraLax. Helps keep things moving, and works as a stool softener as well.
  14. MissBear2008

    Spicey Black Bean Burger with Avocado Relish

    Sounds delicious!!! I Just happen to have some avocados waiting for me at home. Might just have to try this! :-)
  15. MissBear2008

    More Bathroom Drama

    O my goodness! I can't believe I didn't find this sooner!. You don't know how much I enjoyed reading this (i know that sounds terrible, sorry ) But, it's the simple fact that now I know that I am not the ONLY one that has endured this horrific situation!, Kudos to you Mussakka! Word for Word everything you have said, has been to the "T". Couldn’t have explained it any better myself! Unfortunately I went through this at least 5 times! I was so severely impacted that every time I broke everything up and cleared myself out, it only lasted about a day before the new stool came down and the evacuation process had to be performed again. It was the only way of getting it out! Enemas did not help, the glycerin didn't help. I felt so helpless! I grew such a strong hate for the potty! It was terrible!!!! Then of course I started taking Miralax along with upping to 4 stool softeners a day, which got things back to normal. :-D