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  1. 24 Day Challenge

    Day 2: I had to modify my meals yesterday because I had too much dairy. I changed my dinner to hummus crusted chicken over sweet peppers and onions. Sooooo good. also had to have a second Atkins bar as my snack because my avocado was bad! It's hard to eat 6 times a day! I work in retail, so sometimes I don't get to eat dinner until 9:00 at night, so eating another snack after that means staying up pretty late so I'm not eating at bedtime! Still trying to figure that part out. today's lineup: breakfast: AdvoCare meal replacement shake snack: Atkins Cranberry Almond Bar lunch: unsure. My AdvoCare coach is making me lunch so whatever it is, it will be within the plan! snack: another Atkins bar (I'm having a beach day so I need snacks that travel easily) dinner: that's going to be a surprise! For me and for you! Lol I printed out some awesome recipes from the AdvoCare website and need to go grocery shopping, so I'm going to pick my dinner later based on what I'm feeling like preparing. Snack: hummus and veggies I weighed in yesterday before the cleanse and was up 5 lbs from the last time I weighed in a few days prior, (up to 214 vs 209) but my clothes are getting bigger, so I know the inches are falling. I'm chalking it up to my body adjusting to the change of diet. My next weigh in is after the first part of the challenge, which is the 10 day cleanse phase.
  2. 24 Day Challenge

    I'm letting myself have some fats, but good ones like the avocado. I have gotten used to the fat free cheeses and actually prefer them now. The regular cheeses seem too rich for me. :-) Part of my restriction too is that I am still on a bland diet for my ulcer at least until my endoscopy next week. Hopefully after that I can incorporate some better foods!
  3. 24 Day Challenge

    So, after I typed all this, I came back and read it, and it totally sounds like a sales pitch. lol! I wanted to preface this by saying this is NOT a sales post, just me trying to post my experience with Advocare getting me back on track to my goals. Other than sampling the product, I don't have any true experience with Advocare yet (Aside from the Spark drink), so everything I go through, learn and experience will be shared right here with you guys! Posting it each day will help to keep me in line and hopefully motivate some others who are years out and gaining again to not feel so hopeless! Here's my food lineup for the day: Pre breakfast: Advocare Spark (This stuff is awesome, it helped me kick my coffee addiction again!), multivitamin, and Advocare Probiotic Dietary Supplement (Part of the 10 day cleanse package) Breakfast: Advocare chocolate mocha meal replacement shake Snack: Avocado Lunch: 2 Whole wheat pizza burritos (Mission brand whole wheat tortillas, tomato sauce, turkey pepperoni, fat free mozzarella cheese) Snack: Atkins Day break bar Dinner: Baked chicken breast stuffed with low fat provolone and broccoli Snack: Blueberry greek yogurt At bed time: Advocare Herbal Cleanse supplement Other than Spark (And the Advocare Rehydrate, which I LOVE) I have only been drinking water. I have been doing this for about 10 days now, and my sister asked me yesterday at yoga if I was wearing makeup because my face looked so healthy and clean. That's a good daily dose of water for you!
  4. 24 Day Challenge

    Well, the time has come! I am so sick of the weight I have put back on and the health problems that came along with not maintaining a healthy lifestyle (helloooooo ulcer!), so I have consulted with my surgeon, got the ok to use Advocare shakes, and am starting the Advocare 24 day challenge today! I'll post updates and my meal plans as the days go on and let you know how its working out for me! Onederland, here I come! ....Again lol
  5. Long Time, No Post

    I can't believe how frustrating it is to get back on track! My room mates want to lose weight and complain that they hate their size, so I offered to help them and also help myself. I figured I would be a great resource for them since I already know what to eat and not to eat, how to substitute for cravings, and things like that. So I send my room mate out for ground turkey for taco salad (ground turkey, fat free cheese and fat free sour cream). She comes home with ground turkey, rice, fully loaded fatty sour cream and cheese, and DORITOS!!! I thought I had a team together to get back on track...looks like I am on my own Sigh. I have another friend who is going to do the couch to 5k training with me, so we will see if this commitment rides out!!
  6. Long Time, No Post

    I need to update my signature. I am about 190 now. I was up to 210 but I lost 20 lbs and got back under 200 again. :-) Now to lose that last 50! I want to lose the extra 30 and another 20 to get me to my original goal!
  7. How Did You Tell People?

    I have always been very open about my surgery. Some people judge me for it, some people are jealous, some people are supoprtive, and some people are compeltely uncomfortable hearing about it. Me personally, I know what I went through to get it, and I know what I went through to get where I am today, so I am proud to tell people about it! I do get a lot of questions about what I can eat, how much, how much I've lost, and I definitely get a lot of judgement when my weight goes up or down, but I don't care. :-) What I normally say when people ask how I lost the weight is just a general "I had surgery." If they ask further from there, then I tell them about it. The first person I didn't tell (and only because I had assumed I had already had! lol) was my current boyfriend. He would always make comments about how much food I take home in leftovers and I finally asked him if he knew and found out that he didn't!! lol He won my heart when he said "I've always thought you were beautiful, you know that" People will surprise you!
  8. Long Time, No Post

    Hi everyone! I am not sure if anyone that I used to socialize with on here is still active or not, but I decided to pop up and say hello! For those of you who have never "met" me, I'm Jen! *waves* I hade lap RNY on July 22, 2008, so I am quickly approaching my 3 year surgiversary! I am one of the lucky few who have had next to no consequences after my surgery. I rarely dump on anything, my pouch still works when I listen to it, and I've remained healthy! On the down side, I have put back some of the weight that I lost and need to get back on track. Because I don't dump, I find that I often make bad choices with food again and give into the culinary peer pressure of my very Italian friends and family. I moved back to my hometown in Ohio from Florida almost two years ago, which is where the trouble started. This area is very obese and it is normal to be overweight. Also, there is not much to do in this small town except go to the bars, so everyone consumes wasted calories on beer and alcohol. I find myself falling into this trap and need to get back on track! What better way then to reintroduce myself to the people who helped me to get on my feet in the first place! :-)
  9. Hey there! Sorry I sort of disappeared. They blocked this site from work and I kinda forgot about it for a while. I got laid off at Verizon last month and moved back to Ohio. :-( its COLD here! I am working for AT&T here, so all is good. I miss the warm and the water though! How have you been!?

  10. Hej Jen! Where are you these days? What are you up to? How is your shape, both physical, mental and dietwise? Hope all is as well as can be with you! Cheers, Vim

  11. Monday Morning Weigh-In 06/08/09

    I am back for now! I can't access this site from work anymore and I don't get online much from home, so I'm not on much of anything anymore! TT needs a blackberry app! Then I'd be on constantly! lol!
  12. Monday Morning Weigh-In 06/08/09

    I haven't been on here in such a long time! My weight in this week was 160, down 2 lbs from last week! Yay! I wonder how much I am down from the last time I posted...not much probaly, but weight loss is very very very slow now, just a couple of lbs/month
  13. Oh wow thats great! I thought I would have to lose some before the surgery but my surgeon didnt require it for me. Thats cool you look great too! Ive lost over 50 lbs now but I cant wait till im where you are right now :)

  14. I lost about 25 lbs before surgery but not much. That was all during my preop diet, so I think most of it was water weight. I have slowed down a lot now, losing only about 1 or 2 weeks out of the month. No complaints here though! I feel great right where I am!

  15. Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    Well, the teeth are out, I can feel my lips, so he didn't hit the nerve. I am in a bit more pain than I was expecting, so thank god for vidodin! I can't seem to sleep today though, even with the pain meds. And I'm too dizzy from the meds to read or do homework. TV it is!