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  1. JTJ1977

    Cedar Rapids Iowa

    I'm in Davenport, and I agree that it's great to see Iowans on this site.
  2. JTJ1977


    Are you speaking of the documentary about the lady in Miami, Florida who had her kids do everything for her while she constantly sabotaged her own weight loss efforts by stashing away fattening foods?
  3. JTJ1977

    January 2014

  4. JTJ1977

    Today is my VSG surgery!

    Hope your surgeries were safe!! Wishing you two the best results.
  5. Sorry for the veeery belated response (LOL), but I just noticed this message after, what is it, eight months? I'm so happy that everyone seems to have gotten through their surgeries and recovery processes quite well. I just received health insurance on the 1st of January, so now I can attend WLS counseling sessions without having to worry about how to pay for it. I really feel that 2014 is going to be a great year for me, and I am excited about the wonderful possibilities. I'm rambling. I wish everyone a happy (and healthy) 2014!!
  6. And all of your replies to this message summarizes it for me: Taking a risk with WLS (outside of dying from complications) pales in comparison to the day-to-day risks that I live with as an obese person. I'll admit, I am wary of the surgery because of the horror stories that I have heard and read about. But I know that if I don't get the operation, that death is knocking on my door.
  7. Is there anyone here from Iowa looking for a buddy? I'm also looking for buddies from Illinois (I live across the river from IL), Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois and Minnesota. But I am also looking for buddies in general to keep me motivated for any potential upcoming surgery within the next 6-12 months.
  8. JTJ1977

    Finally Posing some photos. 3 Month Surgerversary

    Excellent job! It's really inspiring to me.
  9. JTJ1977

    Finally Posing some photos. 3 Month Surgerversary

    Excellent job! It's really inspiring to me.
  10. JTJ1977

    Tomorrow is the big day!

    Good luck with your surgery, and hopefully turns out fine!!
  11. JTJ1977

    How do you keep people from finding out?

    If I were you, I'd do as the other posters have already said, and ignore what others think. TRUE friends and TRUE family are going to support you---WLS or not---and if they don't, as someone just mentioned, maybe you need to have a re-evaluation of just who your "friends and family" are. That's what this site is here for. I have the same feelings at times, but I am now starting to realize that those folks won't do anything for me but bury me after I die from severe obesity. And quite frankly, most of them will probably talk about me before they consider the notion of burying me, and will crack on the fact that at one moment in my life I had lost roughly 260 lbs. and gained most of it back. But that's okay, because unlike then (late 90s-early-00s), I'm not focused on a mixture of health and vanity. I'm solely focused (as you should be, and anyone else on this site), with saving my life. So keep your head up, indulge in positive posts, photos, and chat, and enjoy this wonderful journey with all of us.
  12. JTJ1977

    3 years Later....lost 200 Pds as of today!

    Great and inspiring story.
  13. JTJ1977

    Ignorant Judgemental People!

    I have been referred for weight loss surgery early next year as well, but I can remember how losing over 250 lbs. over a decade ago brought out the nasties. You know, people that had sickening, rude thoughts in their heads about you for years but didn't have the guts to tell you in person. Just ignore her and feel good about getting healthy. And I agree with farmington: investigate her.
  14. Well, I hope that you went through with it, even though its your decision and your decision only. I (and others here) just wouldn't want you looking back 10 years from now wondering "What if"?
  15. JTJ1977

    Joshua In Iowa

    Hi esob, I think for me it's the small changes that are going to work the best. I need to slowly eliminate sodas and fatty foods. And I also need to get a regular exercise routine in. I walk occasionally at home through walking discs, but I need to start walking on a daily basis. I am kind of reluctant to walk in the public, so I refrain from that. In any event, I am wishing you nothing but the best and hope that you reach your goal weight (I see that you have lost a lot since your surgery).