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  1. So I am having some trouble losing weight (im also gaining a bit). I do my best to work out but I work full time (12-13 hour days M-F) and I am also a full time student with about 20-25 hours of school work a week and I am a mom. That being said, I am only a little active and that is mostly when I get to see my son (from all the work I do). So I am wondering if there are any supplements that anyone has heard of or has taken that people with gastric bypass can take safely that might help speed up metabolism etc. I know there are some dissolvable B12 but I cannot do those. I have tried and tried and they make me vomit. Protein shakes do the same. Im not eating too horribly but I have a tendancy to snack and eat when I am stressed. Any tips or advise would be really appreciated. Thank you
  2. hewitta1

    snacking issues

    Since surgery, I have not been hurt at all by sugar, which sucks in a way because I thought this surgery would help with my sugar addiction...this is also why bypass was recommended to me. I can say that fried foods and greasy foods, like pizza, make me ill which is a plus. But i have a beyond horrible snacking problem. I am a bored eater and I sit a computer for 9 hours or more a day. I have a drawer at my desk with protein oatmeal, fruit cups and drink mixes but I keep bringing that extra little bit of starch from home everyday. Today it was poptarts. I only ate the middle of one, but still. And I eat chips and dip and popcorn like its going out of style. Its always been my downfall. I am still loosing but for how long? I keep telling myself this is not doing me any favors for when all of this slows down, since I am only 4 months out. I wish I could get a better handle on it, I just hate telling myself no. I think this bad eating is contributing to my massive hair loss as well. I am geting zero protein in, I cant stand the smell or taste. I just feel at a real loss here. any advice would be helpful
  3. hewitta1

    my hair is still falling out

    I am four months out almost to the day. I have always had thick curly long hair. within the last month, my hair was falling out so fast, and being so thick, it was literally matting up with the rest of my hair. I couldnt even get a brush through it. I had to make the hard choice to cut all 8-9 inches off of my hair just so that it would stop matting up. I am now noticing that I have bald spots and severe thinning in the back of my head/back top of my head, I suppose where I sleep on it more. The sides lose a lot but are still somewhat thick. I am humilated and upset. I am only 26 years old, I shouldnt have bald spots, no one should. I have been taking biotin supplements along with my other vitamins but I was told they take months to really work. My mother who is a hairdresser, got upset when she cut and washed my hair as it was all just falling out into her hands. Her exact words, were "like a cancer patient". I am going to try and get some Nioxin shampoo and conditioner as well as nioxin scalp treatment. I know it will take time but I will be sure to report back to everyone here if it works. This is a horrible feeling. I have found through this surgery that I am exp things I never had to worry about before. I used to have a big chest, now I am flat. I used to have thick beautiful hair and now I am going blad. Seems like an awful trade off if you ask me...maybe I am just depressed. good luck to everyone
  4. hewitta1

    Help/Advice Needed

    I am almost 4 months out and have noticed in the last few days more hunger pains and feelings of emptiness. When I eat, it used to be a few bites than fullness...and then about 30/45 minutes later, hungar again. Now I am able to eat more and it scares me. (I know what i ate is not healthy) BUT last night I had 2 handfulls of chips and almost a whole hot dog (no bun). I didnt eat the last bite of the dog but im almost positive I could have This morning I have almost devoured a 2.5oz bag of Goldfish Crackers. I dont get it. I used to not be able to eat anything hardly at all and now I am putting more in because of this hunger feeling. Has anyone else exp this at all? does our pouch change from time to time? I have emailed the OR nurse that works with my doc to see what she thinks. Ist there a test they can do to see if we stretched our pouchs? I am still new to it all and have a tendacy to over eat and then vomit. I pray my overeating has not ruined my pouch.
  5. hewitta1

    This is my last post...

    Good Luck!!!
  6. hewitta1

    Splenda makes me so sick!

    Yea, I have some walmart brand packets of sweetner and i am just fine with those but splenda just hurts me to no end. I am SO sad. All of the popular places that sell SF frozen treats, make them ALL with splenda around here. I guess I just need to stick with my fudge pops but man, I miss a nice cone here and there
  7. hewitta1

    Protein HELP!

    i just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who responded to this post. It has helped me so much and I am just so thankful for this site!
  8. hewitta1

    Are Pistachios allowed?

    I would suggest getting some sonic ice and maybe adding a little SF flavoring to it. Crunching ice was recommended to me when I was that early out. now I am 7 weeks and have been cleared for all foods. I will say that nuts and seeds sit kindof funny in my pouch. Not very comfortable and they have to be chewed REALLY well. I would ask your doc before you do that. Wouldnt want you to feel any unnecessary pain!
  9. So I have come to realize that at about 7 weeks out, I get violently ill from anything made with Splenda. Ice Cream made with splenda, candy made with splenda, drinks made with splenda...all lead to me vomiting..a lot. The other day at work someone brought in home made pound cake with home made icing, I had about half a slice. No dumping, no cramps, no sick. I have had one M&M and a whole cookie..reese cup at that. And didnt get sick one time. But you put a ritas SF italian ice in front of me, made with splenda, and I spend the rest of the day miserable, in bed. Has anyone else exp this? I am not going to push my luck and eat any more sugar items. I just wanted to test the waters I suppose. How backwards is that though? Real sugar im fine, Splenda Im sick. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. Now I really have to stay away from anything fun. I miss ice cream something bad too. can someone help recommend something else maybe??
  10. hewitta1

    Soda Pop post-op

    I miss soda so bad. I am burnt out on unsweet tea and crystal light. I have really been trying to get new flavors of crystal light to mix it up some. I guess itll just have to be something i get used to.
  11. hewitta1

    Pureed Phase

    Eating different textures of foods helps your stomach learn to eventually take in solids. Its also part of the healing process. If your doc says youre OK to do so, I would go for it. You are in control of what you eat, choose healthier puree options. Go with some fruit or FF cottage cheese. Those things are ok. I know what its like to be worried about gaining. But I also know that we need to help our tummys heal, and learning to digest new foods is important to that process.
  12. hewitta1

    regretting surgery?

    i had surgery on 4/2 of this year and so far I am still really depressed. I am only 26 and missing out on SO much. Everytime a friend wants to go grab a drink, a bite to eat...ice cream..I cant do any of it. Anything "SF" or made with splenda, makes me sicker than a dog. I have lost 40lbs..which is nice, but I still snack, I havent been able to break the habit (which is all my fault) but eating food just sucks in general. Food feels awful in my pouch. I can understand 100% where you are coming from. The best advice I can give, is have a support system. I have a few friends that did sleeve I can talk to a little about stuff and I see a therapist who speicalizes in weight loss surgery. That has been key to keeping me from being too sad. Maybe once all the weight comes off Ill be more happy but as of right now, I am pretty sad that I did this to myself.
  13. hewitta1

    Throwing up every night for a week...

    i really should incorporate more protein shakes, they just all make me feel so sick. i have tried them all (see my other posts haha) but i guess at some point i will just have to buck up and down them...food sucks at this point. it all tastes good but eating is so unenjoyable. i am guessing that was supposed to be part of our process?? i dont know but i would just rather not even eat at this point