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  1. I'm 20 (or is it 21?) months out from surgery and I am still limited to a cup of food per serving. (YAY!) When I started researching weight loss surgery, and had gone to a seminar, I decided to stop drinking carbonated beverages (caffeine or not). That was probably the hardest thing for me. I only had a three month "supervised" diet, but I didn't have to lose any weight. Two weeks before my surgery, I had to do the two week pre-op diet. The shakes that they had me buy (Bariatric Advantage) tasted good and kept me satisfied for at least 4 hours. Two shakes and a frozen dinner a day plus unlimited vegetables. I brought my frozen dinner to work so that I could fit in a little better with my co-workers in the break room. Anyhow, once I was able to eat "regular" food, we went back to our pizza on Sundays routine. WHAT?!!!! At first I could only eat 1/2 a slice (1/16) of a pizza. Now I can eat one slice (1/8). You know, to me it just keeps me sane. I still focus on a caloric goal of 1200 calories and at least 80 grams of protein. Eating the foods I like keep me sane. My sleeve won't let me eat more than a cup, and I only put a serving on my little bread plate. I've been using this size plate since my surgery because it makes me feel like I have a FULL plate of food. Well, it IS a full plate of food!! What's funny is that my husband has now switched to using a luncheon size plate because he said using a regular size plate next to my little one makes him think he's eating way too much. (Well, he is eating more than me.) Sometimes people will ask me if I had enough food... heck yeah! I tend to rely on my hiccup notification. I hiccup when my sleeve says it is full. (Well, satisfied, not stuffed.) I think I rambled. I'm probably off-topic too. (Sorry!!!)
  2. Congratulations!!! I recently dropped down to the overweight category myself!! Keep up the good work!!!!
  3. Wow! What a great employee they have! I love it when someone actually "gets" me, regardless of the topic. I wonder if the woman he "recently" met is a relative or something? You should send an email to the CVS corporation to commend the employee. I bet your receipt would have his name or employee number.
  4. Just popping to say hi! Down 162 lbs in 20 months! Rocking my sleeve!!

    1. AmyMae


      WOW! Congratulations!

    2. Bamamike


      Kim, how are the people around you acting about losing so much ? I have had a lot of negative remarks, lost 118 lbs and i havent had a lot of support

    3. kimbernada


      I haven't heard anything negative other than my mom telling me it's time to stop now. I could still lose about 20 pounds to hit the high range for my height. Granted, I just started a new job about 4 months ago, only a couple of the folks there know that this isn't my "normal" weight that I'm at now. My best friend had the gastric bypass surgery two years before I had my sleeve, so she's supportive. But my co-workers at my previous job were also good. I'm sorry...

  5. I am 20 months post sleeve surgery and I am only eating about a cup of food at a sitting. I start out the day with a Syntrax Matrix and Fit Frappe protein shake with light soy milk and a tablespoon of sugar-free chocolate pudding mix. This is at 6:00. I don't feel hungry until 11 or 12. Heck, today I didn't have lunch until 1:30. My goal is to eat 1200 calories and at least 85 grams of protein. I rarely have bread - unless I am having a decadent meal of half a PB&J. Thankfully I don't really care for rice. We get the high fiber pasta by Ronzoni - Smart Choice or something like that.
  6. I think they have moved on with life as normal. I know that I'm not here that often, mostly when posts that I've posted in have an update and I get an email. I'm just about 17 months (or a little over 1-1/2 years) post op. I guess I'm really not needing to come here (or the other forum I used to visit) advice. I could probably give advice, but it seems like others have stuck around and are giving it.
  7. So... here's the way I look at it.. Yes, your weight loss is "normal" for you. Some people lose quite slowly compared to others - but that is their "normal". The first "rule" that I had to practice was to not compare myself to other folks' weight loss journey. (And I don't mean any of what I just wrote to sound snarky, I absolutely am not. ) Hey, and way to go on your weight loss!! It could be that as you add in more foods that your weight loss will slow down some, but keep following your doctor's plan. Weight loss stalls are also normal. I had a three week long stall that started on week 3 for me, but I think I had also lost about 30 pounds by then. My body had a lot of catching up to do. And the stalls will happen throughout the entire journey. The way to get out of the stall is to just keep doing what your doctor told you. You will start losing again, and perhaps it won't be as fast as your two weeks of pre-op shakes and the two weeks after, or maybe it will be in large weight drops. If you haven't already started doing this, you should sign up at My Fitness Pal to log every sip, spoonful, etc., that you are taking in. I'm not sure if your doctor gave you a protein goal that he wants you to hit yet, but it's an excellent way to track. MFP has apps for the iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc.) as well as for Android devices. You can even scan in a UPC code. I can't remember if we can post hyperlinks here, but type the name all as one word and stick a dot com at the end. If you want to friend me over (or if anyone does), I have the same name there as I do here. I tracked religiously after my surgery. I do still track now, but not necessarily every day. I also have a big ol' protein shake for breakfast still. (Saves me time in the morning AND I'm getting a whopping dose of protein.) I also use my digital food scale almost every day - particularly if we are having weird sized meat. I want to keep it at 3 oz. Well, I can't eat more than a cup of food still, which is AWESOME! LOL I apologize for rambling on... words just came to me.
  8. Oh dear!! My hubs had a kidney stone almost two years ago... I'm praying that all goes well today for the wedding. (And maybe you'll be able to pass the stone without even knowing it!!) Did they give you a strainer for when you do pee? It would be good to be able to catch the stone so that it can be analyzed to help determine why you got one so you'll know what foods to avoid, etc.
  9. PS. My husband has told me several times that I have such a nice hourglass shape. I've actually heard that from a lot of people because my weight loss has thankfully been very proportionate. (And I'm still a C-cup - minus 12 inches in the band.)
  10. I definitely think it is possible to lose a lot of weight with the sleeve surgery. I have some extra skin but it really isn't that bad. I don't plan on hitting any nude beaches anytime soon. I can wear shorts in public (not short shorts). If short sleeves are super short, I won't wear that in public, as I have some extra skin there too. 3/4 sleeves are awesome!
  11. Yep, no puree here either. I had an overnight stay at the hospital. The day after surgery, my morning "meal" was clear broth and apple juice. (Hmmm... jello too?) The early afternoon meal was tomato soup and milk. Then I was set free. I started with soft foods my first full day at home. Well, I was kind of scared to actually EAT food though. I think I sort of had more of a full liquid day (protein shakes, protein pudding). I tried eating cream of wheat but it wasn't appealing. Then again, I don't think it was appealing before surgery either.
  12. To be honest, I still have some days where I only drink about 20 ounces of fluid - not counting my morning protein shake (which has 8 ounces of light soy milk and maybe 2-4 ounces of water) or any other fluids in food. I *know* it isn't enough and I am working on it. I just don't seem to be thirsty. However I know I feel better when I get in 40-60 ounces of strictly fluids. I'm also less constipated when I focus on drinking. It's hard sometimes because I have been leading daily meetings from 8:30-12. Sneaking out to use the bathroom is hard because it's an online meeting. :-/ I do make sure we break at 10 am - but I could "break" at 9, 9:30, 10, 10:30, etc., when I am consciously trying to drink. SO... the point of my post is... you are NOT alone.
  13. My nutritionist reminded me that I can count the fluid in the foods I am eating. Count the protein shakes and the yogurt. It does get better. Just keep working at it. At least you KNOW to wait an hour to drink water after having a shake. What kind of yogurt are you eating? Do you like Greek yogurt? It has WAY more protein than the regular non-fat stuff. I happen to like the taste of it. To me, it would make a good dessert.
  14. Made it to Onderville today! I think I need some jewelry..,.

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      Wonderful news Kim!!!!!!!!! Congrats to you!!!!!!! :)

  15. If you are counting carbs (diabetic reasons or other), you count net carbs. Total carbs minus total fiber. :-)