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  1. ...............i have hypothyroidism too, due to insurance issues I have been off thyroid meds for three months. My weightloss has been pretty slow compared to most ppl. It will be six months may 23rd. I am down 40 pounds only and now this past two weeks I keep gaining weight but my food intake is not higher. I am having a lot of trouble losing weight and I am thinking it might be due to my thryroid......anyone have any info if hypothyroidism hinders weightloss if not on meds? Also I take levothyroxine im not sure if that is the generic name for synthroid..gained four pound and I am panicking. Hoping to be back on thyroid meds by this month......plz help..............desperate for some input
  2. Its been slow going for me but I am down 40 pounds finally. I guess if I lose 50 lbs in 6 months its not that bad right???? I have so much more energy and ppl are finally noticing a change. I wish I was like some of the ppl on here, losing like 30 pounds in a month!!! Anyways I am ten pounds away from my first goal
  3. Am I losing enough?

    OMG, thanks everyone. Everyones comments have helped me so much. I guess I am ok with losing slowly. The thing is I had the lap band for three years and i lost virtually no weight. I suffered from over-fills and underfills, inflammation, severe reflux, and i couldnt even sip water. I was so sick and depressed and literally eating five bites of food a day. I would throw up blood some days. I would have gotten rid of the band sooner but I dont have insurance and struggled to have a revision to the bypass. Three years of severe pain and no weight loss and embarrassment with the band have messed me up psycologically. I couldn even eat in front ppl, I would need to find a bathroom incase i ate a bite of food cause i knew i would be throwing up soon. I stopped going out to any social event with food (virtually everywhere) It was such a bad period in my life. Plus most ppl would blame me assuming I was breaking rules, when I knew I was not. I guess I am just terrified that I will fail at this. O and I am a very strict follower of rules, that is why my depression was so bad with the band. I was doing everything the dr asked and not seeing results. My dr. yelled at me and said I was obviously cheating, O man I had a break down then. My husband and family could all see hpow hard I was trying. Then I found a new dr and a lot of research about lap band failure. even when the band was not filled at all i had severe restriction. for example one bite of an apple would have me backed up and throwing up two hours. so I am more messed up emotionally. I feel like this might not work for me too. I have to teach myself to eat again like a normal person. With the bad I couldt eat anything and was in pain. Now that I can eat more than one bite of food I am scared I will not lose weight. I am literally learning how to eat without pain for the first time in years. I dont even know if there is a big fail rate for the bypass but I was just paranoid. Thanks for the support. For years I have struggled alone and I am crying feels good to know that I am not alone and that it will pay off in the end. Its been a hell of a journey. So grateful to you all!!!!!!
  4. Why LB over GBS?

    OMG I went through hell for three years with the lap band. it ruined my life and almost my marriage. I could not eat or drink anythng i threw up about 5 times a day and it was embarrasing cause i couldt eat in public or anywhere with getting up multiple times to throw up or stand up and try to get the tiniest bit of food down. I had the switch to bypass, omg arent you amazed that you can eat without severe pain and reflux?? I paid so much for fill and unfills, got severe inflammation due to overfilling, got an ulcer, and depression. I lost no weght but the pain associated with the band was so bad. I dont know when but I know for sure that in the near future there will be a ban on the lap band. My field is medical research and over ten countries have abandoned lap band as a weight loss surgery option due to the bad side effects. I am so so so happy that we both got rid of the bad. For ppl wantng the band I say look into the sleeve procedure. I am happy with the bypass all things have side effects but the lap bands side effects are pretty terrible too. I hope our stories will help others make a better decision, no one deserves to go through what we did!!!!!
  5. Why LB over GBS?

    Hi, I am new to the forum. I had lap band surgery March 2008. After three years of unsuccessful fills and unfills I was at a total weight loss of about 15 pounds and miserable. one fill would be so tight I couldn't even swallow my spit, others would be too loose. I had several occasions where the fills causes inflammation and a lot of pain. I would follow all of the diet instructions. What I found was that with the band I could not eat healthy foods, protein, chicken, even apples were too tough to swallow. I would chew and chew and after three bites I would be backed up with severe pain and throwing up contantly. lap band literally ruined my life. Every meal was pain. Finally, I started doing a lot of research and found I wasn't the only one. There are a lot of ppl who no matter how hard they try and how much they follow the rules fail with the lap band. Some body types are not compatible with it. there are a lot of clinical studies showing growing failure rates with lap band. Most countries in Europe and India have abandoned lap band procedure all together because of failure rates. In a couple of years I am betting that trend will increase here. I am not at all saying that it is not a great surgery for some ppl, just saying that there are many ppl who fail at it because of fill problems, stress issues can cause sever tightening of the band. Mornings are the worse you have to give your body time to adjust just to be able to drink water. I am urging anyone who want to get lap band to search for clinical research showing fail rates and complications. you can also just go on youtube and see other failed lap band patients give personal accounts. After three years of misery I had a revision to gastric bypass and I had to learn how to eat again. I was shocked when I swallowed food forefirst time after three years and didnt feel pain. with the band I had given up on eating cause of the pain and embarrassment of throwing up after two bites of food. My body was weak and in starvation mode but I was still huge. If Gastric bypass is too extreme I strongly suggest looking into the gastric sleeve surgery. There is a lot of research showing that gastric sleeve will eventually replace lap band surgery. It is purely restrictive with no malabsorption and better results. I have been through hell and back. I know a lot of ppl have great success with the band but it isn't for everyone. All I want is for ppl to do more research in hopes no one will go through what I did.
  6. Why LB over GBS?

    My Post is written below, I deleted this one....
  7. New here!

    han Thanks for the information. I am watching what I eat, i do eat more than jello and string cheese. Sometimes I worry because I feel like I can eat more than I should. I always stop myself though, I hope that is not the reason for slow weight loss. I'm trying not to compare my weight loss with other ppl's but its hard not too..... I do have hypothyroidism and don't know the full effect of that with the bypass. I guess I'll have to ask my dr. Thanks again for the help
  8. Am I losing enough?

    Thanks so much for the advice!! I only lost about 15 pounds pre-op but I really do need to stop comparing my weight loss with others. I'm just so terrifyed at failing, I do follow all the dr's instructions so I guess as long as I'm losing thats what counts. I guess I am just anxious to see a big change, I ppen overknow it can't happen over night tho.
  9. New here!

    gosh everyone seems to be losing so much more weight than me, im really worried about that. three months out im down 30lbs it just seems slow to me.
  10. New here!

    Hi, I'm Shai, I am new here too. I had bypass on Nov. 23. 2011. I got tired of going through this journey alone. Im excited to learn from ppl and share similar experiences
  11. So I am new to this site, I had surgery 11.23.2011. my starting weight was 255 and I am down to 225. 30 pounds in three months. I weigh every morning, which I know is not the best thing. Everything I read, it seems like ppl lose way more weight than I am. I just thought I would have lost more by now. any advice would be great!!! -shai