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  1. Newbie, I entered a contest....

    Christina L, I voted for you. I wish you the best and pray you win. I am also from FL and was banded 3/21/12. So far this has been the best thing for my may also want to post on lap band forum. MelVan
  2. To those of you considering the lap band.

    Thank you so much for a positive blog about lapband. On thinner times I see so many who are unhappy with their bands.Therefore I mostly read lapband forum. I am 60 with 10+ comobidities and opted for the band(doubt a dr would have accepted me as bypass patient). I became banded 3/21/12. I've lost 7lbs preop and 7lbs post op in the last 3 weeks. So far this has been a great thing I am doing to improve my health. My diabetic meds cut in 1/2 and blood pressure cut to 2/3. I am encouraged and hopeful. I appreciate your success story. Please keep them coming. MelVan
  3. March 12 Roll Call

    Hello March WLS ppl. I finally passed my last hurdle yesterday and my lapband is definitely 3/21/12! I pray for you all and I ask for your prayers. I am so excited my dear friend is taking time off work to drive me to Atlantis FL(2hrs away). She will stay in motel and spend the time with me. She will be great distracting me from worry. I was so afraid to do this alone. I am ready to improve the quality of my life...less pain, less meds, better med numbers. I am so fortunate to have this opportunity. Best to you all WLS brothers and sisters.
  4. Why LB over GBS?

    I am preop for band. I'm 60 yrs od, 10+ comorbidities and BMI 37. Insurance(medicare does not pay for sleeve) Since my choice was lapband and GBP, I doubt I would have survived GBP. I know there are band problems and failures but also successes. I would revise to sleeve if I have failure of band(insurance will likely pay by then.) I already have malabsorbtion issues because of diabetes meds wreck my stomach and have chronic diarrhea. With the band's adjustability, same restriction and some weight loss will be acceptable for this sick old woman. I'm not in this for bikini or being hot. I am in it for surviving a few more years and reducing my meds some. Good luck and do your research....everyone's situation is different.
  5. March people, My date is March 19 YEA!! My Dr did not require any preop diet. Just I can't eat after midnight on the night before early morning surgery. I am having lap band but most lap band people I blog with are on preop diets. I don't know what to think....people talk about needing to shrink their livers and so I have put myself on a low carb, low calorie, only very healthy diet. I am losing fast so I expect to be down quite a bit by March 19. My BMI was 39 when i started this process in mid-Feb. I am excited about this process now...most of my fears have vanished now. It's been a roller coaster. If i could just walk without pain and take fewer meds, if my comorbidities would improve so MDs smile instead of scare me with worried looks and eminent dire prediction. I have 3 little grandbabies and i want to live to see them mature. You younger ones, congrats on deciding to take control before its too late. I almost waited too long at 60. I am praying for all my lapband and March 2012 surgery bloggers. MelVan
  6. What couldn't you wait to do after you lost weight?

    I'm 60 so my list is very different. Lose the walker Stop peeing my panties lose the BP cuff Lose the blood sugar tester Quit spending many $100's on prescriptions every month Quit going to Drs all the time and have them scare me about my health #s Go shopping, go to art festivals, antique shows...walk without pain Not be ignored, treated as invisible
  7. March 12 Roll Call

    I hope to have lap band in March. I am 60 with many comorbitities and there are so many tests, apts., new prescriptions that i didn't expect. Anyway, I think everything is a go with insurance, Dr Larson will accept me. I am scared about what i have read concerning the revisions and after surgery sickness, band slipping failure etc. I must do this if I want to live much longer. I can no longer contol my health issues with meds...too old and too sick. I am so glad i found this site because I feel very alone. There is no close support group here. My surgeon and JFK medical center is 160 miles round trip. I won't be going except for necessary apts. My Dr and Psych consult told me to expect to lose 50 to 60 lbs. That's not enough but they want me to be realistic. I would be just out of obese zone and in the high range of overweight. Lap band people please share your experience. I feel I am too ill for bypass and insurance won't pay for sleeve or GPS. Thanks MelVan
  8. I am waiting for Lap Band(hopefully in a month). There is no close support group and i am looking for a support system of WLS people in my area. Anyone from Port St Lucie, Ft Pierce, Vero who would like to talk with someone about to go thru this transformation? Thanks MelVan