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  1. The cost of living is a bit less in the south... Also....schools in the north, especially in MINESOTA are way over-hyped!!!! They might have been good 20 (or 30) years ago but I don't think that's the case anymore... I don't know that I'd want to live in Florida...ever thought about Georgia or the Carolina's?
  2. Hey there. I came across your posting (about putting hot sauce on everything) and wanted to reach out to you about a show I'm casting for TLC. It's a docu-series that chronicles ADULTS with unusual eating habits or food addiction. I was wondering if you still put hot sauce on everything... For more info on the show, give me a call at 323.904.460 or email --REBECCA

  3. I would say the honeymoon period for me was about 20 months.... I still don't think my pouch has stretched all that much-but then I am very vigilant about what and how much I eat. At over two years out I still can't tolerate carbonated beverages, bread, pasta, rice, ice cream, french fries and occasionally meat. It ranges from minor discomfort after eating these things to agonizing pain. My tastes have changed a lot as well. Food that I used to love no longer hold much appeal for me--especially if they cause discomfort or pain! I can eat, unfortunately, candy/surgery foods.... Luckily, I no longer crave them like I did before and am happy with one Milky Way Dark candy bar a week-my Sunday treat. I now actually crave fresh fruits and nuts...cheese, hard boiled eggs, yogurt with protein powder, steamed veggies.... My feeling is that I put far too much time, money and effort into this surgery to 'waste' it all by gaining my weight back. I'm still fighting to lose the last ten pounds...but my doctor seems to feel that it's excess skin and not really 'fat'...(I run about 3 miles a day and work out 3 times a day). I LOVE my life now! I LOVE feeling healthy!!!!!!!!
  4. It could also be an anal fissure.... I had these twice after my GBS as a result of severe constipation. I had to surgery for it the first time, the second time I just 'toughed' it out and was on lactulose (ugh!) for about a year.
  5. I know that I will never be 'normal', that I will always have to monitor what I eat. I never could eat in moderation before my surgery so I knew that after my surgery, especially once the weight loss honeymoon period was over, that I'd really have watch what I ate to keep the weight off. I know someone that had GBS just a month after did (a good friend of a coworker), and she was one of those lucky ones that lost a LOT of weight very quickly. Unfortunately it seems she fell back into the same habits that got her in 'trouble' before the surgery. It's been really uncomfortable running into her at my friends house as she is angry (she's gained about 100 pounds back) and resentful and takes it out on me (even though I never say anything). It's not been easy for me, I've had to work at maintaining my weight loss... I run twice a day, work out three times a week, and eat incredibly healthy and low calorie. Even my coworkers who admit they are jealous of my weight loss admit I still work at it... the surgery wasn't a quick fix or magic.... I'm starting to think my slow/low weight loss was a blessing in disguise... I had to really learn how to re-think my relationship with food and learn how to eat healthy and had no illusions that I would ever be able to eat the same foods or the same amounts I did prior to my surgery. GBS is hard work.... more so when the honeymoon period is over. I don't see too many of the people on line that had surgery around the time I did...I often wonder how they are doing--hoping that they are still successful... I'm still fighting that last 10 pounds.... my doctor says most of it is excess skin and the fact that with my exercise muscle weighs more than fat...but still...that last ten pounds keeps me working!
  6. I think it's way toooooo easy to start to fall back into the old habits that got us all where we needed the surgery in the first place. I've been trying to lose the same 10 pounds now for six months..... I work out three times a week and run twice a day. My doctor says the ten pounds I'm trying to lose is loose skin...and that some of my weight now is muscle, which weighs more. It's hard when the 'GBS honeymoon' period of weight loss is over. The 5DPT is a GREAT way to get back on track. Good Luck and let us all know how it works for you...
  7. I'm over two years out (and many pounds smaller) and I still think of myself as 'fat'.... Every morning as I get ready to put on my size 6 jeans I find myself thinking...there must be some mistake...these can't be MY jeans! (If not for the excess skin, I'd probably be wearing a size smaller jeans). I still haven't gotten over the thrill.....
  8. I mix my protein powder into fat free yogurt.... YUM! I am not, nor have I ever been a milk drinker... I still use protein twice a day with yogurt since my appetite has never returned to the old 'normal' and this ensures I get at least 60 grams of protein a day. Protein powder and yogurt supplement my diet of veggies/fruits and sunflower seeds...
  9. My ONLY regret is that I didn't have the surgery sooner... Unlike most others, my weight loss was slower and lower...I didn't have the HUGE initial weight losses that most did....but mine was steady and I like to think I developed better eating habits because of this. I still have 10 pounds I would like to lose...but I know I look pretty good now and that part of my stubborn 10 pounds is excess skin... I've found that a lot of the foods I craved before my surgery just don't have the appeal or taste as good as they used only weakness is Milky Way Dark candy bars...and I have one as a treat every Sunday. I've never eaten healthier in my life...and am now addicted to excercise as a stress reliever (I run twice a day...and LOVE IT). I've totally changed my habits and way of life to make my WLS surgery work for me... I think if you are committed to accepting a new lifestyle and not going back to your old habits, you can make WLS surgery work for you.... Just be aware that it's way too easy to fall back on the same traps and eating patterns that got you to where you needed the surgery in the first place... Good LUCK....
  10. I'm over two years out from WLS and I still can't tolerate carbonated beverages at all.... It's actually painful. Some people can tolerate carbonated beverages fairly early on.... I've just learned not to even try them anymore.
  11. If nothing else, phentermine would be really rough on your pouch...especially if you are less than a year out... I also can't imagine any 'reputable' doctor prescribing it to someone that has undergone WLS...
  12. Optisource by Nestle doesn't give that much protein per serving. It's not 'bad' by any means, but you don't get much protein 'bang for your buck' with it. The reality is that no protein drink or shake is never going to taste like a DQ Blizzard... you just have to try to find the one(s) you like or at least find bearable. I add my protein powder to yogurt.... I guess I've been doing it so long that I actually like it. (I still use some protein powder daily to ensure I get plenty of protein, I've lost my taste for meat since having the surgery).
  13. Almost two years out and my weight loss still isn't 'uniform'.... A big part of it is all the flabby/baggy skin.
  14. I didn't have any hair loss....there are a few, maybe very few, that somehow manage not to have hair loss.... However, I had severe constipation that did not respond to ANYTHING and I ended up with anal (OUCH) fissures...had surgery for the first one...after that I was on lactulose for over a year. I think I would have prefered to have lost my hair than have the pain of anal fissures and then dealing with taking lactulose....
  15. I looked at it (they have them at Walmart).... I'm trying to figure out how they are an improvement on a regular weight (I use 5 pound weights). What is the difference?