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  1. Gallbladder out after 8 years

    i still have mine almost 5yrs out......fingers crossed
  2. 5yrs post op and gained 1/2 the weight i lost back

    Thanks ya'll. My number one problem is accountability. I just don't have it anymore.
  3. I have been absent from this site for quite sometime. I've lost my ability to be accountable. I'm jealous of others that are successful. I can't get motivated and I don't want to be fat again. Depression is starting to set and and I need to get a hold of my life now. Started at 265 lost down to 135 and now back up to 190. In 5yrs 3 failed relationships (they were drunks and losers) Being skinny didn't change the type of men I attract evidently. I drink more than I eat these days. Ugggggg, I got this fabulous tool and I'm on the verge of throwing it all away. It sucks.
  4. long time no see....

    Just stopping in to say hey. It's been awhile.
  5. Hot new avi woman - hope all is going well for you :o)

  6. hernia maybe?

    can't feel it on the surface but i can "feel" something like a notted up muscle....doesn't hurt today but i'm going to the doctor anyways
  7. 2yrs....already?

    just realized that next month is my 2yr surgiversary
  8. hernia maybe?

    Well I know I haven't been around BUT......now I need some advice. A couple of weeks ago, I was doing some work at home that required me to bend over and I suddenly got this sharp pinching cramp in the front left side area. Since then whenever I ate something or drank something my stomach would feel bloated and it feels like I have a tightened muscle knotted up. Well, this weekend it started hurting a little more especially when I cough, sneeze, or stretch. I called the doctor, well a doctor since I have new insurance. I haven't been to the doctor in forever. They can't see me til Wednesday. Which is fine it's just really uncomfortable and I was wondering if I should go to urgent care or something. Any thoughts?
  9. i'm still alive people....

    not much to tell....took me 3 weeks after the interview to get in.....had to take drug test, alcohol breathalyzer, physical, and background check.....ya thought i was hired by the CIA.........i'll be sr. mechanical designer designing blowout preventers for one of the biggest oil drilling equipment supply companies in the nation.....really excited.
  10. i'm still alive people....

    just wanted ya'll to know, i found a job!!!!!.......yeah for me i start monday!!!
  11. How you doing girl? I hope you're doing great, I've been wondering about you! :)

  12. Ashamed, and disgusted...

    wow.....really now?
  13. officially 4:30pm yesterday imma statistic....

    thanks ya'll......positive side is, i have benefits til august 30 and i'm paid til the end of the month.......my kids are still gone for 2 more weeks so i have time to "re-group"..........and i live in Houston the oil and gas capital of the world......the economy is tanked but hopefully i'll get something....it's tough right now but hopefully
  14. yeppers....got laid off. I was so pissed that i got laid off when they just brought a guy from india, gave him an apt, and a car and sent him back to get his family............OH I'M SO PISSED!!!........sorry ya'll that was the pg13 version
  15. Pics of my new something!!!!

    all this baby talk......i'm not hanging out here very often any mores......you guys are scaring me........lol, i had to google yesterday if there was anyway my iud could get moved around during dish washing and let sudz seep in......that's how scared ya'll got me