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  1. I dunno if anyone on here is interested but Im selling my dogs old stroller. Its for a small to medium sized dog I used it for my Corgi who is about 26 pounds. I can provide photos, but it has to be for local pickup. It would probaly cost way more than its worth to ship it. Its in lightly used condition, a little dusty. $50 or best offer
  2. So David and I finally set a wedding date!!! October 30th 2016!! I really want to get down to under 200 lbs (even my goal weight if possible!!) So once this cast comes off my foot (2 more months) its back to the gym and back to WW meetings. Time for a fresh start and to start anew. On another good note my soon to be mother in law said I could have her wedding dress to make my own. I alredy have ideas for it
  3. enchantedfarie


    So I had my foor surgery and now I cant walk or do any activity with my foot for 3 months. Im getting so tired of crutches and my wheelchair. Becasue of this I have put on weight. And I havent been able to weigh myself to see exactly how much weight I have put on. Also lounging around the house day and night has thrown off my sleep schedule. Im either falling asleep at 2 in the moring and waking up at 2 in the afternoon, or falling asleep at 10-11 PM and waking up at 1-2 AM and not being able to go back to sleep!!! Agh Im just so frustrated. As for surgery Dr Callerys office still hasnt recieved the referal from my insurance. Ive called my doctors office 3 times to send it and they still havent gotten it...(sad face) Sorry for the mini rant Im just sleep deprived.
  4. I have one that I was going to donate to work, Its a purple long haired wig.
  5. How do I go about doing that? My first surgery will be on the 16th of this month, the bone graft surgery for my foot. Will there be something for me to sign at the hospital before I go under?
  6. Thanks everybody. Sorry Ive been so swamped the past few days. Started my new job yesterday and had today off so I could take a class. My phone was ringing from the time I woke up till about 4:00!! One of those calls was Dr Callerys office. Yippie They wanted a copy of my insurnce card (forgot to bring my card to the seminar) and the referal from my doctors office re faxed to their office. Thursday will be a less hectic day (tommorrow is going to be madness as well) so Im going to try and tie up loose ends then. As for my foot, my ortho's assistant called back today (one of the crazy calls till 4:00) and is writing me a more detailed work note so work can schedule me. They wanted me to be on full disability, no standing or walking, but when you are working in retail its not that easy. So basically they want me to stay off my feet as much as possible and work only 6 hours a day instead of 8. We will see what my boss says about that when I stop by Thursday to drop it off along with some donations.
  7. Ive also heard good things about Dr. Muller. Good luck on your journey as well.
  8. I have a hunch that that may happen to me LOL My balloons have only came on becasue of my weight, so maybe I will need augmentation. I guess I wont know till Im at that point Thanks for the advice though.
  9. This is probably me being over catious but I read somewhere on here that someone was talking about possibly doing a will before going into surgery. Do you think its a good idea? I dont have any children, but I do have a fiancee and a dog (who is my child ). My family already knows what my final wishes are if I were ever to leave this earth at this point in my life. From the past surgires I have had everything has gone scarily well, so I dunno. With two upcoming procedures (a bone graft procedure for my foot and my WLS) maybe its a good idea....
  10. Ive done an introduction before, but not for a long time and there are alot of new members...soooooo here I am introducing myself again. First off my name is Molly Im 27 and I live in San Diego CA. I have never been a small person. Im small framed but I have never been small weight wise. From the time I was born I kept gaining weight and growing. By the time I was two I was considered obese. I first joined Weight Watchers at the age of 6. With my constant gaining and growing I went from pediatric specialist to pediatric specialist and none of them had a solution. They all mainly said my mom was feeding me too much, which was not the case and she became deeply offended and we went off to another doctor for a second, third, forth....opinion. I hit 200 pounds while In the 7th grade. The day I put on a size 18 at 12 was very surreal. I was constantly teased and ridiculed for being the "fat" kid. School days were very rough for me. Ill never forget the day the kid (who became the quarter back on the football team in high school) found out I had a crush on him. He made my life a living hell. Not also to mention the other kids who made my life a living hell. I did manage to make a few friends, the majority of them Im still friends with today. By high school I said (scuse my french here) screw it and I fought back. Not also to mention that my step mom constantly verbaly abused me about my weight. It was hell going over to my dads house on the weekends. Constantly I would fake stuff so I didnt have to go over there. Finally one day on my way to my dads I was in the car with my mom (I was not more than 10) and I broke down crying about all the abuse. My mom never made me go over there again! As my weight grew I became hairier, my hair on the top of my head went from very thick and curly to falling out, I developed horrendous migraines, hormonal female problems, and dark skin patches on my neck and armpits. The kids at school found more things to pick on me about. At 16 I was sent to an endoncrineoligst (hopefully thats spelled right). He diagnosed me with insulin resistance and PCOS and put me on the Syndroyme X diet along with Meteformin. I went from about 240 pounds to 220 pounds. Not bad I guess, but once I started slacking BOOM I would be hit with the weight I lost plus more. On my 18th birthday my dad told me that he would pay for the LapBand surgery. I wasnt so sure of it then. I thought about it (and who could beat a $20,000 procedure being paid for by someone else!!) and decided It wasnt for me at that time. I did spend a year researching it and really thinking about if I wanted it done. So about two months before my 19th birthday I made an appointment at Alvarado hospital for a seminar. My mom went with me. Now let me tell you something about my mom, she has been very supportive in my life, but she is also one of those people who has never been over a size Large in her life. I doubt she has ever been over 150 pounds. So when I told her I wanted WLS she became kind of judgemental thinking that I could loose it all with diet and exercise. Anyway long story short I sent the claim into my insurance, but my policy was set to expire the month after I turned 19. So I didnt get the procedure. Well I eventually balooned up to 250 pounds. I was looking back into WLS but I didnt have insurance. We suspected Cushings Sydroyme so I went to a natropathic doctor who is a very close family friend. He put me on a gluten free diet and I also saw a Cushings specialist who charged $500 PER HOUR and DID not accept insurance. He was kind of an @*# actually, and put me on a very strict gluten free diet, no starches, no sugar, just fruits, veggies, and proteins. I went down to 200 pounds in like 3 months!! It was awesome but I couldnt eat anything!!! Becasue I lost the weight so quickly and on such a strict diet Cushings was eliminated. Also around this time I started seeing a psch again. I was diagnosed with Schitizoeffective disorder, which we kinda knew I had but Im glad we diagnosed it. I went through a trial and error of different anti depressants and anti psychotics which also led to weight gain. I was also perscribed a service dog and he has made an amazing difference in my life. So I stopped the super strict diet and I balooned up to my heaviest point so far, 280 pounds. I was so disgusted with myself that at this point I looked back into WLS. Still didnt have insurance, so I searched madly on the internet and I found this website. That was back in 2010 I think. I also searched madly for pro bono surgeons, I even posted a topic on here about it Around this time my dad got very sick, had a stroke, mild heart attack, and basically lost everything. He went back to his alcoholic and drug addict tendinces. My dad was Schitzophrenic which Im more than positive I inherited. My dad was also a workaholic, so that also could have lead to his downfall. Around this time he was also diagnosed with diabetes. His diet was far from perfect. He would down a case of Red Bull from Costco in two days. He would drink 4-5 Extra Large regular Pepsis a day. Around this time I also met my fiancee. We have been together 6 years as of May 16th. He is also a big guy and his diet could use a big amount of improvement...but thats a different story. That summer my cousin got married to his college sweetheart in San Francisco and we went up to see the wedding. I am the black sheep of my family. Its funny my mom was the black sheep of hers and her offspring is more of a black sheep than she was!! But let me tell you something about my cousins, they are all super skinny attractive people. They are the people us big people envy. I mean my cousins new wife is gorgeous. Shes half Cuban and half Irish. Gorgeous gal. And while I was at this wedding I was 280 pounds. I feel like I looked like I was the ugliest one in the wedding photos. I cant relate to my family so much, that my fiancee and I sat on a couch in another room, in front of the fire place. We didnt even socalize with my family at the wedding. So when I got back about two days later I was awoken to a call from my step mom and the local coroners office. My dad had passed away from a heart attack at 58. He didnt even make it to 60. Thats when I changed my game plan. I did not want to end up like my dad and I was heading in the same direction. I was constanly eating junk food, sugared stuff, fast food...SO i took drastic measures. I only ate Progresso light soups (basically a liquid diet) for 3 meals a day. I did also drink lots of water. I dropped 40 pounds in about 4 months. But when the holidays came around I put on 10 pounds. So then my mom talked about Weight watchers once again, we would do it together. On my year with Weight Watchers I lost 20 pounds, I got down to 229. But then I started slacking...and you know where that goes. I gained the 20 pounds (plus 5) back. By this point I had insurance again so I went to my doctor about WLS. She was more than happy to write me a refferal becasue she had it herself and it dramatically changed her life. I re joined this forum and started making lots more new friends. I started researching Dr Callery and I was very impressed. I was more than thrilled when my refferal came back and it was for Dr Callery (didnt ask for him, I was just reffered to him) and I was jumping for joy!! I got the letter on a Thursady night and I immediately called his office the following Friday morning. I registered for the semnar and unfortunately I missed it. I registered for the next one, then wildfires ravished the county and our main artery there was on fire. So finally (third time is the charm) I was able to make it to the seminar last Wednesday evening. I was even more impressed with Dr Callery, and the seminar made my sceptical mom support my decision. Im now waiting for two weeks for his office to call back and we can make our first appointment. I really now feel that the time is right for me to do this procedure. I feel it was fate that I was refered to the doctor I had my heart set on without even mentioning it to my doctor I do have a broken foot right now that will require a bone graft to fix it :/ So I havent been able to weigh myself. But I do want to get down to 220 before surgery, just so I have better chances. Anyways thanks for reading my super long story. My chapter is just begining and I hope to inspire other people and make lots of friends. This forum has been so great for informartion and support. So you are in an awesome place. Well I must go, its almost 8:30 here and I have to still take the dog out and get ready for work tomorrow. Later gaters <3
  11. I think I put way too much mayo on my 90% lean cheeseburger...Yuck.

    1. Happy-Camper


      I had to scale back to 70% meat. I just can't eat the lean, it's too dry. But the 70% tastes SO much better anyway.

    2. enchantedfarie


      LOL!!! Yea, I dont eat red meat very often, (though I have been craving it like mad lately...odd huh)but I try to stick to the lean stuff cause its so fatty. Normally I eat lots of turkey and chicken, but tonight I had a mix of a small pork chop and a bit of steak. I split big pieces in half and shared them with my very spoiled dog :P

  12. We are very close in age!! I also have bad reflux, but it runs in our family and apparently pregnancy it is miserable... (from what my mom told me while I was in her tummy) Glad your surgery went well. I was going to get the sleeve as well, but my doc said the bypass procedure was better for reflux and digestive isssues. So here we go. You are in such a great place, everyone here is really awesome and supportive. Welcome
  13. Thanks. I am getting very excited, I havent fit into a size 12 since I was a 4th grader (I was a big kid). Its going to be so cool to be (hopefully) smaller than a size 12. Im still pre surgery I just got to go to my doctors seminar (FINALLY) last Wednesday. His office was moving on Friday so I was told that his staff would give us a call in two weeks. I do want to get down to 220 before surgery though, I have a hunch due to the way Im built that I will be one of the people that will require some weight loss before hand. Im trying to stick to a good workout routine, but at the moment I have a broken foot (that will also require surgery to fix :/) so Im trying to do things that dont involve too much feet action. I will admit I have been slacking, but Im going to try much harder diet wise. I mean If I cant stick to a pre surgery diet plan how will I be able to stick to one post surgery... Anyway I wish you the best of luck with your journey as well <3
  14. That is awesome, you cant beat free stuff Im a big thrift, Amazon, and Ebay shopper, so most of it came from there. I also have some very awesome friends and an awesome mom who always give me clothes. They unfortunately are signifigantly smaller than me so hence why I started the goal box. I decided to wash everything today because my dog likes to lie under the bed and the clothes got all hairy, plus they have been under there for over a year. Time for a refresher.