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  1. The brand I am talking about is called Hair, Skin and Nails by the company It Works...The people who sell those wrap thingys. Here's a pic of the container and a pic after using them for 90 days. (sorry about the ugly thigh scars!)
  2. Hair is composed of Keratin....keratin is protein. If your body is not receiving an adequate supply of protein, it consumes the necessary supplies your body stores - ie, your hair. Once everything levels out, it will come back in. I used Hair, Skin and Nails by the company It Works. It is expensive but it does work and I documented my progress with photos. (FYI, I'm not a distributor, I don't sell the stuff, so no worries, not trying to hit you up.) I am a cosmetologist though and I don't often recommend "hair growth" products but this one I have seen work first hand and recommend.
  3. Oh, the scars are there. The surgeons did an amazing job at placing them so they wouldn't be seen very easily. Plus, I use Mederma so they are fading quickly.
  4. Now that my episode of Skin Tight has premiered on TLC, I can post pics. I never would have thought in my craziest dreams this would ever be possible, but I took a chance and went public with my journey on IG and FB. I did this after learning about a guy on IG who goes by the handle Obese to Beast. John shared his story of massive weight loss and the struggle of the destruction it can do to ones body. His openess and honesty about his extra skin opened up many new and exciting pathways for him. I thought if he could do it, I could do it, so I went public. Not 5 months later, I was rewarded with the opportunity to undergo skin removal. It's not fun, it's not glamours. It's a struggle. I'm glad I made the decision to go public and got this opportunity because at one point I began to regain. I become depressed because i had mutilated my body even further. After losing almost 250 lbs, one should be happy and thrilled with their progress. But I was not. I spent hours in the gym and nothing would change. I battled it in the kitchen without any luck. Many people lose the weight and are comfortable with doing just that. I was not, I felt unfinished. If anyone is considering skin removal, do your research. It's def an experience you want to be prepared for. I am more than happy to answer questions. I have been very open about the surgical process on my IG account and you can search #BariatricBombshell and get some honest truth from someone who has been through it
  6. Arms were the worst part of it all. I also had poor after care when it came to my thighs, sent home without pain killers/antibiotics where I developed staph in both legs. My pcp luckily took care of me back home. It's hard flying halfway across the country to have plastics. But I'm glad I had it done. I have a couple procedures I"m looking at in the future and can't wait
  7. The episode "should" be available to watch on TLC's website within the next couple days. The first one was put up instantly. Not sure why it's taking so long to get the second one up
  8. I have white hair if I don't color it! I've been completely grey since I was 18. I have 3 children, ages 14, 9 and 7. They all have silvery strands running through their heads as well. Lovely family genetics!
  9. Hey everyone! So my story goes something like this. At my heaviest weight, I weighed 430 lbs. I had gastric bypass on 8/6/2012 and dropped 246 lbs in just over 2 years. I was proud of my accomplishment but disgusted by the destruction massive weight loss did to my body. I decided last year I would undergo all they necessary procedures to remove the unsightly skin. Like my weight loss journey, I publicly document this journey with the help of TLC. It will air tonight at 9 pm central (regardless of what your tv guides say, IT WILL AIR DURING THE MY 600 LB LIFE MARATHON). I will say, the episode is an hour long and I split it with another cast mate, Yalena. I'm afraid it is going to be glamorized and not allow enough time to show how massive of an undertaking these procedures really are. With last weeks episode, I was disappointed to see that a lot of information had been left out. Once my episode airs though, I'm free to start talking about my experience in more depth and the struggles I faced. It's not easy one bit, tons of complications and risks and recovery takes a lot longer than most anticipate. All and all, this experience has given me another way to reach out to others and help them along their own journeys. I've been grateful for this opportunity and look forward to sharing it with everyone. Have a blessed day!
  10. I LOVE when people compare me to're not the first! Thanks doll!
  11. Yea, they kept trying to get me to show more emotion and I just couldn't do it. Not my style. The only time you will possibly see me tear up is at my reveal. My mom was bawling and she got the tears a'flowing slightly
  12. Yes Dunndeal. I'm in Missouri, so I always forget and post central time