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  1. Isn't Nathan beautiful!!!!

  2. Jim, who is that Q-T Pie you are holding? Are you a Grandpa?? ;o) I'm happy to see that you have a sweet little someone who is enthralled with you! WTG, Jim!

  3. doing well thanks! how about you??

  4. Hey you, how are you? I hope and pray well! I am doing great!

  5. Nice seeing ya Jim....Looks like you have a new family member there.Beautiful..Life is good. Take care- VPA

  6. Eat less, exercise more, get very verry real. We have a tool, use it. Harsh words, but the truth. Maybe you are supposed to be where you are? I don't want to sound mean, or harsh, but we have our tool. We just MUST follow the program. Are you documenting every morsel going into your mouth? Are you exercising, I mean really exercising? The surgery is not a magic bullet. We still MUST follow the program. I should have warned everyone, I am back.
  7. Eric, LTNS, way to go my brother. So glad you are doing well. I understand the sweet tooth issue, I fight it daily, and the whole happy pouch, that is a complete different story. Keep it up my friend! Be well!
  8. I had my tummy tuck in July and I too still have the skin hanging over the bra issue. Oh wait, did I just say that outloud? Congrats on the procedure!!
  9. I have researched this more than most and have never seen those stats. MsLiberty points out correctly what I have read. Considering that the average GBS Surgeon has a 3 in a 1000 loss rate due to complications, 1 in 6 is an absollutely rediculous "Scare" number used to push away those that may be on the fence who could really benefit from the procedure. Now, for the percentage of those that gain the weight back, after the surgery, that number could "seem" nore plausible, but still seems very very high. We must be very careful when we throw arounds statistics here that have no scientific support.
  10. Oh, and can she talk to me, I mean really talk to me for hours! Does she read, write, draw, play an instrument. ........... to be continued
  11. Sometimes I think. dang, I am glad I have a penis, and don't try and overanalyze stuff. DOes she have a pretty smile, all her teeth, use deodorant, brush her hair, and oh bonus, nice shoes. I wonder what that all means! Lol:rolleyes:
  12. I purchased a size 34 trouser today, when I started this I was a 62. Ummmmm - wow!
  13. Thanks everyone for the kind words, and JG, I woulda never outed ya kiddo. There are so many things to think about, when this occurs. The truth is, we all have our hidden crap. Trough new relationships, therapy, friends, loved ones, we can get through it. Lisa, I do remember, when I was writing about you and your story. So glad to hear about your new love. Corrine, I need so soap hun!!! Veronique, the hardest part has been my adult children (30 and 28) and the effect on them and even their spouses. I am not sure my DIL will let me see my new expected grandchild in 6 months when She, (I hope) arrives. And my relationship with my daughter is very different. Be well all!!
  14. Not to harsh everyones happy mellow here, but sometimes FEAR IS GOOD. It is the fear of gaining it back that can help me stop putting a cookie in my mouth. The fear of looking the way I did before, no fitting into the size 34 trousers I bought today when I used to purchase size 62's. Be positive, stay with your therapy, go to group, but by all means fear ever going back to the way we were. Lets be real folks, only 50% of us keep the weight off. 50% gain it back. They no longer feared they way they were. People that know me, KNOW I am one of the most positive people around, and I FEAR gaining the weight back every freaking day. Just like I fear a hot pan, or spending a night in jail with Bubba. Sometimes fear is good. Be well kids!!!