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  1. update update update..for anyone who was wondering lol

    thank you!!! i hope i can keep it up. i really want to reach my goal by the 1 year mark. with all my failed diets, i'm worried that if i don't i will feel as if i failed yet again. shopping these days is a blast!! you will love it too!!
  2. update update update..for anyone who was wondering lol

    congrats to you as well!! and what did i do almost immediately? i compared LOL!! it is so weird because if you read my stats, it totally looks as if i lost 10lbs per month and that i must be doing something wrong but in reality, i would lose a good amount then stall forEVER it seems. then a month would go by and nothing. then it would start again and stall again. it's a hated cycle!! grrr lol!! i did have a few things working against me..mainly my birth control! i was using the depo shot and man that killed the weightloss!! i switched to a pill and that didn't help. finally i took the risk of not being on any and BAM, the weight started coming off again. but i'm overly careful now because i already have 3 kids and my husband and i are NOT wanting another any time soon...well it's pretty safe to say any more at all HAHA. yes yes yes!! i love the shopping!! christmas shopping is bad this year because with every gift i purchase, i find i toss a piece of clothing in the basket for myself too!
  3. i haven't been on here in a looooong time! (guilty of forgetting passwords) i had my surgery on April 9, 2012. my start weight was 257.8 and now i'm sitting at 177.6 - total loss of 80.2lbs in 8 months. am i happy about this? absolutely!! am i also guilty of comparing? ABSOLUTELY!! i've been feeling like i should have lost more or that i should be at goal already because so many others have gotten the weight off a lot quicker. again, don't get me wrong, i'm sooo proud of myself for getting this much weight off already but my doubts just keep getting to me. my surgeon actually left to a new hospital so i've been given another who will see me for follow-ups. he said that i've done a really good job and also said that since i was considered a "light-weight" on the scale of gastric bypass patients, that my weight loss pace is actually good for me because i ran the risk of possibly losing too much weight. still, the doubts in myself seem to stay. i have roughly 4 months left before i reach my surgiversary and i'm hoping to at least lose 10lbs/month so that i can be at goal by then. wish me luck!!! other things: i'm additcted to shopping..i love clothes!! always have but now that i can find things a lot easier. my feet DID get smaller so the shopping addiction extends to shoe shopping as well!! my overall mood/attitude is so much better. i didn't realize it was bad before but everyone who compliments me on my weight loss always adds in -- you seem so much happier. lol!
  4. finally able to log back on here! forgot password and forgot email password LOL.

  5. hey girl!! how are you doing??? from your last post looks like thing are going great for you!! i'm so happy for you!! i lost all my contacts during in iphone update so that is why i havent texted you to check on you! well i'll talk to you soon!

    1. jessikacarnes


      Hey!!! Im doing pretty great! Feeling really good these days! How are you doing?? I had to get a new phone as well and dont have all my numbers either haha or you would have heard from me...Im always looking for a gym buddy!

  6. Hey hun! I wanted to see how things were going for you! Its been a few weeks since we talked last and thought I'd see how things were!! Hope your doing well!

  7. wanted to go for a walk this morning but it looks like it will rain... boo!..treadmill it is!

  8. protein issue...

    thank you everyone for your suggestions!! i feel so much better now that i am not stressing about protein. i've been focusing on my water and liquids and that has actually help with the weak feeling! i even went out and bought some good soups (to strain lol). cinwa- my full liquid diet doesnt list yogurts..they are listed in the next stage (soft foods) do you think it would be ok to have some yogurt now or should i just wait until next saturday when i start the next stage?
  9. and the protein battle begins :/

  10. protein issue...

    i had gastric bypass surgery this past monday and i am having trouble with protein already. i'm currrently on the full liquid stage and find it hard to get in the protein. it takes me FOREVER to drink one protein shake and by the time i do, it was only 27g of protein. i tried drinking one of the protein bullets that has 42g of protein but it just made me feel SICK, so not going to try those again. my full liquid stage ends next saturday. i meet with my nutritionist this coming tuesday, would it be silly of me to ask if i could just add in refried beans? or even advance to the next stage entirely, which is soft foods? i feel like if i could just get in more protein i would not feel so weak. i know i'm still healing, which is the point of being on liquids but i feel so weak and lack any type of energy. i could barely get out of bed this morning. :(
  11. surgery update! kinda long.

    my gastric bypass surgery was on monday the 9th. the surgery got started late because it was very difficult to get an IV started. they ended up getting an ultra sound machine to find a vein and i ended up getting the IV in the crook of my arm. (the entire IV process was extremely painful for me) there were no complications during the actual surgery but there were some issues that came up afterwards. i was having a very hard time breathing due to extremely low oxygen levels so they had the respirtory team work with me. my oxygen levels were monitored constantly. i was also running a fever. then my blood pressure was low, the lowest it got was 91 over 53--which caused me to have blurry vision and dizziness. so i ended up not being able to go home the next day. (i was very sad about this and cried like baby! lol) the next morning my IV blew out and i had "IV infiltration", which means everything i was getting through the IV was passing into my surrounding tissue instead of going into my vein. so my arm felt "hard/firm" and was swollen. they took the IV out and wanted to put in another one but i cried so much at the thought of getting another IV they ended up not doing it. (basically i refused to get another one) which meant no more morphine, fluids, and some tylenol to control my fever. so i had to take tylenol w/ codeine by mouth, but only had to do that once. one drainage tube was removed early because it was not suctioning out the fluids right and it leaked all of the time. finally on wednesday, at 2p.m., i was released from the hospital with a temp of 100 and blood pressure at 116/63. since i have had an allergic reaction to vicodin, i was unable to get lortab because it has similar ingredients. so for pain i was given children's mortin. that has actually been working for me since most of my pains are from the air/gas that was pumped into my belly for surgery. so as of now, i'm feeling ok. the gas pains are not that bad anymore. i've been up and walking, drinking my water, getting in some protein. i'm on full liquids so i've had some creamy chicken soup, (strained of course) and still having the "clear" fluids as well. i'm kinda stuck on what else to have that is a full liquid. but so far so good. i'm glad to be back at home! thank you to everyone who wished me luck on my surgery.
  12. today is surgery day!

    thank you!
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    looking good!!
  14. pre-op diet..day 2

    easter was tough on me because we also celebrated my daughter's birthday. (i will still be in the hospital on her actual b-day, the 10th) but i made it through it! and still managed to enjoy everything that was going on. good luck on the rest of your pre-op diet!
  15. pre-op diet..day 2

    no, i was not allowed any veggies..i would have loved to have something to chew on. liquids liquids liquids really does gets to you after a while. it's wasnt even about being hungry, just mainly wanting some texture.