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  1. Well it has been awhile since I have been on TTF and I dont want to ever go this long again.  I am almost 5 years out from Bypass. I have recently well not so recently been excusing my now 20 lb weight gain. BUT no more! I promised myself when I did this surgery for me that I never wanted to feel like I am over weight, never wanted to get to that point again where I was pulling at my shirt because it is now a bit snug.  I have looked at why I am eating and what I am eating and know the path to reduce again. I was given an amazing life line and will not abandon it or me!  I need to lower my carbs and increase protein and icky veggies. I like fruit not veggies but I love me more. So while 20 lbs may not seem alot, it is more than I want on my body so back to basics for me!! no fad diets or any thing extreme like the old day just good basic bypass instructions. I am glad to be back and look forward to getting healthier again

  2. 5 day test

    I have done this.. I do it every few months just to stay in check with myself- super easy
  3. Vitamins from Amazon?

    I buy celebrate vitamins these are for Us also take critical petites and vitamins d my vitamins levels are amazing according to My Dr
  4. All the sudden I am having the worst abdominal pain scale 1 to 10 .... 9 after I eat eggs especially I have never had an issue with foods but seems like more and more certain dairy foods are either bloating me upso bad or now this intense cramping with eggs has anyone else had this sudden onset?
  5. Rate of Weightloss?

    I had my surg on 9/8/12 and I have lost 39 LBs since surgery date- I think you and I are right with eachother. I am working the plan and plan the work. Do the same? I am sure your body is changing and you are seeing the changes. I have had 1- 3 week stall and 1 1.5 week stall so far- I just dont care- I know it is my body trying to hang on and then it gives up and the pounds come off again. Keep working it girl
  6. Severe Constipation or what?

    Thank you all for your suggestions- Phat- I think you helped the most by making me understand why I am constipated. Miralaz daily here I come. Also I said I was taking Magnesium citrate( laxative) I know to only take Calcium citrate but what I love about this site is everyone watches out for everyone. I love this!!! Best support system is right here!!
  7. Severe Constipation or what?

    I am going to chime in on this whole constipation things too- OMG-I havent gone in 4 days- before that was 6 days and 3 days of taking laxatives and then 3 enemas ( just warm water) and pushing for 2 hours of hell- now its been 4 days no feelings Like I have to go but I took miralax 2 days ago- MOM yesterday and 4OZ of mag citrate today- still nothing- I cant keep going through like I did with the last bowel movement. I am eating 2 salads a day with fruit to help bulk things up- there has to be something I can do to get things moving at least every 2-3 days- I never had this issue before Bypass- if fact I would go 2-4 times a day so this is concerning Please help
  8. The real deal on loose skin...

    Yeh I am 47 and things are heading south quickly but I will tone up and what ever happens...happens. I think the only thing I may have plastic for is my tummy so I can wear clothes that fit not hide the skin but it will depend. I have alot more to go
  9. How do you get soooo much protien!

    Kizzy- I have read alot on hair loss during WLS- and nothing proves it is from a lack of protein but more from the stress of surgery, anesthesia and sudden WL. I get in 60 gr of protein a day and take biotine but the articles say there is nothing to prove one way or another. Do the best you can for you and hope the surg was not stressful on your body to lose the hair. 2 of my friends who had surgery a month before me and one on the same day are losing hair- I am not ( knock on wood) and I know they are getting their protein in. Sooooo?
  10. Egg Beaters vs. Eggs

    mmm southwestern egg beater with a tablespooon of chopped ham and a wedge of skinny cow swiss cheese all cooked up in a mug sprayed with pam in the microwave-- yummy
  11. Cereal ?

    Lonely- That would depend on your Dr and his plan for you. My dr is eat it and see what happens- just stay away from sugar and rice, pasta, bread and potatoes etc..
  12. Holidays approaching....

    Food isnt what is used to be for me either- I can be around lots of good compfort food and ( knock on wood) It does nothing for me. If I could get away with not eating I would happy but I wont do that- so this holiday I will not be cooking- we will be going to family and then I can be choosey
  13. Popcorn?

    My nut says absolutly not, not now not ever unless I want to start up bad habits again. Ugh I love popcorn but will not touch it now
  14. Cereal ?

    Question- I bought new Kellogs 10G protein cereal. Is this considered a slurry when milk is added? I get confused about soups, stews and cereals...you know food with a fluid in them. Please help, would like a small bowl every once in a while
  15. 150 lbs lost at 6 months out!

    You can keep those craving away- just look in the mirror at all your success