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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has eaten these??? I want too...but haven't yet! it would add protein better then bread...maybe? oopsie bread Number of Servings: 5 Ingredients 3 large eggs (seperated) 3 oz. cream cheese dash of salt pinch of cream of tarter 1 packet of sweetner Directions sperate eggs into 2 bowls, beat egg whites first to stiff peaks, beat yolks, cream cheese and other ingredients together, fold in egg white, mound and seperate mixture on a cookie sheet into 5 mounds, bake at 300 degrees for 30 min or til golden brown Serving Size: makes 5 cak
  2. i am having the same issue. I have tiny bowls but still want to put way too much in them and eat it all. I am only a mth out so i am only suppose to be eating 2 oz. It just looks like so little but then i can't eat half of it some times. I over done it one time with Greek yogurt.... I have been measuring everything at 1/3 cup or 2.oz Now NO MORE!! KrazKaren, the bad choices you want... have you thought about trying something new.... There is this blog theworldaccordingtoeggface.com. Its a blog that has all kinds of recipes and helpful things for gastric by pass people. She has protein ice cr
  3. I just wanted to say HELLO!! I had my surgery Feb. 15th. So we are around the same time.... I am having a lot trouble getting in the protein, especially the shake... gross!! I just ordered some new max protein for the blog the world according to egg face. If you haven't already looked at it you should. AWESOME!! Protein Ice cream. Now all i need is an ice cream maker. I would love to down about 24 oz of water...it would be so nice.... but sip, sip, and sip some more. I m getting better with the drinking. i can drink like 3 oz in 10 mins or so.... I am not eating that much either its like my t
  4. Thank you all for the support. I know its just me over doing it... but i was driving myself insane... thinking it was something serious!! Well, I am off to the doctor tomorrow so hopefully the scale has moved.... fingers crossed wish me luck!!!
  5. I am almost 4 weeks out and I am eating 2 oz at a time.... I can eat a whole egg. I weigh all my food 2 oz and thats it. I feel fine!! Its hard to not drink for an hour after you eat and still get in all the meals... I know! I think you are doing fine....
  6. Thanks for the advice.... I know, I just want it over night... LOL but i know i didn't gain all this weight over night not going to loose it have fast either. I am having a better day today. I have an 8 mth old and me picking her up all the time, probably is the problem, but its so hard not too. My husband is home today to help, makes it so much easier!!!
  7. Well, I have only me to think for this place i am in, I have to work hard to get out of it!! and I WILL!!! :)

  8. pre Breakfast: carnation instant breakfast w/ 8 oz ff milk Breakfast: 1 egg scrambled with 1/2 oz cheese snack: 2 oz Greek yogurt with sf strawberry jelly Lunch: 1/2 ff hot dog with ketchup dinner: lemon butter shrimp and zuchinni with marina 3 oz altogether Drinks: raspberry lemonade all day I am three weeks out. I haven't had any problems with food... I am so glad!
  9. well, just for a disclaimer i go for a walk once a day and take care of a 8 mth old and 2 and 3 year old all day. So I am not just setting on the cough all day... sometimes i wish i was... Thanks bugdocmom I know i will try and remember i had major sugery. Thanks again
  10. I just wanted to say Hey to all. I had my surgery the day after Valentines day!! I have been doing pretty good. Except for the pain in my left side. has anyone else experienced this. It is really bad and not getting better. I have only lost 14 pds at this point I feel really discouraged. Between not loosing and the pain... its not a walk in the park for sure. I am glad i found this forum so i can talk to some people that are going through what i am and at the same time.
  11. I had Gastric by pass a little over three weeks ago, the day after Valentines day. I am doing good with eating and bowel movements but nor with protein shakes but trying. The only thing that is hurting me really bad... I mean to the point of i have to get my husband to help me get off the cough... Is my left side. I know that is were all the big instruments went in and all the work was done. It was getting better and then about three days ago a new more intense pain started. It is on my left side right beside my hip bone and between my rib cage and it goes around to my back. if i push on my s
  12. When's your surgery? Hope you're doing well. I'm doing alot better with my liquid diet. Good luck, and keep me posted.

  13. I am going through the same thing... I am one the fourth day of my deit and my surgery is Feb. 15th. The first three days were horrible but today I have done really good... Good LUCK!! someone else said on here and I loved it... "Nothing taste as good as skinny feels"
  14. I really liked this handout with a lot of information on before and after surgery and also lots of websites to visit and also a meal planing for after surgery. http://evans.amedd.army.mil/NCD/PDFs/Bariatric%20Booklet.pdf
  15. I was doing all of my pre op testing today. I was setting in the waiting room, thinking this very thing. I wonder if i was the only one going through this. I went and had my "last Meal" after the testing. I basically said good bye to the way I eat now. It does feel like loosing a friend. I always depend on food when i am upset or stressed. i think learning to control my "head" hunger will be very hard for me. I don't have a set surgery date yet but they said mid February. If everything comes back good. I m ready to start this journey but I know it won't be easy. What in life is easy, that is
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