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  1. Sounds like it could be an ulcer. I had unhealing ulcers so bad I had to have a full reversal. My 1st symptoms were weird gas and then pain. I would see a Dr and talk about a scope. Better safe than sorry.
  2. I never had any ulcers or stomach issues before my gastric bypass and have had none since my reversal. I have a but of acid reflux now but totally controlled by a daily pill. You need labs done asap if you haven't had any recently. When I was first getting super unwell and went into the hospital the 1st time my potassium & sodium were dangerously low and I was at risk of death and didn't even know it. If you have a revision you may not be able to put any needed weight on or maintain your health. If I were u I would fight for a full reversal. This gives you the best chance to return to health. I feel for you and I know how horrible it is to feel the way you do. I also had to put up with people not understanding how sick I was because I was thinking so everything should be perfect now, right? lol. I had a nurse during one hospital stay tell me I shouldn't complain abt being too thin because I could hurt an overweight persons feelings and I shouldn't worry abt my protruding bones because Angelina Jolie has protruding bones and she is "perfect" - Yeah people are morons and those comments were from Nurses... I got so thin that I had bruises from my bones pressing through my skin while sitting/laying on padding... You could see all my back bones and I looked like I had been held hostage but "people" kept telling me I would Def gain all the weight back if I had a reversal... (Which wasn't true for me and doesn't have to be true for anyone who wants to be healthy) My reply was simple and true- I would say that I didn't think k that would happen but if it did I would rather be heavier than dead... Get the reversal and get your life back.
  3. PS- If they have tried the meds and all that and your ulcers are not going away (like mine) then the issue could be lack of blood flow to parts of your pouch that hamper healing and the only fix is surgery. That was my issue. I did no caffeine, no soda, no alcohol, I was the A++ compliant patient & I kept getting non healing ulcers that meds would not touch. They decided that it was blood flow issues which can just happen when they cut you up and put you back together.
  4. A PICC line is a type of IV like a central line that a special person puts in because it is super deep, goes near in your arm but end near your heart, & can stay in for a long time and be maintained at home if needed. I had to have one at the beginning of my gastric bypass adventure because I got a small painful ulcer in the 1st 3 months and become malnurshied while still in the 270's... I had it the longest before my reversal and they use it to give meds, blood draws, and to give special nurishment that is made to be taken in through the blood because I could not eat or really drink. I had to have a full reversal because in 18 months I went from 315 to 110 (and I have abt 15 lbs of loose skin) & I truly almost died. I could not have a "revision" because my surgeon (he was the head of bariatrics for UCLA) said that I was so thin that if anything went wrong after a revision I could easily die from not being able to take in enough food again and by being so thin keeping the bypass was like a medically imposed anorexia. I had to have a full reversal to give my body the best chance to heal and to thrive. I am lucky that I learned my lesson about comforting myself with food and I will never eat myself into obesity again. I got better and now weigh 130 and I have maintained this weight for almost 18 months even though I can eat like a "normal" person again. I have learned that gastric bypass is a very dangerous thing to live with l9ng term for a lot of people due to the malabsorbtion and the inability to absorb certain nutrients and vitamins. If I were you and I were given the option of reversal and I still had weight to drop I would have them do the gastric sleeve procedure to your remnant stomach when they reverse the 1st surgery. My husband had Gastric Sleeve surgery 8 months ago and has lost 100 lbs and has had ZERO complications or issues. I have 4 other friends who had the surgery and they are all doing great. It just makes your stomach smaller but does not mess with your digestion or absorbtion. If you are feeling light headed be sure to keep an eye on your blood pressure. Mine got super low as well as my blood sugar. I was hospitalized many times due to dehydration and low potassium low BP low sodium... All that helped lead to the PICC line because my body was falling apart...
  5. --- I am no expert but you said you don't watch your diet as well so maybe start there. Focus on protein and cut out the stuff that may not be the best for you that may have crept back into your diet over the last few years. All my health issues related to my gastric bypass were caused by my ulcers and by the fact that I was literally starving to death because I couldn't eat or drink. Having the PICC line in for a few months before my surgery to reverse my gastric bypass really helped me get back on track but 14 months later I am still in recovery mode from the severe malnutrition and depletion of my body. I have maintained my weight throughout my recovery at around 130 lbs since the PICC line helped me put some much needed weight on. Personally I don't think the actual reversal has much to do with your weight gain and inability to lose the weight... Your metabolism could be wonky for many reasons and even though you exercise sometimes our bodies get used to it or the amount and in order to wake up the fat burning you may need to really amp up your workouts for a while while watching what you eat or you may need to try some other type of exercise routine in order to shock the weight off. I have also found it helpful to just write down/log everything I eat for a few days and then it helps me see where extra calories might be creeping in. I wish you all the best!
  6. I had gastric bypass 2/1/12 (insert long story here) and had a full reversal to a "normal" stomach on 12/4/13 in the 22 months I lived with the gastric bupass I lost almost 200 lbs. some of that was by choice and some was from severe malnutrion. I have maintained a healthy weight (I am 5'6 and. I weight 130) on my own using the lessons I learned from my surgery. The gastric bypass taught me the importance of taking care of myself and I am glad I had the surgery but it was almost 2 years of hell even though I was the poster girl for compliance to the plan...
  7. Ellinora- I am pasting on a post I made a while ago (I had gastric bypass 2/1/12 and have lost almost 200 lbs and have kept it off even though due to severe (not my causing) ulcers I had to have my surgery revered 12/4/13 (22 months after getting it) I had already lost more than enough weight by then and have kept it off by using all the knowledge I learned from this "tool" I now eat healthy and get exercise. I maintain a weight between 125-130 lbs and I am 5'6) I had to drink with meals or else I got sick. It did not affect my weight loss, hunger, or feeling if fullness. -----------
  8. Stress effects an ulcer because it ramps up your acid production and the extra acid irritates the ulcer. Please be careful because I had 2 really bad ulcers that ended up with me on a PICC line to get my food and fluid because I could not eat or drink due to the severe pain, nausea, and vomiting. I had to have my gastric bypass reversed 12/4/13 because my surgeon did not think I would survive any other way. Thankfully I am now happy and healthy and getting back on track. It was a year of torture trying to medically heal the ulcers as I lost more and more weight and spent more and more time in the hospital because all my organs labs were off and my potassium would drop... I learned lots of lessons from the gastric bypass and so far even though I can eat anything I have kept on a "clean" eating path and maintained a very healthy 125 lbs weight. Take the ulcer pain seriously and maybe you need an upper endoscopy.
  9. Some Dr's make them a bit longer almost like a mini sleeve and some make them more egg shaped... You really are not eating too much but I know exactly how you feel. Feb 1st would have been my 2 yr surgiversary (lost 170+ lbs but due to severely bad ulcers that would not heal I was unable to eat or drink for months and got down under 110 lbs and had to have the gastric bypass reversed on 12/4/13. I am way better now and have easily maintained a fit healthy weight 125 lbs) ---- I always felt like I was eating a lot (when I could eat) but it's your mind messing with you. If you don't eat enough you will get very sick and starve yourself to death. Remember that you have malabsorption as well so if you eat 500 calories you may only absorb 300.
  10. Go to Walmart ( or where ever) and get Glycerin Supositories ( http://www.medicinenet.com/glycerin_suppository-rectal/article.htm ) They work in about 10-30 minutes and no matter how backed up you are it will help you with a pain free "going" - Much better and easier than taking anything by mouth.
  11. I had my reversal 12/4/13 and the first week was very painful and I spent most of it in my bed in the hospital. Once I got home and hit the one week mark things got better but I was retaining some fluid that cause increasing pain. At about the 2 week mark the fluid started to drain and now there is zero pain! I can eat and drink with no pain or nausea and I am regaining my strength and getting my life back. Getting my gastric bypass reversed was the best decision I ever made and it truly saved my life because I would not have lasted much longer going the way I was. As a human I need to be able to take in nutrients through my mouth and not just my arm. I am not worried about weight regain (I lost 10 lbs during recovery) and I am starting tennis lessons 1/6/14 to get me more active. I am just eager to live an active and healthy life. I am off all pain meds and just happier than ever.
  12. I had my gastric bypass 22 months ago and at my smallest (before my PICC line & TPN) I had lost about 200 lbs. I followed the rules (to the very very best I could) and ended up with horrible ulcers that would not heal. I could barely eat or drink. I did so much research before I had gastric bypass but never saw anything about anyone needing a reversal. Even when my Dr said I needed one and I tried to research it there is really nothing out there. I did find one book by a woman telling her own story. All I am asking is if you have had a reversal or know anyone that has or know any websites I can visit I would be so grateful. Tomorrow will be one week since I had surgery and this is a very painful (emotional & physical) time. Any help anyone can give.
  13. I am in the hospital at ucla right now recovering from a full reversal on 12/4/13. It was way more painful than the gastric bypass but it is saving my life. I went from super morbidly obese to malnourished & under weight in 22 months. Severe unhealing ulcers and unending weight loss and pain are no joke. I have had a PICC like for 8 weeks just to get strong enough to survive the surgery.
  14. I am recovering from a reversal in the hospital today. Hurts way worse than my gastric bypass did!
  15. I went through a phase where I was starving sometimes painfully so but it ended up being a symptom of the horrible ulcers that I was forming. Have you had any pain or anything out of the norm besides the hunger?
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