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  1. Happiest Ive ever been

  2. Dizziness, fatigue, fainting

    Ive experienced the same symptoms and was diagnosed with hypotension ( low blood pressure ) So definitely give you PCP a call.

    I talked to my PA at my surgeons office yesterday and she said its best to wait until after pregnancy. She said theres no reason you couldnt do it before pregnancies but it would just be common sense to do it after.
  4. To do or not to do....?

    I never said I wanted the surgery now. I said I didnt know if I should wait until after I have kids. I also said I knew the general rule was to wait a year but I was giving it a thought now because I have to save up to even have the procedure. I dont think its uncommon to think about having reconstructive surgery before hand.
  5. So, Im only 6 months post op but I have some serious extra skin. I know the general rule is to wait a year. However this extra skin is seriously messing with my head. I look in the mirror and still see the same fat girl because of all the hanging skin where the fat used to be. I will deffinitely get an arm lift but Im having trouble deciding on getting a panniculectomy because I do want to have kids some day and Im affraid it would be pointless to have the procedure done before kids. The thing is Im getting rashes and the hanging skin is painful and gets in the way. Dunno what I should do...
  6. 6 months out.

    My highest recorded weight was 283.2 lbs. On the day of surgery I was 262.4. That was exactly 24 weeks ago. Today I am 185.6 lbs. Ive gone from a size 22/24 pants to a size 14. I was a size 2XL top down to a medium/ large. I tried to download pics but it says my pics are too big and I dont know how to make them smaller.
  7. Not good

    I was diagnosed with BDD. Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Its seriously bringing me down. Not the diagnosis but the fact that I let myself become so obsessive. Im not even at goal yet. I have to go get help now and Im skeptical that anything is going to help.
  8. On the go

    Yes there is such thing as being dairy and egg intolerant. My boss has an intolerance to eggs.
  9. No hair loss?

    Well it was like clock work. I started to lose my hair at 4 months. Now im 5 1/2 months and its a ton of hair. But im keeping up with protein and vitamins so i hope it will slow back down soon.
  10. On the go

    Hey everybody, Right now Im having a little struggle with what to eat. I am very lactose intolerant. Im usually on the go in the morning and used to have yogurt for breakfast because I could just grab and go. What do you guys eat when youre on the go or what do you make that is quick and easy. Ill take any suggestions, it doesnt just have to be for breakfast.

    So I know this is on a way different emotional note than the last topic I posted. HOWEVER I AM NO LONG IN THE OBESE CATAGORIES. sooooooooooooooo happy. My next goal : Be in the "normal weight" range. 31 more pounds till then =)
  12. Over 6 1/2 years

    I was with my boyfriend for over 6 and a half years. Last night I ended it. Not because of the surgery at all and not because I wanted someone else. Because we wanted different things in life. I fought for the relationship for so long and finally realized that it wasnt going to work. I couldnt change him because thats not fair and I couldnt change myself because thats not fair either. I do love him I just couldnt see us being happy for the rest of our lives. I want the hurt to stop. I want to feel like I made the right decision.
  13. Dizzy and lightheaded

    I just went through this as well. Even though I was drinking the 64 oz a day I was still dehydrated. I think because of all the heat we had in my neck of the woods. I went to the ER and they gave me an IV for fluids and I felt better and my blood pressure went back to up to normal after. But definitely call your PCP
  14. How many calories actually absorbed?

    Thats a good question. Id like to know myself.
  15. Having a hard time emotionally.

    I am, yes. Im feeling so good. I went for a run today and it made me feel even better!