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  1. Thanks for responding Dana and thanks for the good thoughts. I just got back from my appointment and paperwork will soon be sent off to insurance. I was told to expect a three week wait I really hope that that is not right. After waiting 6 months, I don't have much more 'wait' in me. I need to soon give my employer some notice, and right now, I can only guess. I guess I am just feeling a little disheartened. Again, thanks for taking time to respond. I am so glad that the process was quick for you (regarding approval). Hopefully your surgeon will have some cancellations so that you get an earlier pre-op appointment. Maybe you could call a few times per week to find. out. Looks lie we are starting out with similar stats. I'd love to keep in touch. Thanks,
  2. Today marks a pretty significant milestone for me. Today is my LAST appointment (6 of 6) for the medically supervised plan, so after my appointment, I will be submitted to the insurance company. I have completed all of my other requirements. I even composed a personal letter to submit with my paperwork, which I will give to the insurance coordinator today. I am so glad to see these appointments come to an end, but now, I am becoming increasingly nervous regarding the approval process and scheduling of my surgery date. I will speak to the insurance coordinator after my appointment to ask a few questions about the process and also talk with the surgical scheduler to find out how far out we are looking at. I need to give my employer some notice, since I will be out for about 2 weeks. I am praying for a speedy approval and a surgery date that's not more than a few weeks away (Hey, I'm a little impatient now, I've had to wait 6 months!!! lol). PS. I have Microsoft Premera BCBS. Anyone have them? If so, how long did approval take? Thanks for listening to my anxious ramblings!!!
  3. Hey there, I thank that it varies from insurance company to insurance company. As of Tuesday, July 17th, I will be in the same boat with you. It's my last appointment (6 of 6) and all of my paperwork will be submitted. I have checked over and over to make sure my ducks were in a row too so I am praying for no surprises. I hope you get a quick APPROVAL (and me too)! Keep us posted, Rainy
  4. Recenly, I was complaining about how devastated I was to have to complete a 6 month dietary program, because I am feeling so completely miserable with my comorbidities (joint pain, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and sleep apnea). Well, after careful thought, prayer and consideration, I have decided to puruse vertical sleeve gastrectomy instead of the RNY. I changed my decision because I am now 35 years old and I need to minimize my risk for complications. I have 4 small children (9, 8, 4, and 2) and I husband who I need to care for. I know that VSG is not always complication free, but again, I need to minimize my risks. Secondly, I was reading a study in my insurance policy that cited that VSG is just as effective in reversing high blood pressure and diabetes as RNY. With RNY, I am not completely comfortable with the rerouting of intestines/malapsorption. Also, I am researching more and more that the weight loss is almost just as good, or just as good as RNY with VSG. I am grateful that I have had this time to think everything over and continue my research. I am coming up on appointment 5 of 6 with the supervised program, and had I not had this time to do extra research, I may not have discovered that the VSG is just as good as the RNY with usually fewer complications. I have already confirmed with my insurance company that the VSG is covered and contacted my surgeon's office to inform them of my decision. In addition to this change, recently I have: -purchased a treadmill -increased my exercise to 5 times per week -completely eliminated carbs and sugar from my diet -eliminated diet sodas from my diet -drink 90% water, th other 10% is hot tea (equal sweetner, little cream) I was pretty much on the borderline of a BMI of 40, so I have lost 5 lbs and only wish to lose at the max 10 more before surgery. At this point, I cannot do anything that would disqualify me from this life changing surgery. I feel ready to utilitze this tool to maximize my results and live a healthy lifestyle!
  5. Angela, Thanks for the comforting words. I really appreciate it. Tomorrow is appointment #4 and I'm not the least bit excited. I just want this over with. I'm tired of wearing this fat suit.
  6. I intend to take off two weeks. I work in IT (Service Management) and I am behind the desk for 4, 10 hour shifts per week. My boss also agreed to allow me to work from home if I need additional weeks after the first initial two, so that's a plus...
  7. Sigh....sorry guys for complaining, but I am feeling pretty discouraged today. Tomorrow marks visit #4 of my 6 month supervised diet requirement. I am grateful to be over halfway done, but this whole process seems to be dragging along. I am so tired of carrying this weight around on my joints. My joints are starting to ache. Most days I don't even leave the house unless I absolutely have to (to go to work, grocery shop, necessary stuff for my kids). I am so ashamed of the way that I look. I am tired of my fat thighs rubbing together with every step that I take; tired of stuffing my fat body into these clothes. I have used these months to do research, practice sipping water throughout the day, not eating with meals, exercising, adhering to my vitamin regimen, but nothing is helping to make this weight/wait more palatable. Tomorrow at my 4 month appointment, I will be turning in all of my records (5 yr weight history, letter seeking approval, and even pictures). I still resentful that I have to wait 6 long months before I can even be submitted to surgery. It just seems cruel and unfair, like kicking a person when they are already down. And then after the six months are over, there is no guarantee that it will be approved so then, there is another wait. Some days I can deal with it better than others, but today is just not a good day for me. I just want to sit in this house or hide under a rock until I get my RNY!
  8. I'm not sure if PCOS is accepted as a comorbidity, but with a bmi of 41, you should not need a comorbidity to qualify. Good luck!
  9. Congrats on your surgery date and pre-op weight loss! Keep up the great work. Wishing you much success!
  10. Breathing tube + CPAP (for CPAP users) or CPAP only?
  11. All I think about is RNY!!

  12. Hi Jill, My name is Rainy, and our situations seem similar. I am halfway through the 6 month supervised plan as well, and I, too, am having trouble losing weight. In fact, I've gained. I know that this is not good, but I am at a borderline BMI, so I don't plan on losing much at this point and ending up disqualified from surgery. I have very little time in which I can exercise, so I am trying to monitor closely, everything that I put in my mouth. I am using myfitnesspal to track all of my food to make sure I'm not going over my allotted calorie intake of 1400 cals per day. I work Wed-Sat from 1-11pm, which also makes it difficult for me to adjust to a regimented schedule. On top of it, I'm married with 4 children so most days before work, I am at home cleaning, cooking, and taking care of everyone else except me I have only three more months to get my schedule together and make this work, and I plan to use the remaining months left before surgery to finding a good schedule for exercise, to maybe stock up on nutritious foods and prepare my meals ahead of time so that I can take the guesswork out of it. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, so I find that since I started using the CPAP, I am experience more quality sleep each night. What are your work hours? Maybe you could carve out at least 30 minutes right after or right before work...this may help you to sleep better at night also. If you work overnight, I agree that it's very difficult to balance your diet. What time do you wake up for the day? Maybe at that time you could have a healthy brunch ( turkey sausage, fruit), a few hours later a high protein snack or shake, and before you go in for work, a healthy dinner (bake chicken (4-6 oz, 1/2 cup rice, 1 cup veggies)....then halway into your shift, maybe incorporate a healthy snack (Greek yogurt and hand full of almonds or maybe a protein shake)...With your schedule, you'll probably do better cooking ahead of time....I wish you the best!!! Keep in touch...we just may have our surgery around the same time.... -Rainy
  13. Congratulations!!! Best wishes