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    You mean, other than eating? ;) Reading the Bible, playing cards or any kind of board games, football, puzzles, shopping, bowling, and lots lots more! :)
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  1. Chelsealynn

    The weightloss progress....

  2. Chelsealynn

    8 months Post Op

    Awesome!!! Congratulations!!! You look fabulous!!!
  3. Chelsealynn

    There's something different about you

    Lol! That's awesome!
  4. Chelsealynn

    Merry Day-after-Christmas!

    Awesome! You look amazing!
  5. Chelsealynn

    Need Help One Day To Compile Gnc List

    They must not get gas there.....lucky ducks!
  6. Chelsealynn

    Throughout the year of 2011

  7. Chelsealynn

    A Touchy Subject Maybe....

    I wrote up letters to my family! But, I am officially post-op and obviously, I am ALIVE!!! And doing well! Thanks for letting me ask all the tough questions!!
  8. Chelsealynn Does This All Work?

    I am officially post-op!!! Woop woop!!!
  9. Chelsealynn


    Uuummm....that milk of magnesia has worked AMAZINGLY for me!!! Thanks for all the input everyone!!!
  10. Oh, and that pain on my left side gets better and better with each day. I think yesterday I was feeling overall lousy, so the pain felt worse. It is still tender to the touch and I can't do the twist or anything, ha! But today, the pain is barely noticeable! And I can tell it has improved since I first woke up from surgery! all my fellow missing gallbladder friends....the pain gets better with time!! Hang in there! I'll let you know how tomorrow goes!! ~Chelsea~
  11. GOOD NEWS!!!! TODAY I FEEL FANTASTIC!!! It's so bizarre how it can change in one day, but it really has! I even woke up feeling better!!! It's 2:05 and I can't believe I haven't taken my big pain killers. I took 2 childrens chewable tylenol, but that's just because I bought them and was thinking I could only do the chewables. But I could swallow the regular tylenol since I've been swallowing the other pills as well. Anyway, just wanted to write you and tell you that I've learned I need to take this one day at a time. Some days will be easier and better then the next, like today for me! Hang in there hun!!! IT REALLY DOES GET BETTER!!!! ~Chelsea~
  12. Thank you bugdocmom, the hugs helped! I thought I was feeling like a superstar when at the hospital! But the car ride home hurt so much, and kind of like you said....I feel like I haven't caught up with the pain and pain meds since! I need to stay on top of everyhthing instead of waiting for the pain to return....I guess I am just waiting for the no pain feeling....but I guess it's a little soon! High expectations I guess! Lol! Anyway, thanks again ma! It's so nice having everyone here I can go to for this type of stuff!!
  13. Did you have both done at the same time too? How was/is your pain? Do you have pain like feeling your organs are stretching? I have this pain right under my left rib cage, and that incision is bigger than the others. My surgeon said my gallbladder was fairly large, and took a little longer than usual to remove....why was it big and is that why this area hurts so much now? Or why am I feeling this pain? Is it normal? It feels good to walk and stand, but it's most comfortable to be in the reclined position. In the reclined position, there is almost no pain that I am feeling. Anyone have any reasons why I am having this sort of pain, or is this just typical and I will feel less pain soon? Also, when does the swelling go down???
  14. Chelsealynn

    I Am Officially Post-Op Now! So Cool!

    I actually didn't have as much gas as I thought I was going to have. I was burping quite a bit, but not as much the other end No need for a catheter. Went pee before surgery. I was worried about the tube thingy they have to put down your throat to help you breathe, but if they would have never told me about it, I wouldn't have ever known they needed to or had done so, Ha! I am a lot more sore today....I am thinking it's because I am trying to ween off the pain killers sooner than later that I am a little more sore then not. I dunno though. Took off the bandages and WOW, the "holes" are TINY! How do they do all that through little tiny's beyond me! But, obviously overall, I am very pleased with everything!!! You will do great! Try to stick to the diet plan they order you to be on before and after. And I made sure I was "cleaned out" before even going into surgery. I had only one boost last Saturday with water of course, then only water on Sunday....I just have a feeling that that sort of helped my recovery process and success! Who knows though, I know that everyone is very different! Good luck with your surgery!!! You won't regret it!!
  15. Chelsealynn

    Goal Weight?

    That sounds like a good plan! Keep up the good work!!!