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  1. SlimSmitty

    Help....I neeeed apple cider.

    I just found this online this morning:
  2. SlimSmitty

    I need a crunchy food

    i'm on a mission now to find moon cheese, lol! i'm a big fan of laughing cow cheese on a Newman's Own protein pretzel, carrot chips or gluten free pretzel thins.
  3. SlimSmitty

    How much does it take to get you full?

    hmm, it's kind of worrisome that being two weeks post-op you're eating ice cream and potatoes sugar and starch/carbs are not good... does your surgeon's office have a nutritionist you can speak to? I was still drinking Isopure, Bariatric Advantage and eating only green yogurt/cottage cheese at two weeks out. Don't rush!
  4. Hello, all... Just bought a box of these, not a huge fan, and would prefer not to eat a whole box if I don't like them... Is anyone a fan? Will sell to you for half price ($13) plus shipping...
  5. SlimSmitty


    I've been on 4 different lines, and Celebrity is my all-time favorite! Norwegian is very nice but Celebrity is my favorite. I'd go on either again.
  6. SlimSmitty

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Thanks! It comes in black and white too, but i already wear to much black LOL thank you Thanks! It's a shame that I don't have a long mirror at home. I have to take these kinds of pics in my office bathroom and hope no one walks in and sees me LOL!
  7. SlimSmitty

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Knit collared tee and miracle leggings from Eloquii... working on losing his baby bump, would like to be down 55 pounds!!!
  8. You can do this!! I am on the same journey right now, as long as your mindset is in the right place just take it one day at a time!!!
  9. SlimSmitty

    Depressed heading into the holidays

    One huge issue is that my folks are living in our house. Have been since 2013. Planning to move out in January 2017. My father is a sweet-a-holic... He used to be a very bad alcoholic, but now with AA, a support system and cake, he's sober 4 years. But having that cake in my house, it just weighs on my mind... I don't eat it, but I feel like I make bad choices because I'm cooking for 5 instead of cooking for just myself, which was when I was the most successful... Thanks for all the kind words of wisdom. I will take the "one day at a time" approach and get back on my routine.
  10. SlimSmitty

    Depressed heading into the holidays

    Yes, I know about the 5DPT quite well, thank you, Tom!
  11. It took me a few months to get back to "normal" workout mode. I would get so lightheaded and dizzy. Make sure you have something in your stomach when you workout, keep your sugar up but not high/spiking, and drink lots of water! you'll do awesome. good luck
  12. SlimSmitty

    Surgery tomorrow

    You will do awesome! (by this time you probably already have!) Update when you can
  13. SlimSmitty

    2 week!

    Being sick during this process is no fun. Call your surgeon's office and let them know you are sick and what do they recommend for you... If you can, I'd stick to tea, hot broth, and your protein shakes. They may give you other suggestions based on your progress in the pre-op process... Personally, I had shakes for months leading up to it to get used to it. So my liver was less fatty than if I had started liquids only 10-14 days pre-op. I don't know what your diet has been like. Basically, call your doctor and double check. They may give you approval to have some greek yogurt or cottage cheese. Good luck! And feel well soon!
  14. SlimSmitty

    Depressed heading into the holidays

    It's been a LONG time since I posted on here on a daily basis. I haven't read the forums or looked through the galleries like I used to. I loved being an active member. I need to get myself back into my pre-op/newly post-op mind set, because right now I'm struggling. Hard. I had my sleeve done in July 2012. Split with my current ex-husband in September 2012. We were legally divorced by June 2013. By then I had lost 127 pounds and I felt like I had the world at my finger tips. I no longer had a man who kept me down emotionally. I was single and supporting myself happily. Fast forward to July 2013 and I meet the man of my dreams. By mid-November we were pregnant ... something I had prayed for, wanted so badly, and had caused so much disappointment over and over again... one of the main reasons I had WLS was to get pregnant. And now I finally was it was a very easy pregnancy, I was so lucky. My daughter was born July 2014. I was overjoyed. I was also 37 pounds heavier. She is now 16 months old, and I'm 48 pounds heavier than my lowest weight post-WLS. I started my journey at 330 pounds, was 205 when I got pregnant. I'm now 253 pounds. And I'm so depressed. I feel like I wasted my tool and my opportunity to live a healthy life. Other mom friends (WLS and non-WLS alike) have both told me to give myself a break and not be so hard on myself. That I "put my body through extensive trauma having a child, and to be patient taking the weight off." But I feel like a failure, nonetheless... My daughter's father and I are happy, head-over-heels in love, and we got married in August (we actually got married 4 times for family all over the country but that's another story LOL)... Anyway, bottom line is, we are heading into the holidays... a time full of sugar and temptation... The two seasons I've already celebrated post-op went well, but I'm worried this year I wont be able to manage mentally because of how I'm seeing myself at the moment. It makes me want to cry. I'm hoping I can get some advice from you wonderful people, on how to buckle down and get back on track. I didn't come all this way to give up. Please HALP lol. (L) 6/2009 328 lbs (C) 11/2013 210 lbs (R) 8/2015 245 lbs