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  1. Just in case you check - wishing you a wonderful Birthday - hugs.

  2. HI! hope youe doin well with your loss!!!

  3. Deb Just popping in to wish u a very merry christmas to u and your family and may all your dreams come true in 2011 xxx

  4. Glad your all well luv and glad your dating and never take second best u hear me !!!! x I love my life too isnt it just great xx Im the same have 10 pounds to get off .... x hard the last bit .. harder than the main bulk dont cha think babe xx take care and I hope your thanks giving was great x

  5. WE are all great sweetie. busy with school and FINALLY DATING! i absoulutly adore this way of life, i still actually want/need to loose about 20 more :)

  6. I had to post these since i had another beautiful date with an amazing man last night and was shocked to see how small i looked! i STILL after almost 3 years do NOT see myself this small but i do LOVE it! hope my old friends here are all doing well, miss ya
  7. Heyyyyyy Deb x great to see u popped by and thanks sooo much for ya beautiful comment .. u too look amazing skinny minny !!! how is life ? how are your children xxx I miss u xxx

  8. sorry i'm late posting this Corrine, my God that is so sad! i'm so sorry my dear friend. that is just so evil!
  9. Another month passed by, clinicals and classes are amazing! drug conversion tests were excrutiating and required to pass at 100% first attempt failed....2nd attempt...Passed! whew moving along. I've been dating finally and i must say i'm SO out of it as far as knowing what to wear and do! i'm actually still loosing weight again and many people are asking me what i'm doing in order to keep it off and continue to loose, ya'll know me WORK OUT ! although stress with school and forgetting to eat has helped too haaaa. i check in about once a month or so and just dont have time anymore. i hope everyone is doing well
  10. i dont use oil to fry eggs, are you sure your not thinking of someone else? i use a little bit of butter and thats it ;)

  11. just popped in and OMG Sassy you look absoulutly gorgeous!

  12. Hi Godblessed! I was reading your post and really need to ask how much oil did you use to fry your eggs when you were 2 weeks out because i miss a sunny side egg so much but been scared to try because i'm scared of dumping

  13. hi jeanie, i just popped on today to give an update :) i'm doing well, yeah its been a few months since i've been on. I'm just living and loving life in RN blocks now and stressed out but i'm facinated and happy and sadly still single. Thanks for asking

  14. Hello to everyone! i cant believe in December it'll be 3 years for me wow! i'm slowly still loosing and better yet people still tell me i'm loosing weight haaa (little do they know) I never thought i would get to a place where i wouldnt be on TT everyday but its been 3 months and i've been a busy woman. I began as you know in the actual nursing program and next week is finals for this block of the program. It is SO hard and yet so overwhelmingly rewarding! I have always known i'm called to be a nurse but i now FEEL IT! i'm still single not even so much as a date! Well maybe once but its horrible! I keep in touch with only a few people from TT but its ok with everything going on i dont even have a second to myself. (i should be studying now) With school and studying taking up over 50 hours a week, i only go to the gym IF I'M LUCKY....twice a week. Sadly with my stress my blood pressure is sky high at 155/95 so i'm now on diuretics (potassium sparing ones) and also my doc has done a A1C as well as a Gtt which that i cant do cuz i will dump, but we're pretty sure somehow i've developed diabetes as i have had way too many hyperglycemic moments and its my fault because i occassionally eat REALLY bad glycemic # foods and have put myself in this position. but it wont take long to reverse it (hopefully) she'll put me on something i'm sure for a few months. Anyway heres a few pictures from this evening my daughter and i had a mommy / me night and we went to see Jacka$$ 3-D and dinner and all day shopping! anyway, i read occassionally and i'm so sorry some havent been able to just get on with thier lives and live life in the present instead of dwelling on what hasnt happened / has happened. I am STILL 174 pounds and let me tell you i'm SoOooo not happy with the # but like its said our bodies know just where to stop! My graduation present to myself (June 2011) is a tummy tuck and a boob lift/tuck/nip/ push. whatever it takes to put them UP on my chest again . Take care guys and feel free to email me anytime debschrepper@cox.net