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  1. Godsblessedme

    Deborah @ 3 years (almost) post op!

  2. Godsblessedme

    Deborah @ 3 years (almost) post op!

    I had to post these since i had another beautiful date with an amazing man last night and was shocked to see how small i looked! i STILL after almost 3 years do NOT see myself this small but i do LOVE it! hope my old friends here are all doing well, miss ya
  3. Godsblessedme

    Someone Poisoned My Puppy This Morning

    sorry i'm late posting this Corrine, my God that is so sad! i'm so sorry my dear friend. that is just so evil!
  4. Godsblessedme

    Deborah's so called life....

    Another month passed by, clinicals and classes are amazing! drug conversion tests were excrutiating and required to pass at 100% first attempt failed....2nd attempt...Passed! whew moving along. I've been dating finally and i must say i'm SO out of it as far as knowing what to wear and do! i'm actually still loosing weight again and many people are asking me what i'm doing in order to keep it off and continue to loose, ya'll know me WORK OUT ! although stress with school and forgetting to eat has helped too haaaa. i check in about once a month or so and just dont have time anymore. i hope everyone is doing well
  5. Godsblessedme

    Deborah's so called life....

    Hello to everyone! i cant believe in December it'll be 3 years for me wow! i'm slowly still loosing and better yet people still tell me i'm loosing weight haaa (little do they know) I never thought i would get to a place where i wouldnt be on TT everyday but its been 3 months and i've been a busy woman. I began as you know in the actual nursing program and next week is finals for this block of the program. It is SO hard and yet so overwhelmingly rewarding! I have always known i'm called to be a nurse but i now FEEL IT! i'm still single not even so much as a date! Well maybe once but its horrible! I keep in touch with only a few people from TT but its ok with everything going on i dont even have a second to myself. (i should be studying now) With school and studying taking up over 50 hours a week, i only go to the gym IF I'M LUCKY....twice a week. Sadly with my stress my blood pressure is sky high at 155/95 so i'm now on diuretics (potassium sparing ones) and also my doc has done a A1C as well as a Gtt which that i cant do cuz i will dump, but we're pretty sure somehow i've developed diabetes as i have had way too many hyperglycemic moments and its my fault because i occassionally eat REALLY bad glycemic # foods and have put myself in this position. but it wont take long to reverse it (hopefully) she'll put me on something i'm sure for a few months. Anyway heres a few pictures from this evening my daughter and i had a mommy / me night and we went to see Jacka$$ 3-D and dinner and all day shopping! anyway, i read occassionally and i'm so sorry some havent been able to just get on with thier lives and live life in the present instead of dwelling on what hasnt happened / has happened. I am STILL 174 pounds and let me tell you i'm SoOooo not happy with the # but like its said our bodies know just where to stop! My graduation present to myself (June 2011) is a tummy tuck and a boob lift/tuck/nip/ push. whatever it takes to put them UP on my chest again . Take care guys and feel free to email me anytime debschrepper@cox.net
  6. Godsblessedme

    Distressed in Arizona

    Hi Alice sorry i'm so late (my surgery was dec 07 with Dr. Simon) I've NEVER gotten any where close to my goal weight BUT havent gained any weight back either. I'm still 179 steady BUT if i dont go to the gym at least a few times in the week, I notice about a 1-2 pound gain, then loose it and so forth. I have a diffucult time staying on track especially now that i began clinicals but also, Dr. Simon places a cilastic band sewed around the stoma of the gastric bypass to prevent "stretching" I really believe this has helped me maintain my weight because if I overeat or dont chew well, i still will have issues with it passing the stoma and it'll come right back up. I seriously would say to get on a strict excersize regime ASAP and continue to watch your nutritional imput, excersize really is key and although i hate to admit it, if i dont excersize i feel puffy and unhealthy
  7. Godsblessedme

    I can't stop losing...help

    sighing..... i'm sorry you two, Kim i know you've been trying to stabilize since prior to giving birth. I would have thought that would have helped. I could be funny and say in order to stop LOOSING just come spend a month at my house, cause i SURELY aint lost weight nor as you know lost what i wanted (must be in the AZ dirt!) I hope something helps you both soon, i know Kristine aka PhxFire had some luck with increasing protein shakes and carby foods. Good luck to you both, however you both stil are VERY beautiful ladies and look amazing
  8. Godsblessedme

    Deborah's so called life....

    well its been over a month since i've updated. I actually have only been on TT like twice in over a month. I have NOT lost OR gained any weight within this month and i'm guessing that 177-179 is where i'm meant to be. You guys know the struggles and i guess this is just "it" i'm 2 1/2 Years out of surgery and i excersize and eat SEMI ok and i guess oh well!! I went back home to Maine for a couple weeks and took my kids and had the most amazing time. I had fun, i rejoiced, i walked forever, and had many tears of gladness as well as remembering my childhood friends and all the amazing times we had growing up. I had so many revelations about myself while i was there, some good and some not good. Then last week July 19th started the clinicals/practicals for my nursing program. Its funny although i've been in medical field for years.... and school for the last 4 years, it almost doesnt prepare you for the HANDS ON experience and its almost surreal that i'm finally HERE. I still havent found that magical love of my life, so i'm doing my best to keep my mind off that department. My oldest is going into her senior year and my baby is entering Kindergarten (i'm tearing up as i even type this) I cant believe how the time has gone by within my life and i feel like yelling "slow this train down so i can enjoy the ride" but sadly thats not how life is and i just have to move with the train that i'm on. This WL journey has NOT been easy for me since day 1 and everyday that i'm blessed to be in this world i'm learning to accept whatever journey or adventure that i've been given. Last semester in my writing class, i finished my book and now just adding in a few more details and then off to find either a lit. agent or publisher. I dont think i need the agent because i dont plan on writing anymore books. This book was more like a autobiography on the unbelievable things i've endured ... heres a few pictures of me a couple days ago i hope you all are well and living good! I miss those of you that i've made as friends you all carried me over many bridges and paths and i'm so grateful
  9. Godsblessedme

    Meds not working like they used too

    Well I've had step throat twice in a 3 week period recently and considering penicillin is a 10 day course I think for me yep certain meds don't carry same punch
  10. Godsblessedme

    Accountability for long-termers

    Wow Kelly great job! You too Lisa! For some reason my period came again (within a week. Ofmy last one ) its cuz my cycle is regulating after depo. So ug craving and eating salt a lot! So we'll see what Monday holds. Then Thursday we're off to hometown maine for 2weeks. Wanted to say how good y'all are doing
  11. Godsblessedme

    P90X Challenge

    Kim Kim Kim, woman your body is S I C K! in a good way! geesh even after a baby hotness!!!!
  12. Godsblessedme

    Deborah's so called life....

    Really impressed!after going off depo shot in february and finally getting my period last week I lost those few pounds I found thnak God! Now that was even without going to the gym! So we shall see this week if I can eat sensibly!
  13. Godsblessedme

    Total Body Lift Plastics Doctor in So Cal

    girl i need to reach through this screen and hit ya! OMG why did i even look at those! Now i totally want a lower body lift! OMG his work is amazing Simone, i say if you can swing it $$ go for it! i never knew how dramatic the change could be, some of those women look like me and i THOUGHT my skin wasnt too bad and that my stupid belly was all just fat still but its looking like i might have just alot of belly skin. Wow (thanks for sticking this thought in my mind girl) haha
  14. Godsblessedme

    Accountability for long-termers

    Friday calories 1237 Protein 51 Carbs 174g Fat 25g Mostly fruits today (whew break out the gas x strips)!
  15. Godsblessedme

    Accountability for long-termers

    yesterday (Thursday) calories 1240 protein 62g carbs 174g fat 30g didnt goto the gym, but i tell you it was hot and hotter outside and i was walking around with the kids and then late at night mopped all my floor and alot of stuff so i know my cal burn was decent! Now that i've discovered my fat was too high i'm working on eating more lowfat/non fat and more fruits