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  1. I totally obsess Incredible! I eat no croutons I bake shredded cheese into chip like things for crunch. I was much happier smaller. I feel gross and fat. :/ I know I'm not fat, but my clothes are tight cause I've gained so I immed think I look as big as I did to begin with. I feel like everybody will judge me if I gain anymore because I was very open with my surgery and don't want to look like a failure. My self esteem sucks anyway from being big my whole life, but I felt great at 140-145
  2. I eat 1200 calories a day. Same things every day. Hard boiled egg with Greek yogurt for breakfast. Lunch is chicken Caesar salad with lemon juice and balsamic vinegar dressing. Dinner is some sort of meat and veggies. I get almost all protein from food but keep eas shakes on hand for snacks. I also eat cuties, strawberries, lots of green peppers(weird I'm a little obsessed ) I'll have omelet with one egg and peppers and cheese for snacks on occasion if I want something hot. I eat 100 grams of protein on average because I weight train at the gym. I drink about 160 ounces of water a day and a cup or two of coffee with sugar free cream. I don't eat sugar because I dump bad. No pasta or rice because I dump as well.
  3. I'm almost three years out and I am stuck! I have lost 168 pounds and have been as low as 139 and currently am 158! I work my butt off at the gym, eat great, I'm a server in a restaurant and average about 15,000 steps a day, not including my workouts. I cannot go below 158. I want to get back to 140.
  4. My guts are moving!!! I've been chugging water Alllllll day and took 32g of miralax and they finally started. Thank goodness! I've been so worried for a week now because the surgery dealt with my bowels and they kept saying how lucky I was to have came in because bowel dies so quickly!
  5. They're doing another ct scan Tuesday because they removed a few impactions, but nothing's moving.
  6. Hey! I am a year out...almost exactly when I got sick. My one year anniversary was on April 10th. Anyway...not this past Tuesday, but the one before I suddenly got horrible stomach pain. By horrible I mean I couldn't breathe because it was so crippling. My mom came and took me to the er where they pumped my full of pain meds and set me up for a hyda scan the following Friday, the 26th an sent me home. I took two Percocet the next morning and went to work, I'm a server at Olive Garden, and felt crappy and got a headache. I went home after two hours because I couldn't handle it. I was laying in bed before I even got my apron off and called an left a message with my surgeon begging to remove my gallbladder because the er I went to said it was perfectly fine. They told me to go right to the er where I had my rny so my mom came and took me there. By then I had a migraine like never before. If I opened my eyes I was wretching, but nothing came out because I hadn't eaten for two days almost. Anyway, my bp was 72/52 and pulse was 48...I've also been dealing with very low bp and bs. Dr white (Omaha) was in the middle of a different surgery, but wanted me admitted immediately Nd given a cat scan. So, my gallbladder looks perfect in the ct scan, but he had mentioned the amount of weight I lost in a year (151 pounds) can cause weakening of the tissues and I could have an internal hernia. So, they were going I do an endoscopy Thursday morning, but decided to just do an exploratory laparoscopy instead. I didn't even have time to think about it before I was in the or. Surgery went great, I felt great, was walking and talking and the migraine finally went away after being put under. So, anyway, my bowels have completely quit functioning. Has anybody had an internal hernia repair and had bowel problems right away? I have chronic constipation, but I'm not responding to anything. 3 bottles of mag citrate in one day, miralax, mom, glycerin suppositories, and enemas with no avail. I neeeeed help. My follow up isn't until Tuesday.
  7. Thank you all! My hair is starting to grow back in, but its really thin still. I have stalled many, many times and am currently stalled.
  8. 3k99 I actually can't eat anymore than when I was first out. Maybe I can I guess, but I don't test it because I've thrown up a few times and I'm not a fan! Lol my boobs look terrible!!! I nursed my son for 14 months up until the day before surgery. That bra in the pic is from Walmart! I need to get one from vs though I just haven't gone. I went from a 42ddd to a 32full c! Thanks so much for all the nice comments!
  9. Thanks!! No complications! I feel great! I did lose the majority of my hair and had to cut 16 inches off!
  10. I am struggling! I'm 8 months post op and have been stuck at 168 for over a month! I exercise 6 days a week and eat great! I've lost 140 pounds and still have a bit left! Helppppp!
  11. This is an 8 month post op picture! I've lost 130 pounds! Yay!
  12. Hi! My mom ha fibromyalgia and is overweight and I really want her to have gbs. I've lost 122# in 7 months and think she would do amazing. Anybody with fibromyalgia, that's had gbs feel a huge difference? Her pain is not controlled at all and she neeeeeds weight of her joints. She's 5'4 and 240 pounds so its pretty serious!
  13. So, I have been super busy and not been in lately but have been doing pretty well! I've lost 116 pounds in 7 months and wear a size 8!!!! Eek! I feel great and look great! Only problems are the past four days I've felt crappy so I got blood drawn today and my b-12 and vitamin d are almost non existent. Intake my vitamins religiously so I'm not sure the problem, but go in first thing in the morning cause my dr thinks I may have mono too. Also getting a potassium iv and a b12 shot then!