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  1. I like the Dear Abby approach which was to always answer rude people with a comical question and a smile. So I would say something like "Don't you know it's rude to ask a woman her age or her weight?" and just leave it at that.
  2. Omg I thought this was going to be about something completely different.
  3. I think I'm still surprised that I had surgery. It took so long and I remember being in the OR looking at the lights expecting to wake up and be told they couldn't do it for some reason. Right now I'm surprised that I keep losing pounds but for the last few weeks none of it comes off my stomach. That's where I want it to come off. I am surprised that my body looks a little different to me every day. I keep noticing little areas that look different but I'm not going down in clothing sizes.
  4. Just tell her you are trying to get down to your original birth rate. That should shut her up.
  5. It seems like people with higher BMI lose faster but I think 15 pounds a month seems like an average. Some people lose fast, some slow.
  6. I was sleeved but didn't feel good until week four.
  7. I take Bariatric Advantage three times a day.
  8. Does anyone else find that Crystalight and Mio are hard on your stomach?
  9. Your surgeon didn't require you to do follow ups? I hope that they are able to help you. Throwing up at six weeks is not normal. Maybe you have some stricture or something. I hope they find out what is wrong.
  10. This just seems like a very bad idea. Girls have enough problems with their body image and weight. They don't need the school to add to it. And really are there parents who don't know that their kids are overweight?
  11. Oh my, 22 cavities? I think it's a shame that some dentists are so rough and don't pay attention to the fact that people are scared of their sharp and painful instruments! I do think that more are specializing in treatment of people who have a dental phobia. Good for you for getting all of that worked out! I'm sure that it is going to make you healthier in the future!
  12. What's your starting weight and height?
  13. Why would you need a reversal of the sleeve?
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