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  1. 2 Days Post Op Lap Band

    It is getting easier! I don't hurt quite as much! I was able to walk a mile yesterday and today you can follow me on my blog at...
  2. 2 Days Post Op Lap Band

    Thank you so much for the input. The liquid diet is hard but like I keep saying in my blog I have to be true to myself or this was all a waste of time.
  3. 2 Days Post Op Lap Band

    I am two days post op and still sore. I can not wait for the day the soreness is away and I can move freely to exercise and not hurt. I have four kids and the day after surgery I was at a tournament at the ball field, I had many people tell me I shouldn't be there so soon but I had to see my two boys play ball for the first time. However I did end up leaving way early and I was suprised at the support system I actually had. I of coarse am still on the liquid diet and not liking it or should I say my stomach is not liking it. But the whole idea of getting the surgery is to change my lifestyle and eating habits, Right? I did lose 15 pounds from my last weight in at the diatician to the morning of the surgery which was a surprise. I wish I could figure out what scale to go off of because my home scale is about 5 pounds heavier than the hospital scale so of coarse I want to go with the hospital scale! LOL but as long as they both show a change the pounds really don't bother me I just want to see results.
  4. I am so excited!! I have been on my WLJ since October and my surgery is only two days away!! I still have that little worry that something will go wrong to cancel the surgery worst fear the doctor being sick! LOL I know it is slim but for years I have tried to get the band and couldn't afford it and didn't have the credit to get financed and now that I have great insurance through my husbands job I am just worrying. I know I shouldn't!! Good luck to all of you who is starting or going through the process. Also congrats to all who are pre-op and post op!
  5. Surgery is on Friday

    Hello there congrats on your surgery mine is also Friday. Praying for a great outcome and speedy recovery!! I have a blog you can check out that may help us both
  6. Now I know...

    I understand how you feel right now. My surgery is Friday and I still have this awefull feeling that when I walk in to say I am here it is going to be cancelled. I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way, because my supporters keep telling me not to worry but this journey has been long and after years of them telling you no when you hear a yes it is like a dream!! Good Luck and keep your head held high!!
  7. Bound and determined

    I am glad I do have the support I do have I have to admit. And I guess if my weight has given me anything is a very strong skin. LOL
  8. pre-op......I hope, 4 lap band

    I am not bipolar however I can be severely depressed at times and who can blame us we are overweight in a society feuled with tabloids and commercials of beautiful people. So on to the psych evaluation my evaluation went well they are basically looking to make sure you are not suicidal or depressed to the point of suicide. My evaluator was more worried about my sex life than anything else. LOL I have been going the through the lap band process since Oct. and finally got my surgery date last Tuesday and it is on April 27th the same day as your consult for you good luck it has to be a great day for all of us right? This website has been so helpfull to me and the chat sessions I have visited are nice and very helpfull they keep me uplifted as does blogging and replying to others, I will pray for you that your consult goes your way. GOOD LUCK!!
  9. Bound and determined

    I have so many supporters but at the same time I hear those with negetive comments. I know not to listen to the negetive comments but sometimes people who are close to you are the ones most hard to ignore! All I want to do is SCREAM ... I know I have to eat different and I know I have to excerise! People just don't understand I am doing this to be healthier not to get skinny although that would be a plus but, I just want to be able to go on rides with my kids at carnivals and play ball with them without getting tired. I want to be able to wake up in the morning and not hurt. Maybe one day I will be able to look at them and tell them what I express here in my blog but then again I don't owe anyone but myself an explanation. I want to THANK Thinner Times and all the member who make it possible to express my feelings and give me some much needed feedback!!
  10. upper gi and all ore op labs

    so excited only 4 more days
  11. My Journey Begins!

    Congrats! I was on the road for a 5 hour trip to a funeral when I got the news I first started crying then called my sister and she got so upset thinking I was in a wreck because crying and driving can only mean a few things right. After telling her she first scolded me for making her think the worst then got so happy and said "Ann I told you everything would work out!" And she did to. Having a date is the best part of this whole journey isn't it?
  12. Family induced stress... (18 days and counting)

    Wow reading your post was like reading something I would write. I have had so many people tell me it is not a quick fix. DUH! I know this. Keep your head up!!
  13. From: New here

    Congratulations I know exactly how you have been feeling. I was delayed 30 days do to the insurance company saying they haven't received my paperwork. So when i called my doctors office the lady in charge of the insurance claims had the fax from back on March 7 saying comfirmation fax sent successful, so she refaxed everything and a week later I had been approved and that same day we set my surgery date for 10 later. April 27 is my date and I am so happy. Good Luck to you!!
  14. Surgery date is finally set April 27, 2012

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      Right around the corner! Congrats!

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      Wishing you well on your surgery tomorrow!!

  15. It's finally in sight!

    Well there I am in the purple dress before surgery at my brothers wedding. And FINALLY After 6 long months of nutrition/dietician, a psych eval and the stress of hoping I wasn't doing all of these appointments only to find out my insurance wouldn't approve it, they did!! I am finally going to have my surgery and it is April 27, 2012. I have so many mixed emotions running through my head right now, all the way from estatic to worry. I know this is the next best thing to happen to me since my kids and husband. I know it is going to be a long road and a lifestyle change but I am bound and determined to give 100%.