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  1. I'm 15 days out now and don't regret a thing! Best decision I ever made!
  2. Also, you could do sugar free popsicles. Those help too!
  3. Well, welcome to the class. My surgery was the day after yours, on the 7th. Great to see you here!
  4. Honey, yes! I have a box in my purse and keep it with me all the time. It says the limit is 8 per day but it wouldn't take much to surpass that. I have taken 3 in the last 2 hours and I'm still on strictly clear liquid diet. The Gax-X strips I bought were the extra strength ones. They work good for a little while but seems like they wear off quickly too.
  5. SamanthaRose, I have those same gas pains! I was sitting in the living room a few minutes ago and my stomach made the god-awfulest noise! Yesterday was the worst day that I had and I was just beat. I actually went to the grocery store and did my regular shopping, but I didn't unload or put the stuff away. I did okay driving and everything else. It is kinda aggravating to be burping constantly....but it's a trade off I am glad to have! Congrats on your surgery!
  6. I had my sleeve on Monday morning at 745. Happy to say that I am now officially on the loser's bench! Surgery took an hour and a half with a hiatal hernia repair. Really sore today and all the bruises are starting to show now. I'm doing ok with my liquid intake--getting close to 64 ounces a day but not quite there yet Anyway, just wanted to share!
  7. I did it! Had surgery at 745 Monday morning. Today has been my roughest day so far but am doing ok. Happy to now be on the losers bench! Good luck to all of you whose surgeries are just around the corner!!
  8. My first visit for psych eval was about an hour but then had to go back a second time for the personality test which took 2 hours but was pretty painless.
  9. Only have 2 more days to go! I hope this weekend flies by! Had my EGD today and it has made my stomach grumble all day and when they put the propofol through the IV, it hurt so bad that I cried (and I HATE crying)...Hurry up Monday!!
  10. Wow! You have done so good and look so pretty! Congrats
  11. Steve, don't give up. I'm on my 11th day of liquid diet. My surgery is scheduled for the 7th. Nobody is too heavy for weight loss surgery. They just want to be safe. My surgeons, as a rule, will not do weight loss surgery on a person who has an extemely high BMI without a significant amount of weight loss. One guy had come to them with a BMI of 70 and he had to lose 100 pounds before they would do surgery on took him several months but he lost the weight because he was determined to do so and he went through with the surgery and came through it with flying colors. He is one of their "poster children" for how people can do it if they are determined. One of the worse things you can do for yourself is give up now and go back to bad habits. Time to pick yourself up and not necessarily start over but keep going. Of course you will have to do the liquid diet again but I would recommend staying on it to a point and maybe adding one solid low fat, high protein meal during the day. Bump up your daily exercise by maybe 30 minutes a day--and you can break it up--it doesn't have to be all at once. Just keep your chin up, stay positive, lose the weight, and when you are skinny and run into your ex-gf you can tell her where she needs to go and you will be much happier in the long run! We are all here for you!
  12. Once my surgery is done and I get the okay to go ahead with exercise and no restrictions, I plan on starting the P90X. That is a 90-day structured program and even though it is hard, it has results. Something different everyday so there's no rut to get stuck in. I also plan on doing some walking, bike riding, playing some basketball with my kids, and tossing the football around with them some. Those are my ideas so far. Hope you can find a niche that works good for you..and when you do, share it so we don't get bummed out and in a rut either
  13. Good luck to you, Shellykay. Mine is the day before yours. I'm so ready for it to get here...I'm counting down the days now
  14. Low carb slim fast is a good one..4 grams carbs but only 2 gram of that is sugar. The nectar proteins are great too and so are protizyme. A good thing to remember that my dietitian taught me is make sure your protein to carb ratio is 3:1 meaning for every one gram of carb, make sure there are at least 3 grams protein. My sleeve is the 7th and 9th day of liquid diet today. Good luck to you!
  15. Good luck to you too! How is your liquid diet going for you?