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  1. Hello, did the doctor have a concern because your a1c is a 6.3?
  2. Hello, does anyone know what kind of snack to eat prior a workout if you have hypoglycemia? I have not worked out in a year since I started having the hypoglycemia. Any suggestions would be great, I'm tired of gaining and scared to workout because of the hypoglycemia.
  3. The first time taking xanax after surgery I wanted to fall asleep, but I guess my body now has gotten use to it & it just calms me down now after taking it.
  4. You look so awesome!

  5. I've been there! I would pray everyday for my hair to grow back. My surgeon said around the fourth month it would start falling out & it did. but I cut it short and took biotin & hair products that help with hair growth. My hair is not the same but its grown back.
  6. Susan, yes i always have my meter, glucose tabs, juice & snacks with me at all times. I am just so annoyed that i always have to be eating every little while. My symptoms are shakey, heart beating fast & high anxiety.
  7. Susan what are some examples of what you would eat before working out? I am so terried of it dropping low I barely go on 15 min walks. and have to eat every few years hence the weight gain.
  8. Thank you so much! I was thinking the same. I have an appt with my PCP to refer me out because I know she will. As for my surgeon I didnt bother to ask since he just jumped to either surgery or live with it.
  9. where do i begin? I had my surgery 1 year & 3months ago. All was well, losing weight, no dumping, and got myself all the way up to running every day. That all changed in Nov when I experience my first sugar low. I couldnt tell if it was a panic attack of low blood sugar. i pulled out my glucose machine that i had not used in years and it was 65. It has been down hill ever since. I have not exercised since then and therefore really depressed cause i have lost no weight and gained. My surgeon put me on medication for it. Still was happening and he upped my dose and still continues. He said to either live with it or get a revision. which will require two surgeries and lots of complications, I am really depressed right now and at a crossroads with this.