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  1. Its almost like when your with you spouse and your fat you use them as a safety net because they love you and your fat? But then you lose weight and I'm sure they're happy for us but maybe a little jealous, maybe they're not the only one's who CAN love us anymore and someone else could, and rather than being proud of their new "Trophy wife" they shut down and put down. My husband expressed how he thought I might leave him once I was "skinny", jokingly but I know sincerely, and I always reassured him how I would never leave him no matter how much weight I lost. My husband is a very handsome and slender man and I always felt like people looked and him and thought he was crazy for being with someone as big as I was, LOL, I would joke and say we were the big number 10 (him the 1 me the 0) anyhoo, Your proud of your weight loss and want to brag and shout it out to the world and Idk about you but sometimes is all I can talk about. But sometimes not everyone around you wants to hear how well your doing, kinda like going on about your wedding to all your single friends...(been there too) And we want to talk about our weight loss so maybe if you need to surround yourself around people who are going what your going through, who've had WLS and lost alot of weight -common interest, and for your husband, if you really love him and want to work things out, just reassure him, I'm sure he loves you, but its just as hard a transition for them as it is for you. Good luck I hope everything works out for the best for both of you.
  2. SillyCilli

    Just need to vent...I guess

    @ Truiz1201- It's refreshing to hear I'm not alone in this but also feel bad that there is someone else out there that goes through what I do, thank you for your support and hope we both find a happy resolution, good luck to you @sarahbelle- Thank you so much for your kind words and support, I guess its just alot to take in at once and being only 5mths out of surgery am still not adjusted to it all, your sweet and your response was very much appreciated @2fat expat- Thanks for being so honest, I know your response wasn't warm and fuzzy, and you know what I think thats exactly what I needed, I shouldn't be feeling sorry for myself, that was the fat me, and your right my family shouldn't have to suffer. And I do have the most wonderful and absolutely supportive husband any woman can ask for and who has loved me from day 1, and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me and love him more than he's heard lately and its about time I tell him. Anyway, thank you so much for your advice I'm definitely going to talk to my Dr about therapy or look into WLS groups in my area.
  3. SillyCilli

    Just need to vent...I guess

    Well I'm down 57lbs since my surgery in July, which is a lil over 4mths now. And thats great I feel great now, I had a few complications after surgery when I was home after about a month and am getting myself back on track. So why is it that now I still tend to find something wrong with me. Is it because for so long I was the "Fat Girl" and now that I'm not exactly skinny Im don't really fit that profile anymore. I should be happy about that right, but why don't I feel happy, I'm still losing my hair. So now thats my excuse to go back to my old habits from when I was over weight, like feeling self conscience and wondering if anyone is staring at my receding hairline. I feel like the "fat girl" again. Will I ever be happy with myself, and I believe that no matter what I do myself now, I don't think I'll ever be happy, and maybe I was always like this, the surgery wasn't going to help me feel better about myself, nothing is. I really need to figure things out, because not only am I miserable, make the people around me that way too. I'm always yelling at my husband and children, and how do I explain to my husband how I'm feeling, when all he see's is "perfection" so he says. He tells me that I'm just so used to being down on myself that I'm always going to look for some kind of imperfection. And believe me I know everyone is not perfect but I just want to be happy, and I don't know how to start to get there. Sorry for going on for so long, just wondering if there is anyone else out there who's feeling this way, and if it gets better?
  4. SillyCilli

    Before shirt

    OMG...u look great!
  5. Hi, I'm 5 days postop and feeling pretty good, still a little nervous and maybe a little anxious on the journey ahead, but definately excited, this site has helped me alot with questions and information, and just a friendly word
  6. SillyCilli

    Pre Op 5.9.2011

    love the CUBS shirt!!!
  7. SillyCilli


    What an awesome pic!
  8. SillyCilli

    so he found out my plans.. <sigh>

    I kinda had the same issue, I was just worried about telling my husband bcuz I though he wouldn't understand, but I sat down with him and expressed how I really felt about the surgery, he was really understanding, maybe talking it out with him and telling him how u truely feel will help, good luck, and you always have lots of support here
  9. SillyCilli


    Good luck to the both of you- Jenni'sSmile & Dragonfly8273, Can't wait to be in your shoes
  10. SillyCilli

    2 Days Post-Op

    Thanks for posting I'm getting sleeved July 17th, and its great to hear someone doing so well, so now your about 3mths out, how are u feeling, and how long did ur Dr have you on liquids, my Dr just changed it to 2mths post -op liquid diet, is that a challenge, hope to hear how ur doing soon : good luck and keep up the good work
  11. SillyCilli


    I just had my EGD on Friday and was also told I have a hiatal hernia and gastritis but my Dr didnt go into detail about it and briefly said it can all be fixed in surgery? So is this just not that serious, my surgery is now set for July 17th, but I can't help but worry if this may complicate thing or not either during or after surgery :/
  12. SillyCilli

    Crossing My Fingers!

    Thats has to be so exciting, congrats, I just got approved today!!! What was your stress test like, I have my appt for that on the 14th then thats it I could get a date its all so overwhelming and nerve-wrecking, and exciting, all at the same time, good luck cant wait to see you on the flip side/losers bench
  13. SillyCilli

    What couldn't you wait to do after you lost weight?

    This is a great thread, and everytime I can't do something I think about how it would be after surgery, for ex. just the other day my DH and I went out for breakfast and were given a booth and I barely was able to squeeze in it and was too embarrassed to ask if we could change tables, anyway *I would love to be able to fit into a normal booth at a restaurant *Not to be able to feel my chins rub together when I turn my head *Not having my knees ache in pain from the walk from my parking lot to my office and walking down stairs with out holding on to the rail because my knees hurt from my weight *To be able to play softball with my girls and volleyball again
  14. SillyCilli


    Congrats, waiting on my phone call now, good luck How long did it take for your approval, I know all insurance companies are different but just curious
  15. SillyCilli

    Gastric By Pass Done 2-10-12 New To This Site

    Im excited to hear how you progress and am hoping to learn alot from your experiences, welcome to TT and thanks for sharing, can't wait to hear from you again