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  1. February Roll Call

    Crazy we are all in the same boat! I actually have been feeling totally nauseated when I wake up every day even though i'm taking prilosec BID. I fonally spoke with the nurse manager of my program and she asked me how much water I was drinking! Well, I haven't been really keeping track of it anymore, but I am not a big drinker. Maybe ~30 oz/day? It's pitiful. After talking to her I tried to step it up last night and have been doing better with it today. up to 40 so far! And I still haven't measured! I need to, though! It's going on my to-do list!
  2. Super Stubborn Stall

    I just ended my stall of almost 2 weeks! The first 2 weeks after surgery for me the weight was falling off, then.... nothing. I mean, I usually eat around 400 cals/day with the highest days being about 600. Like, how is that possible that I am not losing weight?! And yes, everyone talks about it but it's so different when it happens to you. I think a lot of it is hormonal. And your body freaking out! Just keep doing what you're doing and the weight WILL come off. People also say measuring helps keep them motivated - I have yet to measure, even though I keep meaning to! I guess if you're not losing weight, you're losing inches. Oh, and add a little light weight into your schedule. I got like 5lbs dumbbells just to work on my "bat wings" lol. Hopefully I'll feel up to going to the gym soon, but not yet! So, just keep it up - it'll be over soon enough! <3 Jennifer
  3. February Roll Call

    I'm barely over a month. (2/27) How are you all doing - especially you sleevers?! my 2 week stall has ended today - I'm down 4lbs since yesterday! Stalls are the weirdest thing. And I really had no idea until it happened to me. <3 Jennifer
  4. Stall After 2 Weeks?

    Same story here! I am 1 month post-op as of yesterday and the scale hasn't budged in over a week. I thought it was too soon for a stall, but it's comforting to know it's common. Aaah! I was freaking out. I'm eating like 600 cals/day - I just didn't -and still dont!- understand why I am not losing weight! Hopefully this insanity will end soon! And I've been meaning to start measuring, I just haven't... I will!
  5. So 1 month out yesterday. Aaand I've been on my first stall for over a week. Nice.

    1. soup


      Always tough to deal with but know that if you follow your program things will definitely restart and you'll keep on losing in the long run!

    2. techie.beth


      I was a slow starter'll be okay.

    3. McSleeve


      Hey you remember my posts on this....even though you are stalled your body can still be losing fat and inches, measure yourself early for weeks like this! You are doing fine.

  6. February Roll Call

    Had my 2 week post op today. I've lost 12 pounds since surgery! Everything looks great & is going well. I was sooooooooooo excited to CHEW something today! <3 Jennifer
  7. Isn't it funny how I thought I would take these 2 weeks and accomplish so much

    1. thelinesaredown


      I have barely responded to emails never mind redecorating the bathroom, updating my website, making mosaic mirror/table, finishing off some jewelry projects, doing my taxes, etc., etc., etc. le sigh

    2. mistymee


      Yeah, you need to let your body heal, focus on that... I don't think I even turned on my computer for the first three weeks! (honest!!)

  8. Post Op Check-In

    I can pretty much tolerate the same protein supplements I was taking before sx. I use Isopure LOW CARB (the zero carb is gross to me) Dutch Chocolate & mix it with light soy milk. I mix it & throw it in the freezer so it gets thick & I can eat it with a spoon. Another life saver for me is protein hot chocolate drinks & protein puddings, The hot chocolate has 15g protein & tastes exactly like swiss miss. You do have to drink 8 ounces of it, though. The puddings are great since you only have to add 4 oz water and get 15g protein. I get the Bariwise brand of both and order from free shipping on $49 orders & they always send me coupons, If you are looking for something thinner, try the Isopure RTD 8oz. I tried the grape and it was OK, not great, but I would get it again, just not every day. good luck! Jennifer
  9. Oh, ups and downs... At least I am feeling better at the moment. :)

  10. Ugh

    Thanks guys. It's just so frustrating right now. i know you've been there & it definitely helps to hear that people have gone through the same feelings that I'm having right now. I don't want food to rule my life and i was doing soooo well pre-surg so i kind of dont understand why I am feeling like this now. Maybe because there is no escape?! I haven't really slept much in the past 24 hours except a little cat nap here & there. I ended up getting in 58oz with 74g protein. Not too shabby, but it was so much work! Even though I thought I prepared myself i definitely didn't know it was going to be this difficult. And I still haven't pooped so my tummy is extra bloated. If something doesnt happen soon I'm gonna have to go get some milk of mag or something.
  11. Ugh

    I am 3 days out and although I was feeling fine today, emotionally I am falling a little. I am missing food. I'm falling behind in my fluid intake and then end up rushing it so it feels all weird in my tummy. Back to the whole missing food thing. I want to eat real food. I'm depressed. I don't know what I'm feeling. I dont like it though. I still havent pooped. Come on, poop. I want to eat something crunchy. I want to sleep.
  12. February Roll Call

    Thanks Ken & DD! I haven't pooped yet & my nurse said if nothing happens by tomorrow afternoon I need to get some milk of mag or something. I'll keep the miralax in mind, although I have been taking my colace so hopefully things will be happening in the poop department soon. I am not that clear on what happened, but my IRL support group has a facebook page and I started a post about my VSG and kept adding to it. There are lots and lots of typos and weirdness, obviously due to fun time medications, but it was a good way to keep track of things going on. And once I'm all healed up and feeling 100% I know I wont remember any of the discomfort I went through! But it's important for people to know the good & bad about this procedure. It made me feel so much better when people responded to my craziness telling me they went through the same thing. And my whole surgical team was awesome, they were incredibly supportive, too. I have to send some flowers over there soon. lovie, it does get a little easier every day, doesn't it? What a tremendous difference from a mere 24 hours ago. <3 Jennifer Oh, and I'm not even worrying about my weight right now. I'm not going to weigh myself until my 2 week post op visit. I think the weight will take care of itself if I just keep doing what I'm supposed to be doing. And no idea why they wanted to stick stuff in your butt! Even when they had trouble getting an IV in me, they said they would give the medication IM, not IB! (intra-butt-ular?)
  13. Anyone Having Surgery 2/27/2012?

    Gettin' our sleeve on WHAT!
  14. Post Op Check-In

    Me too! I am in minimal discomfort today compared to wanting to hang myself in the hospital shower room only 24 hours or so ago. And I only took 1 dose of oxycodone today.!
  15. Got home last night - feeling pretty good!

    1. thelinesaredown


      Sneezes are not welcome, though! OUCH!

    2. Tinaninanew


      Glad you are doing well!