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    Dr Brad Watkins
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    Univ of Cicinnati, Weightloss Ctr
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  1. I had the GPS surgery on Wed, in West Chester, Ohio. Dr Brad Watkins did the procedure. He repaired my hiatal hernia, to help with acid reflux issues. It was size of basball, suppose to be size of a quarter. The entire staff of the University of Cincinnati Weight Loss Ctr. One on one care for the patients. GPS requires an overnight stay. The attention and follow up care by Dr Watkins and his staff, plus the UC surgical ctr nurses, and the anesthesia Dr and nurse was all great. I stayed overnight in nearby hotel after being released. My husband drove us home (6hours) today. After seeing my pets, i took a long nap in my bed. As to pain, i have abouta level 5 on scale of 1 to 10 in my left shoulder. That is caused by the diaphragm having to be expanded for the procedure. This pain is quite common, and is disipating. The other pain is from the repair of the overly enlarged hiatal hernia. It only hurts a little when swallowing perhaps a 3 on the same scale. The 5 laproscopic sites are healing nicely, and i am aware i will have some tummy swelling until all has healed. I am still on a liquid diet until the 22nd. Then soft, mushy foods for 2 weeks, then regular fod but smaller portions after that time. I plan to get back into the gym next week, treadmill at first. Anyone with GPS questions should feel free to email me on this site. Or contact the office of Dr Brad Watkins in West Chester Ohio. I had BMI of 38.6 2 weeks ago. I had to loose 10 pounds for the surgery to help shrink the liver. I was instructed to do 800 calories a day of high protein drinks to help with this pre surgery weight loss. I lost 12 pounds in 13 days. I hope by the end of the first week since post surgery, i will have managed the mild discomfort of the pain while healing, the swelling subsides, and my nutrition intake can be improved. I am also on a daily chewable multi vitamin. Im excited about this new post surgery life. My 50th birthday will be in 7 months. Looking forward to thinner times!
  2. Hi. I was wondering if You had read about GPS. It is not covered by insurance, but you may still want to look into it as I have done. I have decided to do this procedure, laproscopic gasteric plication surgery, sometimes also referred to as greater curvature plication surgery. It has been around for about 8 years, performed in Europe, South America, and in the USA during past 3 years.

  3. Have you learned any info from your Dr regarding you post about TT and now the sleeve op? Just curious as to the reply. I am doing the gasteric plication GPS, new type of surgery, on Feb 15. Good luck to you!
  4. Maybe your search of the internet in hopes of some kowledge of weightloss procedures has provided you with information about GPS. It is a laproscopic procedure. It is recommended for BMIs below 40 based on some reviews. As low as 27, but taking into account comorbidities. After being refused for the lapband due to no comorbids and a BMI of 38.6. Anyway i learned of GPS via my internet research. I looked into the Cleveland Clinic which has called me twice but not sent me the information yet after 3 weeks of waiting. I considered traveling to Panama, but the travel cost was the turnoff. The facility and doctors were terrific. And the paperwork was professional. Bit when payingout of pocket all expenses must be considered. Cleveland 18,500. Panama 9,100. And then i saw Georgetown Univ and the Univ of Cincinnati. I read some great information on various sites about Dr Brad Watkins of Cincinnati. I read everything I could find. I emailed The Weightloss Ctr ifor Dr Brad Watkins just I had for the others. I have all my medical records ready to send if anyone responds to my inquiries. Pamela Watkins calls me, we discuss my weight, my weight loss efforts, my weight loss goals, my understanding of GPS and the requirements to include financing options. She has her staff contact me for a more in depth conversation after I submit my medical records and Insurance information. She sends me numerous documents to complete. And arranges dor me to speak to a nurse, who has had a lapband and lost 130 pounds to date. Everyone is friendly, professional, and informative. And prompt! I will do 3 hours of interviews by telephone on Thursday, the nurse, the surgeon,and the counselor. And more financial information i requested. If all is in order and no other test are found to be needed, then i will travel to Cincinnati on Feb 14, meet the medical staff of Dr Watkins and be ready for the GPS on Wednesday Feb 15. I am excited. I even felt more energetic today, as if a certain amount of stress has been lifted. So far, the experience with this medical office has been tremendous. Im excited. Im anxious to learn about the eating plans before and after surgery. Im anxious to get enough weight off to feel energetic enough to get back into the gym. I want to post my weightloss success. Im ready for the change in eating habits and I know my life will be much more active with this procedure. Im so hoping the positive reviews i have read, the less invasiveness, the limited after procedure problems will all be true for me. I plan to get BLIS insurance coverage for 90 days after the procedure in case any troubles should arise. I am also hoping the promise of eliminating my GERD/acid reflux will be true. Acid reflux has haunted me dor 6 plus years. Not buying those meds will be well worth this out of pocket procedure.
  5. Hi. I have had my medical office frustrators too! My husbands family is all in SC gamecock fans, every last one of 'em. Im a VA Tech Hokie. Lets be friends. My surgery is set for Feb 15.

  6. Ok. Breathe. Do this 10 times. Big in and out breaths. Now laugh a little, its going to be okay. Good luck on the vitamin questions. Wish i could help you
  7. jennflamz

    Bmi Reduction

    That is excellent news! Keep up the good work!
  8. Girl I am so impressed. You sound like ypu have a positive outlook and are obviously committed to making the changes! Keep up the great work effort. I am watching your progress!
  9. Thank you for posting with before and after pics. You look terrific. Are you exercising too? Keep up the good work.
  10. instead of the sleeve, have you asked or heard about the Laproscopic gastric curvature plication surgery? it is still new/experimental in US, but has been used in Europe, India, Mexico, elsewhere for a few years. Very few if any complications, and recommended for BMI 27 and 2 comorbids.

  11. good luck. with BCBS I was on the phone with them today. If they decline you, immediately request a REVIEW (appeal). Then if they decline again, immediately request next level REVIEW (appeal) with medical doctors recommending the surgery, and all the testing you have done, they will likely approve. I hope they don't have that dreadful 6 month pre-surgery diet requirement in NY. Some BCBS states do, some don't wierd. BUT request REVIEW. The BCBS customer service lady told me this today, and she was so supportive and great. Sadly for me, my doctor, Surgery Assoc of Johnson City, TN declined me based on NIH regs, because I am bmi 39, with no co morbids. They told me automatic decline, even if I offered to pay out of pocket, or my insurance agreed. Surgeons right to decline based on NIH. oh well. Good luck again, hang in there, this will work for you I'm sure!
  12. I was curious as to how you are doing now since several months have passed since your gastric plication? Also, is it hard to get accepted for the surgery in Panama? my BMI is 39, no co morbids. thanks.