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  1. I am hoping to get into a clinical trial at UCSF that does this procedure. I am 5 1/2 years out from RNY. I was 303 got down to 212 and 201 with a trainer. I am currently 218. I have wasted slot of time trying to find a dr that will do a revision because they say my surgery was a success even though my BMI is still 37. My insurance will pay and I am healthy I don't see why the answer is no. I am hoping to get in for the trial. What have been long term results? I'm not looking for a miracle, my goal has always been around 180.
  2. Best of luck! I had my surgery on the 17th. Still taking it slow. I felt great the next day, then got hit with nausea:-( I had the option to stay a third day in hospital but I wanted to come home. Once home I knew I should have stayed. Today is the 21 and I am making myself tackle my protein and vitamins, could not do it yesteday. I think today is the first day I am glad I did it:-) Oh yeah don't forget to comb your hair, I have mine soaking in conditioner right now praying the tangles come out lol. I am praying for your success.
  3. I am nervous about failing to plan. That is where I always fall off with regular dieting. It is always fine the first trip to the store, but as stuff starts running out i start eating what everyone else is:-( Good luck to you guys!
  4. Hi Jennie! I would love to hear how your journey is going. My surgery is tomorrow, I am not really too nervous yet but I feel like I can not get enough information, I want to know everything:-) I think that would be just excited:-)
  5. Best of luck! My surgery is tomorrow. I started the liquid diet yesterday, it is not so bad. I started a partial liquid last week just to get the last few pounds off that I needed to lose. I almost chose the sleeve, but I am going with the gastric bypass instead. Will be looking forward to hearing about your journey:-)
  6. Best of luck! I can not wait to see the results:-)
  7. My surgery is not until tomorrow, but I wish you luck on getting back on track. You have done so well! I have heard the 5 day pouch test is good also.
  8. Good for you! My surgery is tomorrow, hoping I come out of it with the same enthusiasm!
  9. Good morning. My surgery is tomorrow morning. I am so excited. The nervousness has not set in yet. I almost did this 10 years ago and backed out at last minute. Not this time:-) I am so glad to hear you have not had any complications. Have a great day.
  10. jeners

    Day 6

    Congrats on your surgery and good luck on your weight loss:-) I have mine on the 17th. I am really nervous about my hair falling out:-(
  11. I am scheduled to have surgery on the 4-17-12. I am stressing I am still a few pounds out from where I need to be:-( I started a partial liquid diet today. Praying it works.

    1. Kirabelle


      two protein shakes and one small meal of veggies and lean protein a day and you'll make it

  12. Wow! You look amazing! Congratulations!
  13. I just got referred to Dr. Otero at John Muir in Walnut Creek today. Would like to talk with anyone who has had him for a surgeon. Or anyone who has had this surgery at John Muir. Jennifer
  14. jeners


    Hi. I am not a senior, but am very intere3sted in the journey after surgery. I backed out 10 years ago and just got my referral today to see a surgeon. I am scared of wanting to eat and not being able to. How are you feeling? What does a meal look like for you? Congratulations! Jennifer