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  1. so sorry you are having the GERD. i understand. mine was post sleeve, but was hard! The conversion to RNY has been a life saver for me! Thank you for friending me! Best to you!

    1. SusanB


      My GERD is post sleeve as well.

    2. SusanB


      My GERD is post sleeve as well.

    3. SusanB


      My GERD is post sleeve as well.

  2. sleeve to bypass on 12 Sept

    Glad to read everyone is doing well. My sleeve to bypass is Apr 23
  3. sleeve to rny revision due to gerd

    Kaiser West Los Angeles where I am having my surgery at has been performing sleeves for the last 5 years or so. My doctor said they are now seeing as many as 26% of the sleeves develop GERD. When my symptoms are bad, I'm all for the surgery. When I'm feeling good, I feel hesitant. I think that's normal. My surgery date is April 23. I switched from Prilosec (which controlled my gas well but I vomited at night 2-3x week) to Protonix which was awful. For a month straight my stomach was distended, hard as rock. I looked 5 mos pregnant and I had gas like a man lol. And it wasn't productive at all. Sorry..I know TMI. The Protonix did completely stop the night vomiting though. I stopped taking everything last week waiting for my doc to give me a different presciption so I can barely eat at all now I'm trying to be positive. Sometimes I regret getting the sleeve all together. I wish I would've had the will power to just take off the weight. I had the sleeve in 2011. My gallbladder out in 2013 and now the revision in 2015. It's been quite a roller coaster.
  4. Hello. I was sleeved in Nov 2011. I've had successful weight loss but have developed severe GERD. My doctor has now decided I need a revision to RNY. I'm not looking forward to going through the whole process again and I don't need to lose a ton of weight. Has anyone undergone the RNY at normal weight and did you lose a lot more? was it more difficult to recover than the sleeve?
  5. 3 years out. 20 pound regain. Still 100 down. Facing revision to RNY due to GERD.

    1. teachingaimee


      Are you able to take prilosec anymore or is that not effective?

    2. bondkatt


      Hi! So sorry to hear of this. I guess it would be stupid of me to ask "is it really that bad?" if you are actually considering more surgery. I am still in 6 month pre-op. I need to take Omeprazole daily or the regurgitation is overwhelming. So maybe RNY is the best option for people with pre-existing GERD? I could have sworn I read GERD gets better for sleeves after a year or so... am I mistaken?

    3. SusanB


      My docs are saying you shouldn't have the sleeve if your have GERD. I didn't have it prior. I'm pretty miserable. Prilosec stopped working. Protonix didn't work. Surgery is Apr 23

  6. 19 months out... Lost 89 lbs since sleeve, 123 total! Been maintaining for 8 months! Just started p90x to tone up!

    1. cinwa


      That's outstanding Susan. Congratulations!

    2. Lori88


      Awesome so happy fo ryou!

  7. isopure protein powder

    I have the peach-mango. It's hard to choke down. I wish I would've went with my gut and bought Syntrax Nectar's Fuzzy Navel again.. but it had started tasting too sweet to me. I have Isopure Zero Carb's Creamy Vanilla. It's ok. I didn't care for the Cookies & Cream.
  8. Almost 8 months out.. Lost 58 lbs since sleeve, 96 total. Wore a bikini to the beach last week. Feel amazing..24 more lbs to go!

  9. No more Coffee?

    I drink coffee and/or tea nearly everyday. If it's Starbucks.. I get soy sugar-free hazelnut lattes or if I make it i use sugar-free hazelnut creamer about 1 tbsp.
  10. So ashamed .... I ate a frito

    Don't fret about a couple of fritos. I ate a handful of pretzel m&m's last night. Yes .. a big no no.. but I added it to my calorie count..and that was it. As long as you aren't hitting up the junk food everyday, you're good.
  11. Sizes

    Going down in sizes doesssss feel great. My highest pants size was 22 and now I am at 12. I cannot wait to see single digits!
  12. Myfitnesspal?

    i am using it too.. love it. i am on 80 days straight.. i had 80 days straight before.. but when i went on my cruise.. couldn't log on i even have my daughter using it now. makes it so easy to chart your food. solearybrown
  13. I have started to cheat!

    i cheat on my diet. i don't beat myself up about it. last week at work i had to work a 'double' (16 hours straight) and i have a high stress job... and i ate a huge box of hot tamales throughout the 16 hours. .. prob between 700-900 calories. i had all my protein & vitamins down and just told myself that i needed to go running the next day.. and i did. the reason i don't go crazy about it is because i am not eating that every day. .. or even every week. i'm still losing weight at a great pace & exercising daily. if you find yourself eating sweets daily ruining your calorie count.. then you need to address it.
  14. your weight loss is going to fluctuate. i don't lose anything for a couple of weeks, then lose 5-7 in one week. it varies for everyone. i think your carbs are low too. i eat about 1000-1200 calories a day,75-100 grams of protein.. that's all i monitor. i exercise like crazy though. p90 & couch to 5k.the water aerobics sounds fun. enjoy!
  15. Coffee?

    I drink coffee several nights a week. (I work graveyard shift) I either drink starbucks (grande soy sugar-free hazelnut latte) or large 7Eleven with 2 splendas and 2 hazelnut creamers. I also drink a lot of different teas, hot & iced.