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About Me

Fast forward almost 5 years from my surgery date

Who I am now:

I'm a mommy of 2 daughters, (8 and 12) by night and by day-----finishing my mathematics degree (two minors:  education and statistics).  I'm the wife of a retired military medevac paramedic and a current street paramedic.  My life is hectic, and my goals are big.  No one bothered to mention to me that goals had expiration dates, so I've decided to accomplish all of them! 

One of the major things I've learned along the way is that my weight never defined me, it just limited me.  Once I got over that, my priorities righted themselves and I've stopped making excuses.  Every day I wake up and choose again to continue the task of becoming the woman that I want to be.  Trust me, this goes much deeper than weight loss. 



Before the surgery:I'm a full time military wife and mommy to 2 daughters (2 and 6) by day, and a part-time engineering student at night.  I've just started going through the process to have WLS (gastric bypass or nothing), and I can't wait to meet others that are on a similar journey.  For the past 2 years, I've been monitored monthly by my primary care physician, and I've been on several programs in the attempts to be successful in permanent weight loss.  The ONLY co-morbidity that I have (though Tricare won't recognize it as such) is PCOS.  So, until Tricare changed its rules this year to a standard "40+BMI with no comorbidity," I was out of luck.  

Long story short:  BMI now around 42, PCOS is the only co-morbidity, 2 years of monthly monitoring by my PCP......there may just be a chance for approval!!!! (I'd add a smiley, but there's just not a big enough one!)

Things I've changed so far?? (and have maintained for almost 2 years now)

1.  Stopped smoking (woo hoo....and cold turkey I might add)

2.  Subtracted ALL carbonated beverages (this probably hurt more than the cigarettes at first)

3.  Subtracted ALL refined sugar and wheat  (Food Lover's Fat Loss Plan has all the best substitution ideas, btw)

4.  Added supplements for my metabolism, immune system, anti-carcinogens, etc....

5.  Followed standard/proper portions (as outlined in Food Lover's.....great guide)

6.  Became a gym rat, going between 3-6 days per week, adding strength training and cardio (usually swimming or elliptical)

7.  Maintained a food diary for almost a year of the duration

8.  Stopped going out drinking on the weekends

Ever heard of people trying everything and not maintaining success????  Nice to meet you. I'm nestingdoll and can't wait to join the Loser's Bench.  So, I'm keeping all of my healthy changes and going to consult with the surgeon.  I should've done this 10 years ago, instead of driving myself crazy with every diet known to man or following every weight loss inkling that my PCP had.



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