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  1. Need Help! Warning... long story

    Thank you everyone! I truly appreciate your support. I decided today was the day to start TRYING to let things go. Yes, I miss my dad and everytime I think about him I start to tear up, but I guess because he was always there for me and was my biggest supporter when I had the WLS (among many other things). I want to get out and start walking and am thinking about looking into meditation. I've come the realization that a lot of people in my life are nothing but big bullies and they know how to push my buttons. I wear my heart on my sleeve (always have) and don't do well when being criticized or belittled. I'm a grown adult and need to get my head back in the game. I started out well today (at least I think so). For breakfast I had two boiled eggs, and for lunch I had a soup-to-go tomato soup (150 calories). It's when I got home that I totally lost it. I had a piece and a half of pork roast, some mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. My intention was to only have the pork loin, but the rest looked soooo good. I'm hoping to get out and walk (but it's cold today and I'm a big whimp , but still hoping I'll get out there). I'm glad I came back to the site... you have all given me something to think about and I'm going to try my best to get back on track.
  2. Need Help! Warning... long story

    Thank you all for your responses!! You have some great ideas and I'm going to try them. I'm going to speak to my counselor one more time and reiterate that I need help coping with my stress and food addiction. I doubt this is going to get me anywhere, but I want to give her one more chance. I hate to upset people, so I think I'd rather make myself miserable than hurt someone else. Big problem of mine. Probably should be a counseling subject too. Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm going to TRY to start all over. I want to do the pouch test, but can't seem to get through it. But, I will try again tomorrow and I will also write a letter and pray for guidance. Thank you all!!!
  3. Need Help! Warning... long story

    I'm having a terrible time. I just keep gaining. It all started last year when my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer in late March. I was very stressed during this time and having problems with one of my brothers blaming me for not taking my dad to the doctor when he complained he had pain in his side. I did take my dad to the doctor and he told the doctor the pain wasn't that bad, so he'd wait and see. He got to the point where he started throwing up (alot). I told him to the ER where they had to put a tube in his stomach to suction everything out. From there they took him for a scan and found a large mass. The following day they took him in for surgery and found that he had cancer all over. I was devastated. They diagnosed him with colon cancer, which he had recently had a colonoscopy, but apparently this cancer started in his appendix and spread to the colon. The cancer was actually on the outside of the colon, so it wasn't detected in the colonoscopy. Now, everyone is blaming the doctor for not finding it and once again the implications begin because I'm the one that got him started seeing this doctor. i've explain a million and one times that there is no way the doctor would have been able to detect the cancer being it was on the outside of the colon. And so my life of hell has begun!!! I have three brothers (whom none of them work), that would try to make me feel bad, by saying they were (one in particular) the only one's that did anything for dad. I work full time and would go to my dad's after work and cook and clean up for him, but they always managed to get their jabs in. And thus, the stress eating begins. I came on here once last year when all this started and ran into a nasty person, who thought she had the right to talk to me like I was stupid. That conversation ended with her saying, "I hope you gain all your weight back". Real nice person, huh? I turned her into an admin and of course got no response from them. I then once again left the site and have not been back until now. Story continues.... I always went to the hospital after work, but on this particular day, I didn't stay long. I was tired and just wanted to go home. I told my dad they were going to give him a shot for his pain and that they were to bring him a fan. He said, "Thank you and be good". I thought that was a little odd, but left anyway. I wasn't home more than an hour and the nurse called me and said, "I'm sorry to tell you, your father has passed". What? I knew he wasn't going to last much longer, but I wasn't ready for this. I went back to the hospital to say, "good-bye". My husband met me there and after sitting there for a while, he mentioned his thumb was swollen and was going to the emergency room because it was very painful. He texted me from the ER to tell me they were keeping him. I couldn't even think straight at that point. I ended up going home and the next morning went to the hospital, where I found out they were going to operate on my husband. OMG!! I'll try to make this shorter While he was in the hospital his employer called and said they were setting up a meeting for the following week and that he needed to be there. He got out of the hospital the day before my dad's visitation and we made it through that. A few days later he went to his meeting to be told they were closing his store and unless there was someplace to transfer, they would be let go. 27 years.. and that's all they can say? So, my struggle continues. Although, my husband gets unemployment, it's becoming a difficult journey and food has become my friend again. I started seeing a conselor a month or so ago, but I don't think she "gets it". I am stressed beyond belief and don't know what to do. My doctor whom I absolutely loved, until he didn't even acknowledge my dad's passing is asking if I'm watching my diet and that my weight needs to be addressed. This is a "one shop doc".... he did my gastric bypass, as well as our family doctor. I'm upset with him. I'm upset with my brothers (which there is a lot more story to go with that), I started a new job last week and am working with a tyrant, my husband isn't even looking for a job and I'm at my wits end. Please, if anyone can help me get through this and on the right track, I'd truly appreciate it. My nerves are absolutely shot!! Thank you in advance!! P.S. I've gained about 30 lbs. in a year
  4. How long does the hair loss last?

    As you've read, everyone's experience is different. My hair started looking a little better around the 2 year period. It finally started growing. By no means is it back to where it was when I started. I ate my protein religiously and took my vitamins. It didn't matter what I did. I tried the biotin and silica, special shampoo's, etc. Hopefully, you'll be one of the lucky ones and it won't last long. Best wishes!!
  5. 10 months out... :)

    OMGosh!!! Amazing!
  6. Depression after losing 100+ pounds

    Hi Tom! I feel your pain. I, too, struggle with depression. I thought I was doing pretty well the first year after surgery. But now that I look back, I think it was just beginning to escalate. I was an emotional wreck. I would dwell on the stupidest things. After speaking with my doctor, he put me on an anti-depressant as well as medication for anxiety. Today, I feel great! It takes time to find the right treatment, but make sure you stick with it until you do. You'll be glad you did. Things will get better. Keep in touch... let me know how you're doing. I'm also very sorry for the loss of your friend. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
  7. Hi! It's been a little over 2 years now. How is everyone doing? Surgery 12/08/11 Start 278 Current 150 I got down to 140, but decided that was too low for my frame (my doctor agreed), so I've put some on, and am happy where I'm at.
  8. 6 weeks post-op

    Wow! You really look great!
  9. Hernia after gbp

    Had my hernia surgery on Christmas Eve, needles to say, it was no picnic. My question now is.... I had mesh used and have been having a burning sensation (not sure if it's from the mesh or nerve damage). Trying to find someone else that has had this experience.
  10. what happened?

    I can soooo relate to the no butt Who would have thought flat was the new sexy??
  11. 4 lbs from my goal !

    Congratulations!! So glad for you!
  12. So many emotions...

    Hi all! This post caught my eye. Boy, oh boy, do I remember those feelings. I was actually having my IV put in, thinking I still had time to change my mind. But, as I continued to sit and think, I knew this was something I needed to do for myself. I had several co-morbidities and wanted to make sure I'd be around for my grandchildren. I can't say it's been easy, as I have had complications, but nothing that was bad enough to make me regret my decision. Of course, whenever something does go wrong, I always question whether I did the right thing having the surgery. LOL At the end of the day, it was the right decision for me. I can do so many more things and I feel as if I'm a happier person. Just think about the reasons you want the surgery and see if they outweigh your fears, if they do, you have your answer. Best wishes to you. I know you'll do great!!!
  13. Hernia after gbp

    Has anyone else had the experience of a hernia after their bypass? Mine is right on my surgical line. Ugh! More surgery on Christmas Eve. Not sure what to expect. Surely this can't be worse than the bypass surgery (fingers crossed).
  14. Think I'm Losing It

    Thank you for your responses. Just having someone that was willing to listen made me feel better. Trying to look at things positively..... (notice I said trying). lol Tomorrow is a new day and this too shall pass. Thank you again!
  15. Think I'm Losing It

    Have you ever felt like nothing is going right? I'm having a pity party today It seems nothing is going right and everything that can go wrong... is. I'm really frustrated with EVERYTHING!! I didn't get a job I had hoped to get at work. Had I been able to get this advancement, I could have quit my second job. I've gone back on antidepressants and have gained weight. Although my BMI is 24... I don't like the thought that I've gained. My son has given me problems and then to top it off, I'm in Illinois where the tornado's hit yesterday. Although, we're ok, I have a lot of friends that have lost their homes and everything else. The one fatality here was a man I had gone to school with. It's just a little overwhelming at the moment. Sorry, I just needed to vent. I'll continue my pity party away from the computer.... Thanks for listening!