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  1. February Roll Call

    Ken !!!! How you been? Things okay here, Im sorta in the same boat as you. Stall and drop stall and drop. But Im am down 25lbs since surgery!! Yay me!!! And I have lost two pants sizes. Its not easy to not get discouraged when you hit that stall but I keep at it and eventually the scale does move again. Glad to hear from you, I was wondering what happened you.
  2. So I think my dreadful three week stall is finally over. The scale moved down a few pounds this week. So glad, I was really starting to get discouraged.

  3. So today I am 2 weeks post op I am 14 lbs lighter and altogether I have lost 47 lbs !!!! Today was my first day back to work and alot of people noticed that I have lost weight. I am offically in Onederland at 199 but it seems this is where I have been stuck all week. But at least I have made it to Onederland ...... yay me!!!!

  4. So I am five days out and feeling much much better. Its kinda weird because my Dr. told me to stay on liquids until my post op appt on Monday. I have stuck to that but have added a little bit of stuff with more substance. The Dr. told to try to get in between 300-500 calories a day but I am able to get almost up to 800 in. Is something wrong? Am I doing something wrong?

    1. techie.beth


      Wow I barely get 800 calories at 6 months post. Your hair wont fall out!

    2. Cyndi120


      And I can get in about 12ozs in an hour. Is that bad? I dont feel bad and when I feel full I stop but that fullness seems to pass within a very short time(an hour)not three hours like my surgeon said.

    3. cinwa


      Cyndi - follow your programme. You start pushing it now and you're going to continue doing it.

  5. I am three days post-op and am really having a hard time getting all my fluids in not to mention I havent been able to get any protien in. First day home anything I put in came back up. Yesterday I was able to get 20oz of water with crystal light , 2oz of chicken broth and about 2oz of juice. Any suggestions? I dont want to get dehyrated but I dont want to over do it either.
  6. Hey everyone. Two days post op and feel really bad I cant seem to keep anything down not even sips of water. And I am running a slight temp. What do I do???

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    2. techie.beth


      Try peppermint tea. I still can't do water and I'm 6 months out.

    3. BugdocMom


      Give your surgeon a call. Mention the fever, too. Hope you feel better!

    4. slbeek30


      Yes call your dr for fever..... try warm tea, or warm water. I thought I wanted cold but my pouch wanted warm. Once I figured that out I was able to drink. I drink cold now but I didnt for about 8 months.

  7. Well surgery went well. Not much pain at all. Now if I can just go home where I can rest without being woke up everyone

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    2. techie.beth


      I understand the being woke up part! Them leg massagers pinched me a ton too!

    3. Cyndi120


      Me too.I mine off first thing this morning.

    4. BugdocMom


      I LOOOOVED the leg massagers! Glad to hear things went well and you are already up posting. Now that those massagers are off, get to walking...LOL.

  8. You will not believe this!

    Sit down with her and tell her. She is your sister afterall and it may be better for the both of you to have someone to go through this with. Although our family ( I hope) are supportive they really have no idea what you go through unless they have been through it themselves. Tell her I am sure she will be happy to have someone to share this experience with.
  9. Tomorrow is my Day!!!! Be at the hospital at 5:45 am , nervous and excited at the same time!!!!

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    2. Cyndi120


      Thanks you guys!!! Katiebug- keep that seat warm, I'll be there shortly :)

    3. McSleeve


      Wishing nothing but the best recovery ever! Sent you a PM!

    4. WorthTheWeight


      You will be fine.... so excited!

  10. Almost there ... 1 1/2 days til surgery

    Yessss HarrisburgRick we will both be there before we know it !!!! Cherie, thats what I keep telling myself to keep calm. When it is over I will be so much happier, cant wait for it to be over!!!!!!! New life here we comeeeeeeee!
  11. Surgery on Friday!!! Nerves are really getting the best of me. Worried so much today that I almost called my Dr. and cancelled.Uhhhh!

    1. katiebug


      Dont cancel! Everything will be fine. We have all felt like this. Think of the relief once surgery is over. :) good luck.

    2. Chelsealynn


      Don't cancel!!!! Soon, you'll be wanting to call your Dr to thank him! ;)

    3. Cyndi120


      Thanks yall !! Yeah I have calmed down a bit from this morning. I did not cancel and have told myself I WILL do this and everything will be FINE. Thinking good thoughts as of now. Tomorrow I know my nerves will get to me again but I will make it through this especially with great people like you all !!! Thanks for the support.

  12. Almost there ... 1 1/2 days til surgery

    Me too!! I was so nervous last night and this morning that I almost cancelled my surgery. But I think I am okay today, trying to keep those negative thoughts out of my head. I have been on a liquid diet for six days now and it really isnt that bad. Tomorrow after midnight I have to start my fast. I cant wait to get to that losers bench tooo!!!! See ya there
  13. Cyndi120 surgery date

    this is the first day of the rest of my life!!!
  14. Started my 7 days of liquid- pre-op diet!! uhh this is gonna be hard but I know I can do this the reward awaits at the end!!

    1. Chelsealynn


      It's hard at first, then it gets easier, and yes, WELL WORTH the hard work in the end! ;)

  15. Harford County Maryland

    oops...... no we dont have the same surgeon. I posted in the wrong spot and cant figure out how to delete