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  1. The good news is I lost 20lbs. Week 3 post-lapband. The bad news is I gained 8 of it back over 4 days! Uh oh!

  2. Surgery Complete

    My surgery went well. I am in a lot of pain all over. It hurts to sit up or lay down. The pain medicine doesn't seem to work much. The staff at the surgery center were super kind and friendly as were the doctors so I had a good experience with them thank goodness. I didn't expect them not to be. I am looking forward to having broth tomorrow. Just water and ice chips today. Though I really wish this pain would go away. I've had chronic pain for years and so I am immune to most pain medications or especially low doses, I normally take 10 MG of percocet twice a day for severe pain and they only gave me 7.5 for the post-op pain, which is worse than my chronic pain, so it's not putting a dent in it. I might have to call my pain doctor. Other than that I am told it went well and I am looking forward to the future of losing weight and eating and feeling healthier! God bless everyone! Happy New Year!
  3. Lap-Band Surgery Scheduled

    Yes please, any recipes you have would be great!!
  4. I just found this forum and I am very excited to join the community. I was even more excited that they use Invision Power Board software as I have been using IPB for 8 years now on my own community sites. My name is Ryan and I work for the State of Arizona. I weigh about 323 lbs and am getting lap-band surgery tomorrow (12-29-2011). I have been trying to get this surgery approved through my insurance for the last 2 and a half years. It has been a rigorous battle with the insurance companies and I finally got the approval (and a 1-week notice prior to surgery to meet the end-of-year deductibles met, etc. etc.). Anyways I am excited and nervous. I am getting my lap-band through True Results (www.trueresults.com) in Phoenix. My surgery is at the Tempe New Day Surgery Center by Dr. Gowen Nirmul. I am nervous about the liquids-only for the first few weeks. I didn't get any instructions from the surgeon about any kind of surgery pre-wash with something like Hibiclens Antiseptic/ Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser (Chlorhexidine Gluconate or CHG) that I had to use when my gallbladder was taken out laproscopically. I am wondering if anyone else was told to use a special cleaner or if they didn't suggest it? Usually its a good idea to use a special cleaner before surgery as a general precaution.
  5. getting lap band surgery tomorrow! Excited and nervous!

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      Christi E

      you will do great and we will chat to you soon!!