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  1. Pregnant (yay!)

    Yeah, I was hoping someone had advice who had been through pregnancy after RnY but apparently not. My OB and Surgeon are already aware of the plans (I'm only 8 wees along), and I have discussed with the nutritionist and the surgeon the best plan for pregnancy in general as well as given the consent for them to share information already. ShrinkingWaterLily - it is a problem for some people to get pregnant because of their weight, but not everyone. I don't think we even discussed having a child when I had the surgery (it was probably more like 6 mo post-op). ...and yes, we lovingly refer to it as being my parasite (because it technically is feeding off me and it seriously just looks like a blob currently so it's hard to think of it as a baby), or Version 2. I feel like now I'm spending more time defending myself than anything else so I should prob stop this thread.
  2. Pregnant (yay!)

    I think that I do get my protein in (and much more other crap) on a regular basis... I just want to make sure that actually going back to shakes for a couple days would be what is best for me and the baby, and (hopefully) I can stomach them since most of the food that's good for me to eat either makes me disgusted or dumping (which I've done much much more since getting pregnant). Oh, I'm not sure what you mean about the reward part, but I didn't have a problem to get pregnant when I was fatter, I just wanted to wear a smaller dress so we put it off for a while. Anybody out there who's been through this (there doesn't seem to be RnY patients on my pregnancy board either)? :(
  3. Pregnant (yay!)

    The back story - I had RnY in January 2012, and had lost about 125lbs. Talked to my surgeon about getting pregnant earlier, but he said to wait... so we waited until we knew I'd be able to fit into my wedding dress in October and now I'm pregnant with our "honeymoon baby". Which is great! What I end up feeling now though isn't so great... I had started smoking again a few months ago and I quit right after the wedding but have now gained 10lbs from it and am having a hard time getting rid of it. I know I'm being horrible with food, between not wanting to eat things and wanting only to eat carbs/junk. I guess I'm looking for advice - I don't have morning sickness (currently 8 weeks pregnant) but I have been snacking on crap because it's the only stuff that doesn't make me disgusted. I've also been eating too much of it (but I constantly feel hungry). How do I help get myself back under control in a way that's still healthy for our little parasite growing inside me?? Is it okay to go back to the beginning and do the liquids only (then move on to protein shakes, etc) or will I be starving the whole time trying to get it under control??? I don't want to wait until I'm further along and have really started gaining weight to stop this nonsense!! I think I just need a good kick in the head to get some sense knocked back into me, but I'm not sure.
  4. So... I don't think that it's fair to say "you're so young, so wait" so that's not what I'm going to say. I know what it's like to want a baby, and if you can afford one, and want one... I don't really feel like age is the problem. That being said, we have almost the same surgery date (mine was 23 Jan '12), and my surgeon told me to wait until 18 months to try because at that point, everything will be completely healed and the absorption is better for the nutritional stuff. Maybe your surgeon has differing views, but the journals are currently recommending 12-18 months after surgery. If something ruptures while pregnant due to the stretching, it's not good for anybody involved!! Also, getting closer to goal would be better... but also I think we should keep in mind, that if you're still losing currently, chances are that you may continue to lose for (at least) part of the pregnancy. From experience, I can tell you that being heavy when pregnant is really not fun at all. Best of luck!
  5. I asked my Ob/Gyn... planning on trying to get pregnant later this year, they told me to continue to take the regular supplements I currently take as long as they have folic acid in them... since I already take a higher "dose" due to the bypass. The nutritionist at the surgeon's office said I should plan to gain about 25-30lbs with the pregnancy. ...and CONGRATULATIONS!
  6. Over a year later...

    So, it's been over a year since I had gastric bypass... and a long time since I've posted an update here. I think most of it is just because I'm so busy actually living life now instead of waiting for it to pass me by. I do Crossfit now, I jog with our new puppy, I'm not terrified to have my Fiance (omg, yes, I'm getting married) give me piggy back rides now and fear breaking his back! I cannot say how many times over how thankful I am and how happy I am to have had this surgery. It changed my life, it gave me hope again, and a positive outlook. Every time I look in the mirror I'm excited about what I'm wearing, happy to be going out (okay, there are some days when I'm not *happy*... but overall). I used to almost be in tears every time I stood in front of the mirror (that is not an exaggeration). I'm getting married this year, I had given up on ever wearing a "real" wedding dress, I thought I would be so busy trying to hide this or that, and that there aren't a lot of options available to me. Well, it really messed up my plans when I tried on a mermaid style gown and it looked amazing (image attached). I am dealing with that problem though. This isn't to say that it's always easy - it's not. I still get sick every now and then when I eat too fast, or drink too close to eating, or have something I shouldn't. But this was the best decision for me, and I love what it has done for me, not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. So, I've attached some pictures of me along the way, and maybe it will help someone else to have a little more hope. - This was about 7 months after - This was about a year after - This was the morning of surgery - This was about a month after surgery
  7. quick process to surgery?

    I had no serious health issues, but my insurance was onboard very quickly. My first appointment (consultation) was the beginning/mid of November, my surgery was mid/end of January. Speedy.
  8. My first official stall....I may not make it through!

    We all stall. If you know you're working the plan correctly (and it sounds like you are), the plan will work for you. I remember at the beginning it seemed like I would never lose weight if I would slow down or stall even for a little. I'm 97lbs down since January. Enjoy the ride!
  9. Twice Now

    I usually get the water also (because I've been asked way too many times if I'm "sure I don't want a drink"). Nobody comments when you don't drink it, but when you don't have it, they definitely do. I also am a huge fan of sharing food with people... fiance, friends, etc. then nobody knows how much you ate vs. how much they ate. When I do go out with people who don't know I had it, I do usually say I had a snack before, or didn't realize how big the portion would be, or that I'm trying to lose weight for my upcoming wedding, etc. Nobody really pushes it after that.
  10. Tired and Confused! :(

    I take my vitamins and whatnot most of the time (no, I'm not perfect) and am still exhausted a lot (about 6.5 months out). I had my appointment with my doctor last week and he asked what my schedule is like. I explained that the alarm goes off at 6am, I go to bed around 10 or 11pm, we (try) to go to the gym, I travel a lot (through different time zones). He basically told me that it's my lifestyle, and that once I get through the weight loss phase it should get better. Doesn't help things now, but at least I know there's not something wrong with me.
  11. Eating Challenges Abound… but I am Still Winning!

    OMG, I'm so jealous - that sounds like so much fun (the traveling portion not the having to be so cautious of everything). I love "shrendah" also!!
  12. Dear Skinny-mini in my Chemistry class,


    My shoe size has been the same, whether I've weighed 150, 280, or 324. Always a 10. I do hope that my ring size doesn't change though, I've lost 65lbs since surgery and just got engaged... The store it came from only stocks size 6, so we had it resized to a size 7. If it goes to a 6, I will be so annoyed in life.
  14. Chair for two, please

    That's so adorable!! You've done so amazingly! ...even if you act like teenagers by being gross parents.
  15. sugar free icecream ok?

    If you like ice cream, there are now greek yogurt popsicles (yasso brand). Wegmans carries them (I am not sure who else would), but they're super delicious, and loaded with protein and not sugar (or sugar substitute).