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  1. It is okay to be afraid!! Heck we all were, find another surgeoun if you can, but what got me over the hump was not listening to anyone before my surgery!! I knew there were risks, but I also knew I had a better chance of dying by not having my gastric bypass, and now 1 year 3 months, and down160 lbs later I know it was the best thing ICould have done!!! I used to tell my doctor or anyone who had an opinion about the procedure, that before surgery I didn't want to hear about anything that could go wrong, because it's tough enough to get your mind set to do this in the first place, without hearing anything negative, Best of luck to you as you go on your weightloss journey and God Bless!!
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    over 370 lbs to 214 lbs in 1 year
  3. I think the key is not to forget the discomfort you feel healing from this procedure ,because I don't know about you but I never want to experience this again!! lol!! Anytime you need encouragement, You are more then welcome to contact me, or friend me on facebook or here!!! I am on fire again about speaking out against the Idiots that try to bring us down about wanting to have this surgery or trying to better ourselves!! Best of luck to you!! God Bless
  4. It Has Been Quite A Long Time Since I Last Posted About My Weight Loss Journey, And I Am Back To Share With Any Who Will Listen!! My Gastric Bypass I Believe Saved My Life!! Before Surgery Over A Year Ago I Could Barely Walk, I Had Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure,and I Believe That I Wasn't Long For This World, Meaning I Was A Heart Attack Or Stroke Waiting To Happen!! I Am Happy To Say I Am No Longer Diabetic, I No Longer Have High Blood Pressure, And I Walk Upwards Of 7 Miles In Under 2 And A Half Hours!! I Was Over 370 Lbs Before Surgery And I Am Currently At 213 Lbs And Still Losing!! I Am Not Writing This Blog To Brag About My Success But Rather To Encourage Anyone Who Is Thinking About Going Through This Or Any Of The Other Procedures To Not Be Afraid, And To Share My Experience If It Can Help One Person, It's Worth It, There Are A Lot Of Negative People Out There Who Like To Say That Oh You Will Gain All Of This Weight Back Eventually,Or This Is An Easy Way Out, But I Want To Tell You To Be Strong,And Be Of The Mindset That You Are Going On This Weightloss Journey To Save Your Life, Before My Surgery My Blood Sugar Readings Never Went Below 115 And Was A Constant 145 Or Higher, Now My Readings Are In The 70 To 90 Range And For Anyone That Says This Procedure Can't Wipe Out Type 2 Diabetes I Am Living Proof It Can. I Promise To Post More And Encourage As Best I Can!! God Bless And Good Night!!!
  5. My name is Dave Kinney I am a 49 year old Welder from California and a self described food lover. Throughout my Childhood I was a healthy energetic kid and I never worried about gaining weight. when I got married I was a pretty healthy 24 year old,but by the fourth year of marriage I was gaining about ten lbs a year. When my my mom died in the summer of 1993 I unknowingly went into a depression and just kept eating and stopped exercising. From 1987 to 2011 I went from a healthy 190 pound young man to a destructive 400 lb man not concerned whether I lived or died.In September of 2010 after months of depression from being laid off from work I realized I needed to do something. Even though I weighed in excess of 400 lbs I was living a lie, I didn't believe the scales I stood on,was not offended by the Smart @*# comments from friends or complete strangers, so I decided to workout. I found a little DoJo in Oceanside and began a kickboxing workout program.In January 2011 I was called back to work and had to give up my workout program because of scheduling. In May of 2011 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I was devastated. lucky for me my doctor told me if I lost weight my Diabetes should subside. She referred me to Dr. Callery here in San Diego for a consultation about Weight Loss Surgery.It changed my life, I knew there was a risk of dying with this surgery albeit a 3% risk but a risk none the less. I decided to mentally prepare myself for this procedure, I started by telling myself that I had probably about a 60% or higher chance of dying by doing nothing or a slim 3% percent chance by going through with it. The decision was easy for me, I decided I wanted to live again.I jumped through all the medical and insurance hoops necessary to get to my Surgery date,and leading up to my big day I decided I did not want to hear anything about what could go wrong or about any complications that could arise.I figured after I survived the surgery you could tell me all about what could have happened but before my surgery I needed all my mental energy to convince myself I needed to go through this procedure.The first 3 weeks after my Surgery on January 3rd 2012 was extremely painful for me but as my wounds healed and I finished up with my blood thinner injections, I started seeing a slight change, and now all I wanted to do was get back to eating solid food again.Boy was I in for a surprise. The food I had loved for so long just didn't taste the same to me, I push fried food away from me like the Devil himself was handing it to me because it tastes so vile to me right now.I was also concerned about the amount of protein I was supposed to eat daily. I was so turned off by protein shakes by the time I had my surgery, and I didn't think there was a protein bar ,or any form of protein that would be acceptable to me. Lucky for me I found some protein bars that had a good amount of grams and tasted acceptable. I also found out that Chaboni yogurt has 15 grams per serving itself. So each day I have a protein bar when I get to work, and then a Chaboni at first break, so I'm taking in enough sustainable energy to get me through my work day, then when I get home I can have a steak, chicken,fish,pork, or the likes of Quinoa to get the rest of my daily protein intake. I am proud to tell you that this is the best decision that I could have ever made in my life and I encourage anyone who has struggled with their weight like I have to consider this procedure. I humbly sit before you at a current weight of 256 lbs, down from 370 lbs on my surgery date of January 3rd. 114 lbs and counting Woo Hoo!!!!. I am able to walk upwards of 4 miles a day with no foot pain or accelerated heart rate, I no longer have Diabetes, and I am currently off of my blood pressure medication. So to my Dr. Lawson and to Dr. Callery , God Bless you both and I love you guys for this!!!! I'm sexy and I know it Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle!! Lol
  6. You look terrific, I know the feeling with the clothes thing. I've lost 111 lbs since my surgery on January 3rd and my shirts all look like long dresses now!!! lol
  7. If you can Have broth as part of your diet try chopping up some green onions and a few mushrooms in it to make you feel like your cheating
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    Good luck, this is the best thing possible for you, since my surgery I am no longer on Blood Pressure Medications and My type 2 diabetes is gone. I have lost 111 lbs since January, so great things are in store for you. Stay positive, and I will pray for you!!!
  9. It's funny, after my surgery I did not even want to look at or smell food, but as I slowly got to a point where I could eat solids I thought I was in Heaven when I had a poached egg 3 weeks post op.I am amazed that you even want food right now, as for me to this day I dread the fact that I have to eat, and I am a food lover. It's just that food just doesn't taste the same to me any more. I wish you the best and try to offer encouragement.I had my surgery on January 3rd 2012 and I still do not look forward to meals, I treat it more as I need my protein for sustainable energy to get me through my workday instead of treating meals like a celebration like I used to. I am down 111 lbs since my surgery down from a size 60 pants to a current size 42. good luck and try to stay positive.
  10. you did the right thing with your surgery,so don't let anyone friend or foe try to bring you down. You must never ever ever Be ashamed that you did something to possibly extend your life many years. If your family can't accept that, then they may very well be the root of you and your sisters battle with your weight over the years.Good luck to you and I hope you can work things out. I had my Surgery on January 3rd 2012 and I'm down 111 lbs so far. I am amazed at how many people at work come up and pay me compliments about my weight loss, it is so humbling. So I just want to offer encouragement to you and hope for the best for you.
  11. Thanks guys, coming from a total food lover like myself, the fact that food just doesn't taste the same for me has helped with my choices, but the fact that I no longer am a Diabetic and I don't take blood pressure pills anymore, I can't be anything but thrilled with my progress and thanks for your loving support, it is much appreciated!!!
  12. It has been many months since I posted a blog here, mainly because I wanted to be able to come back with some positive updates to share. I am down 111 lbs from my pre surgery weight of 370 to a current weight of 259, my pants size has gone from 60 to current size 42. Before surgery I had Type 2 Diabetes ,High Blood Pressure, and my feet hurt so bad I practically had to crawl to the Bathroom at night. Since my surgery I no longer have High Blood Pressure, and My Diabetes is gone.As far as my feet they don't hurt anymore either and evidence of this is I am now walking upwards of 4.5 miles a day. One thing that is bothering me though is that my hair doesn't seem to want to grow like it used to and I can;t figure what Nutrients I may be lacking that is causing this to happen.
  13. I had gastric bypass on the 3rd of January and I struggle with the same food discomforts you describe, but for me it's usually because I'm eating too fast and not chewing my food enough. and don't get me started on the sugar dumping!! if I guzzle a glass of Orange Juice that's enough to get my heart racing,I get queasy and then I get sick.However I have lost 110 lbs since my surgery and I no longer have full blown diabetes, and I don't have High Blood Pressure anymore, so the discomfort I experience is a small price to pay for the benefits of better health. Good Luck!!
  14. you were strong enough to have the surgery, so the shame and doubt have no control over you anymore,that is your past. A healthy fit lifestyle is your new future so don't allow anyone or anything try to bring you down,you are already winning this battle!!! Good Luck.