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  1. December 2011 Stats?

    DOS 12/12/11 5'4" 255 STARTING WEIGHT 178 CURRENT WEIGHT How is everyone else doing? I feel like I should be alot further along. It takes weeks now to lose anything. Ive been told thyroid disease makes for slow losing. How is everyone else at 8 months out?
  2. Under...whelmed

    ill PM you my address ;-)
  3. I have more issues than National Geographic.

    Word, do you feel guilty for being thinner? Just curious because it kinda makes me feel guilty for some reason.
  4. I have more issues than National Geographic.

    I get it...I know what you mean about the "posing" thing....I don't know the answer either.
  5. Under...whelmed

    Thanks again for everyones imput and replies. There were so many comments and questions about the comment my husband said it would take too long on this little netbook to type it all out but the short of it mentioned above it was an insensative, ignorent, mean thing to say at the very reply and reaction towards him was justifiably appropriate and I did get an apology a few hours later. Its good though to know that others were just as insulted as I was! At 8 months out, my weightloss has slowed to a crawl. I feel like these last 35 or so lbs will be the death of me!
  6. Under...whelmed

    Thanks for the replies. Ill just keep on moving forward. I think part of the problem is my husbands attitude about it. My closest relationship, my life partner, the person who in my heart of hearts I want to be proud of me said the other day when I asked if he was proud of me said "Its not like you lost all this weight because youve been training for a marathon, youve cut your stomach off. If you ate baby food for 3 months you would have lost the weight too. Ill shake the hand of your surgeon for a job well done but you didnt really have much to do with it" I dont really have to go there in details about my response back, but I had a few choice things to say, but its hurtful all the same. Even my therapist was visably angry when I brought that up. I know I need to find pride in myself and thats whats most important, Im getting there.
  7. Under...whelmed

    Tommorrow I will be 8 months post op. Ive lost around 78 lbs. I figure I need to lose at least another 35 or so. Thing is, I dont feel the same enthusiasm I see others feel. Many people celebrate every scale and non scale victory with such joy. I just dont feel it. I DO feel much much better than I did before, but I dont seem to have the same emotional reactions as I see in others. Anyone else go through this? I feel like such an ingrate! Whats up with that? Ive been trying to do this for 10 years at least, the quality of my life has vastly improved. Why would I feel this way? Where are my tears of joy? Why am I still disappointed in myself? Ive been doing the therapy thing and thats good but again, why so numb? I cant be the only one I hope. Maybe a phase.
  8. Insecurity, Marriage, & WLS

    Ive seen several comments made about how sad some feel about this but based on your comment above you are unapologeticly selfish and shallow. Thats what I find sad. Seems like your perspective here is very outwardly motivated. Are you ok with your wifes deal breaker in the marriage being about your weight? What happens if life throws you a curve ball involving an accident that leaves you impaired or illness that debilitates you? You said your wife works in an ER so she must see that reality every day. Maybe once you get closer to your goal you might appreciate a more down to earth perspective and feel you deserve something not so conditional. Good luck and be well.
  9. How many calories?

    Thanks yall. I was also given the protien goal of at least 60 grams, and also alvoid/ limit simple carbs but no calorie guidelines. Ive been averaging about 1200 cals or so and not loosing much at all anymore so thought maybe it was too much. Cinwa posted a site i visited that i liked that broke down nutritional content and caloric goals depending on how much you were looking to lose, but it wasnt specific for wls peeps just a guideline to start with. Guess i just dont know how to use it with consideration of rny.
  10. Down another dress size....

    Good for you! Feels good doesnt it.
  11. How many calories?

    I am 5 months post rny. How many calories is typical at this point? Also what should those calories consist of? My fitnesspal divides between carbs, fat and protien. The guidace I had post surgery regarding carbs was 16 grams or less, but Im still confused really regarding daily total. Any input on whats working for you would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. 3 1/2 months post op and only down 57 lbs.

    57lbs is pretty darn good for 3 1/2 months. I am now 5 months and have lost 57 lbs and the scale is moving super super slow when it decides to move at all. You are more ahead than you realize. Good job!

    Seeth away. I havent moved either. Up and down same 2 lbs since finally getting to Onederland. Seeeeeeeeeth away!!!!
  14. What! What? WHAT

    Congrats! 198.6 was my Onerderland marker too just last week. YEAH!!!