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  1. Waving From Atlanta =)

    Thank you for your welcome & reply! =) I have now sent a request to Kaiser for my medical records when I was with them. I'm also digging up lots of photos to show my weight fluctuations. Hopefully the records will arrive soon so I can send them to my surgeons office immediately. I feel like I'm getting fatter just sitting around waiting. LOL
  2. Hey Everyone! I'm waving at everyone today from Atlanta, GA. I'm looking forward to being an active member here. I was too excited to find this forum. =) I'm a 30 year old, single mother of one 9 year old grown little man, and I am tipping the scale at 345lbs. After 2 years of research, and several failed attempts to avoid WLS and lose weight (and keep it off), I finally decided to go with WLS. I originally chose Lap Band, but I have an embilical hernia that could effect the Lap Band working in my favor, so I have decided on Gastric Sleeve. At the present moment I have received medical clearance from my doctor and completed everything necessary for WLS...except...the 5 years of weight history. UGH! I've only been with my present doctor since 07/11. Prior to that I did not have a PCP. I have weight history with Dramatic Weight Loss Center for 2010, I had hernia surgery at Kaiser in 2009, I went to a weight loss clinic in 2008 that I cannot find the name or address for, and prior to that I was on my own with diets and exercise. I'm nervous now that after all the hard decisions and hard work for the past years, will all go down the drain because I didn't have a PCP to document my weights each year. It's heartbreaking. I've even sprouted some grey hair over the last few days. LOL. But my friends and family have advised me to stay focused and pray. Have any of you had this problem? Any advise? By the way I'm with Anthem Insurance, if that helps. Thanks fam! =)
  3. nervous...

    1. cinwa


      Why not post in the Introduce Yourself Forum so that we can give you a proper welcome and help ease some of those nerves.

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      i will this evening. ;) thanks