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  1. Sorry I missed this yesterday. I am sure you are in capable hands and everything will turn out perfect. Will keep fingers crossed for all positive outcomes for all procedures involved.
  2. Officially 7 days post-op and things are going well. Woke up in absolutely no pain, so I decided to not take the "preventative" morning dose of Norco. So far, so good. If I do end up having some pain sometime today, I am going to just take Tylenol for it. Scars are healing nicely. No itching. Just keeping them clean & dry. The one in the belly button is the most difficult to keep dry. Cotton ball!! I am still "grounded" (per doctors orders) from lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk. 12 days til that gets lifted. Even then, though, I may not tell hubs. It's nice to have him lifting the heavy stuff. LOL I guess the only thing I'm waiting for, now, is any digestion issues from what I eat. So far, nothing is different than before surgery. Well, except that I don't have any pain after eating. Yay! Belly pic, showing scars. Ignore the stretch marks, plz. Most of those I had even before pregnancy 20-some years ago. LOL
  3. He has stepped down from his warden status now that I have called doc and doc increased my pain meds. lol
  4. Haha, I'm up for ALL of that except lobstah. Shellfish allergies are the devil! *sigh*
  5. tummy tuck tank? Intrigued. Where would I get one of these?
  6. Awwww, I missed scar comparisons? Darnit! LOL Kinda reminds me of the scene in one of the Lethal Weapon movies where Briggs and the lady cop (or whatever she was) compared scars with each other.
  7. That's me! "Yessss! Let's meet for a couple hours!" And then I'mma need to retreat back to my hotel room to nap. And process the whole thing. And then we can meet again tomorrow.
  8. Much appreciated! Thank you.
  9. I'm hanging in there. Hubs is being quite the warden today. Which is sweet and shows how much he cares, but ugh! I do not need to ask permission to go to the bathroom! Darnit!
  10. Gallbladder removal surgery was yesterday. Nothing to write home about, really. I guess it was pretty standard. I think the only thing I was disappointed with was I wanted to see the robotic thingy, but they shot me full of knock-out drugs before I left my pre-op room and I was OUT before we ever hit the operating room. Darnit! LOL First words out of my mouth when waking up in recovery? "I'm done already?" Edwin, my "babysitter"/nurse just chuckled and said, "Yup, you made it!" I think we sat in recovery for an extra 20 minutes while he fed me ice cubes. Asked if I was ready to see my husband and wheeled me back to the pre-op room so I could grab something to eat (applesauce & half an orange popsicle). Discharge papers were signed, scrip was written out, and I was outta there! The pain is pretty significant. Need to call doc and ask if I can take Tylenol between Norco times. Just something to take the edge off the pain. Anyway, that's done. And it's nap time now. Have a good day, all!
  11. It definitely still works, 6 years out. There are days I can finish off everything on my plate, and then there are days where I eat 2 bites and I am done. But the pouch is definitely still working!. So glad you find this site so helpful. I know I practically lived here my first year or so.
  12. If this is going on again next year, I may just show up. :-)
  13. How nice for you and your daughter. Glad you were able to avoid drama!
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