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  1. This reminds me of the story where my husband "lost" me in Walmart one day. Walked by me 3 times, walked the entire store looking for me, before he finally gave up and called me to ask where I was. I giggled like a school girl when he told me he didn't recognize me. And, for awhile there, as a joke, he would always take my picture as we walked in so he could remember what I was wearing. Ha!
  2. Gypsy Angel

    I'm doing the happy dance!

    Beautiful home! Congratulations!
  3. Gypsy Angel

    Old posts

    This pretty much explains why I barely stop in any more. I'm 6 years out now and just don't feel I need the daily support/encouragement. My bariatric life is no longer separated from me. if that makes sense. I could offer support, I reckon, but most others hit the nail on the head, or give the advice I would give before I can do it.
  4. Gypsy Angel

    Belly Button

    Not just you. I'm constantly getting funky smells from mine. And...yeast infections. Might look into panni surgery in the future.
  5. Gypsy Angel

    Just SHUSH, GA! (venting)

    I absolutely understand that folks are looking for that magic wand. They don't want to work at it. And, of course there's the misconception that once you have surgery, you don't have to work at losing weight. Bahahahahaha!!! I was just irritated and feeling stabby yesterday.
  6. Gypsy Angel

    Just SHUSH, GA! (venting)

    It drives me absolutely insane that friends and/or relatives will come to me seeking advice on how to lose weight. I tell them "increase your protein, increase you water consumption, and move your butt!" (I keep the advice simple) I get the look of derision which is followed very closely by the eyeroll and the "Easy for you to say, you had "The Surgery"!" <looks for the nearest brick wall to bang my head on> And then it's "Well, what do you eat?" And, resentfully, I list off a few things. And then it's "You can eat that?" Or "Is that ALL you eat?" Or "Oh, I would never eat that!" know what? I give up. No more advice from me. Next time I am asked, I am just going to shrug my shoulders and tell them "I don't know."
  7. Gypsy Angel

    Burgundy Boy....

    I'd say it's official! Congratulations!!
  8. Gypsy Angel

    6 Years Ago Today

    I wish I had words of wisdom and sage advice on how to be successful in the journey. Frankly I consider myself highly LUCKY in my success. I have had a fantastic support system, fantastic doctors, and just determination to lose the weight.
  9. Gypsy Angel

    6 Years Ago Today

    Thank you! It truly is mind-blowing for me, still. And yes, being free of medication is one of the best parts of the whole deal.
  10. Gypsy Angel

    6 Years Ago Today

    Been a few days, huh? Or weeks. Or months. Sadly, I can't remember the last time I posted anything here. I think I was invitin' ya to friend me on Facebook last time I was here. Been awhile. Anyway, just thought I'd do a quick update as today is Surgiversary #6. Obligatory pics & stats update forthcoming! RNY Gastric Bypass surgery done by Dr. Lahmann at Silver Cross Hospital Starting Weight - 370 lbs. Starting Shirt size - 5x Starting Pants size - 38W Starting Panties size - 14 Starting Bra size - 48G Starting Shoe size – 10W Starting Ring size - 11 Weight Now - 123 lbs. Shirt size Now - 8 (medium) Pants size Now - 8/10 Panties size Now - 6 Bra size Now - 34C Shoe size Now - 8 1/2 or 9 (depending on shoe) Ring size Now - 5 Some of the best things are no more high blood pressure. No more heartburn/acid reflux. One of the very best things I've ever done for myself, healthwise. ZERO regrets. If I had it to do all over again, there would be zero hesitation as I screamed YES from the top of my lungs! If I can do this, YOU can do this. Have faith in yourself. Work your program. Put YOU first when you have to. <3 to all!
  11. Gypsy Angel

    Merry Christmas, a day late

    I am so mad at myself for not picking up the 3 or 4 other pair of leggings that I saw and loved.
  12. Gypsy Angel

    Merry Christmas, a day late

    All part of the fun for Christmas with the fam!
  13. Gypsy Angel

    Merry Christmas, a day late

    Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I hope this next year is wonderful in all ways for all of you! <3 Thought I'd share a pic of me in my Ugly Festive Christmas outfit. Was fun to wear! :-)
  14. Gypsy Angel

    Why the Heck Not?

    lol usually helps. ;-)
  15. Gypsy Angel

    Why the Heck Not?

    I've debated on doing this for awhile now. Since I don't come here so often any more, I s'pose I could offer to open my Facebook to the public (or, rather YOU) and let ya join me over there. *shrug* Why not. Couple notes. While I am entirely open with my procedure and successes and frustrations and, rarely, share pics, I do not focus on that alone. I Facebook whatever pops into my head at whatever time. Also know, I do not call out other folks on their procedures. Not my business to publicize their journey. So no worries about me ever tagging you for something in that regard. I guess, if you're interested, you can add me: (Real name, Tracy Collier. Pic is a snowman face.)