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  1. Ive lost 93lbs so far. The weight loss has slowed down so much and it does frigten me . My surgeon said that he thinks I'll only lose another 30lbs which really scares me ! Im not nearly done yet ! Im still 236 lbs ! At first my thoughts were to prove him wrong but now im just so depressed over it that ive done nothing. Ive noticed too that my mood swings are CRAZY ! I feel like im crawling out of my skin sometimes and I really do hate it. I think I might need meds or something. Other than that im good. haha Ive gone from a 28 to a 18 . If my saggy tummy wasnt in the way I could get into a
  2. Do it for your kid ! I did it for mine when he was only 5 months old ! We are both so happy today and i couldnt be a better mother ! =) Good luck ! P.S. Its normal you are feeling this way . We ALL have gotten nervous.
  3. I am now 237 lbs . I have lost 92 lbs

  4. 45 lbs from my goal !


  6. Hi guys ! My name is Heather . Iam 5 months out today ! Starting weight was 329 , the after pic was at 253 .
  7. Change your current weight!!!!! your 257 NOW!! WHOOT WHOOT!

    1. Revamp


      i know i always forget that ! lol

  8. 68 lbs down .. I should be happy but not there YET ..

    1. Kirabelle


      The pounds lost and the happiness are two separate things, darlin.

    2. Lori88


      68 lbs loss - you should be jumping for joy that is GREAT!!!!

  9. 268 .. still .. come on scale MOVE IT MOVE IT

    1. Goddessfit4life


      It will move. Have faith.

  10. I HAVE HIT THE 270S !! PRAISE IT !

    1. bigtime
    2. WorthTheWeight


      Im so close... 280.0... cant trip it in over a week lol... CONGRATS

    3. WorthTheWeight


      Im so close... 280.0... cant trip it in over a week lol... CONGRATS

  11. Hey guys ! Ive been so busy lately actually LIVING my life that i forgot about all you here at TT ! So I thought i would update ! Well, ive lost about 55 lbs . Give or take a few depending on the time of the day . haha I havent been stressing out too much about the scale. I do weigh myself every morning still but now its out of habbit than the addcited scale stomper i was. Ive figured out for me that it doesnt matter how hard i stress over it . the scale is going to do what the scale is going to do . All i can do is continue my life style change ( eating right ,e xcersising ) and wait it out
  12. UPDATE ~ Ive lost 11 more lbs and feeling great !!! =) Thanks everyone for your support !
  13. 50 lbs down in 2 months !! whoop !

  14. You should be good then ! Pain killers are no joke. They effect mind body and soul. I try to stay away as much as possiable now.
  15. Hey !!! Hope your doing good !!! Im down 42 lbs !!! Hows it coming for you ?

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